Day 11 Crater Lake

We arrived at the lake around 2pm. It is a beautiful park. As with most parks thus far long winding roads. One thing to mention we had planned this trip last summer as I was recovering from my fusion surgery. Dan had purchased a senior pass lifelong for $20.00. It is now up to $80 but we used this pass several times on our trip.

We decided to get to the lake first before the downpours. Threatening skies loomed over us. Yes their were many visitors despite the weather and cooler temps now down to 40’s. Snow was present as only two open access points on south end of lake.

So below is the lake. It was overcast, but we had just a slider of light and had a brief moment were we did see the blue of the lake. It is the deepest lake in USA. It is also the clearest seeing about 140ft down. Only way to shore is a difficult hike down and back up.

So we were very lucky to see it but then came the rain, snow pellets and it was cold! We drove back out the park but stopped by the visitors center and watched an excellent movie about the lake. I have included the link for more information about the park.

Crater Lake National Park

I wanted to stop at one of the rivers that flows from mountain snow runoff. Just to see the power it generates and the sound.

We had reservations at a near by town Union Creek. It was a quaint little lodge, very cute! However no internet, no cell service and no TV. Well sometimes it is just nice to disconnect. But we had been following the Capitals Hockey and it was game 7. Oh well… I did bring along a new card game. It is the new rage in Phoenix, Five Crowns. So we tried it out and it was fun. I even won, usually Dan wins. We called it an early night as we had another travel day to Boise ID tomorrow.

Five Crowns

Happy Quilting….travels next post!


Day 11 Redwoods and Crater Lake

An important stop on this trip was the Redwoods. The National Park was about 1 1/2 hours north so we decided to get up early and make sure we had about an hour to hike in them. We decided on the Lady Bird Johnson Grove. It was close by to the highway, perfect length and not too difficult. It was also known as a great area to see Redwoods

It was misting a bit during our hike, but it was not bad. Great hike and just nice to be out hiking with the quiet and birds. Here are some of our pictures.

Of course we have more pictures, but these give you a great sampling.

Lady Bird Johnson Grove

After this hike, back in car heading for Crater Lake. Per the weather channel thunderstorms predicted about the time we get there…so we will see.

See next post….

Day 9 & 10..late entries

So yes were are still traveling, but longer days with lots of things to do.

Day 9

Today was a travel day really going across the state of CA and north. So we were at a higher elevation and then travel the valleys and such. Also lots of turns so we used our low gear often. We did get some glimpses of Redwoods on the way to Eureka as we passed thru some State and National parks. Today was also a laundry day. Well it has been quite some time since we both used coined operated machines. But we got our clothes washed for the final leg. We stayed at the Best Western here and it was fabulous! So many amenities! We ate at a great barbecue place behind the hotel. We had their ribs and a special sauce from Carlotta CA. My youngest’s middle name.

Shamus T Bones

Barbecue sauce

Day 10

Today we needed to dig out our pants. Temperatures in the 60’s but felt good! We decided to rest most of day and checked out a city zoo and park with second generation Redwoods. The zoo reminded us of the times we took our girls to the Madison Zoo. We even got to see some kindergarten children on a class trip. Nice to walk around but even better was the park behind with nice walking trails and Redwoods. Yes you do spend your time looking up and trying to find the biggest one, a real treasure in the middle of the city!

Redwoods 1

Very relaxing day. Tomorrow will be a long one with travel and two stops!

(late entry as we are today in Jamestown with good internet speed!)

Happy Quilting! More posts to follow….

Day 7-8 Yosemite

Hello to all! After a long day of driving we made it to OAKHURST. Another cute little town outside of Yosemite. The drive here some up and down valleys. A bit more traffic. It also must be harvest time as we saw many fruit stands with cherries, blueberries and strawberries. We also saw vineyards that were green and just past blossoms I think. We also saw trees, some orange trees and others must be some kind of nut trees. These trees were from mature to seedlings. Of course everything seems to be irrigated. OAKHURST is at about 4,000 ft. We checked out a few resale shops, a quilt shop and other little shops to get a little walking in.

This morning we got up early and headed to Yosemite around 730. We had a few cars but a lot of curved roads. We traveled about 1 1/2 hrs when we got to Glacier Point. It looks directly at the half dome and some beautiful mountains still with a bit of snow. We saw several waterfalls from the snow melt. It was around 50 degrees at the top. Elevation around 8,000 ft. We did a little walking but the altitude really plays with your tolerance and are small colds just coming to an end I hope. We were able to see the popular Valley and had decided not to drive more that we had seen a lot. Also as we drove back down we stopped at several turn offs to take in the views. Then there was a steady stream of cars going up. We went past several areas affected by forest fires. It looks like they are able to salvage some timbers for logging.

Well enjoy the pictures, we enjoyed the views, the sounds of birds and water from waterfalls or streams.

Tomorrow is another longer drive to Eureka and viewing the Redwoods.

Posting a day later due to slow internet at last hotel.

Happy Quilting!

Day 6 Lake Mead

Today is our second day in Boulder City. We both commented that this seems like a honeymoon trip with all the different things we are seeing and probably covering more ground. Our honeymoon was to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. We are also getting good use of our senior national pass.

This morning I found a neat place to hike. It was the old railroad that brought supplies to the Hoover Dam while being built. This is a little bit how it looked.

Historic Railroad trail

Another sunny warm day but hike was fairly flat and I made it to 4 of the tunnels. Dan went on to the last. I sure was hot coming back and more people were just starting out. We went to the visitor station and they had a nice movie and display about the area. I so much enjoyed the air conditioned room.

We had tickets to ride the Lake Mead Cruise during lunch and the cruise takes you to the Black Canyon and the one side of the Hoover Dam. Very nice ride and found out that the boat came from LaCrosse several years ago. We had the Prime Rib sandwiches which were excellent along with a few drinks.

We both had some ice cream after the ride and settled down at our hotel the rest of the day.

Tomorrow a longer drive to Yosemite area. Will be staying just outside the park in OAKHURST CA. We topped off our tank with gas costing $3.35. I know we will be seeing $4-4.50 in CA. So glad we have a Prius. Also looking forward to a bit of a cool down. We are planning to drive to Glacier Point in Yosemite with a hike at the top.

Happy Quilting!

Day 5…travels to Hoover Dam-Boulder City

We set off to the Hoover Dam, something I have wanted to see and view this engineering marvel. As we travel gas prices heading up. $2.95 as we left Lake Havasu. Nevada is easily $3.15.

We arrived and drove over the Pat Tillman bridge. You cannot see the Hoover Dam from driving but had to take the turn off and park in lot and then you can walk on the bridge and take in the view of the dam. Another warm day easily in 90’s.

After seeing the Dam we headed to Boulder City, decided on an early lunch and yet another brewery….Boulder Dam Brewery. Pretty cool place with good food and beer.

Then we headed to a neat interactive Hoover Dam Museum. We had access passes as during the time the Dam was being built you had to have passes or permits to stay in the area.

So ends today’s adventure and we look forward to boat ride on Lake Meade.

Happy Quilting.

Day 4 return Western swing

Lake Havasu is a very pretty City especially near London Bridge. This is the original London Bridge that was in London, taken apart and reassembled here in Lake Havasu. It even has some bullet holes from World War II. There is a quite British village surrounding the east side of bridge.

We were hoping to get on a tour to see the Top Gorge which is a little north of the lake and is said to be just like a mini Grand Canyon but they were sold out. So our second plan was to kayak the lake. We have a tandem kayak but this one was with pedals and it worked so much better. Unfortunately a bigger wave came and somehow dislodged my pedals and I was unable to pedal. But Dan was able to do so without issue. It was quite refreshing with cool breeze off the water. I think it was close 100 degrees. We kayaked for about 2 hrs. They have several replicas of lighthouses around the island and we saw several of them.

Afterwards we decided to try shrimp in a bucket that was quite tasty especially at the outdoor cafe near the bridge.

Then we spotted a brewery across the way so we walked the bridge to check this place out and turns out the Brewers were playing the Diamondbacks so caught some of the game.

Relaxed day today. Tomorrow off the Boulder City and the Hoover Dam.

Happy Quilting!