Mirana Mystery Quilt Block 3

Block in a Box


Box in a block is another great quilt block. Today we will focus on accurate

cutting and accurate piecing. There are a number of shortcuts to making this block but I really wanted to focus on pure basics of block construction.

For this block you will need:

Fabric B (8) 2.5” squares

Fabric A (16) 2.5 x 6.5 rectangles

Fabric A (16) 2.5 “ squares

  • I like to lay out my block pieces.

Sew the 2.5 inch square together in middle. (Press to the dark or outside fabric)

Sew the side pieces to the middle.

Block should measure 6.5” unfinished.

You will make 8 blocks for the mystery quilt.

This month’s Bonus Block

For the bonus Block:

Fabric A- (4) 2” squares and (1) 3.5” Square

Fabric B- (4) 2” x 3.5” rectangle

Mirana Quilt design by Linda Holzhueter prepared for Sunflower Quilters Members 2017-2018.

The Quilts dug right in to do today’s blocks. They all did a great job. The bonus blocks came be used in the mystery quilt. I would suggest doing between 4-6 blocks in case you want to subside them. I think it would be ok to use different fabrics but maintain same color scheme.

While they sewed I worked on “on Ringo Lake” clue 3 doing most of the cutting. I finished up the cutting at home. Tomorrow I will tackle the additional cus and sewing. Using the Bonnie method with the essential ruler and I will use easy angle ruler. I remember making these units in Celtic Solstice and Grand Illusion mysteries. They can be tricky and you need to slow down and follow Bonnie’s directions. Lots of blocks to sew, but again spacing them out. I made significant progress on a charity quilt using 3 Dudes YouTube video. I have all the four strips sewn and cut, now to sew around the two blocks prior to cutting. Using the fabric I pulled about a week ago. I post pictures maybe next time.

Our sunflower community put on a Christmas singing program…quite good. I will leave you with some lyrics that I thought were quite good!

Happy Quilting!


My mystery progress

I have finished clue one, but I always make a few more. I limited myself to do about 10 a day and leave time to work on other projects. Actually I like doing this as you work little by little each day and are not rushed to complete them. I guess enjoy the process of each block. I really like the size of these blocks and they are so cute. They look a little blue but they are aqua. Some I. The mystery have used other colors which are also interesting.

I will be linking up to Bonnie’s link up page. Link up clue one

I have continued to work on a charity quilt. I decided to use the 9 patches for a border. This is as far as I have gotten.

I think I will still add one final solid border alternating the green and blue solid fabrics and using 4 extra 9 patches on the corners. Then it will be a nice size quilt for a child. After sewing this one up will do some machine quilting.

Today got my week 12 post fusion X-rays. To me they look fine. They are off to the neurosurgeon for review. My hope is to have most restrictions lifted. Would like to get back to some light weight lifting for my upper body strength, need my quads and hamstrings to get stronger before hitting the hiking trails. I think my goal would be Christmas week.

Friend stopped by during our outdoor lunch…..

I think today is the last 90 degree day, cooling to the upper 70’s…that is fine by me.

Welcome to the “On Ringo Lake” Mystery quilters..

Happy Quilting!

Mirana Mystery Block 2

The gals in our guild had a great time putting their blocks together. So much so they wanted wanted to continue, but it is a mystery quilt that goes on for a few months. This next block builds off the last block.

I am going to put cutting instructions along with the block. QST or hourglass blocks.

Jan here is showing off her completed block.


Cut six – 7 1/4 squares from each fabric.

We begin with our squares placing them right sides together. We then mark a line 1/4 off the center just as we did with our previous HST. Sew on this line and cut down the middle.

After pressing ( to the dark side) we then position the blocks as below.

Then do the same marking as HST and cut.

Each above square will yield two blocks.

I did a total of 12 blocks. I like to spin my centers.

Here are some more pictures of our members….

Happy Quilting!

Mirana Quilt Mystery BOM – Block 1

½ Square Triangle Blocks


Today we will construct 2 blocks- both blocks will measure 6.5 unfinished.

  • ½ square triangle blocks (HST)
  • Hourglass blocks

Lesson: ½ Square Triangle blocks

  • ½ square triangle block is one of the most basic units in quilting.
  • It is also referred to as either ‘HST’ or triangle square.
  • These units are a simple square made from 2 equal triangles.
  • The bias seam is contained within the edges of the unit for stability during construction.
  • All outside edges are on the straight of grain.
  • You will make 2 at a time.


We will begin with 2 squares. Place them right side to right side. I like to give them a good pressing at this point.


Make a line from corner to corner.

Then mark a line ¼ from that line on each side. (This will be your sewing line.) However I sew just to the side of the line, so when you fold the triangle the fold will be directly on the line. If you prefer I sometimes just draw the 2 sewing lines and line up the ¼ inch line down the center of the block. See below.

The above you can see my stitching line and then my cutting line.

Here is the completed block.

I trim off the “dog ears”.

Block will be 6.5” unfinished.

Continue makings many blocks as you wish.

For my quilt I made 8 blocks.

My Sunflower Quilters will be making this block tomorrow.

Happy Quilting

My “Mirana Mystery” quilt BOM

Last spring I designed a quilt and presented it to our Sunflower quilters activity director. She thought it would be a great mystery quilt and simple BOM. We have several new quilters to the group and the blocks are back to basics. These gals do a challenge every year, so this is this year’s challenge. We added a little twist that one of the fabrics must come from an initial of your first name. (LIME-Linda)

I actually sewed the quilt last spring and finished quilting it this summer. My quilt has several fabrics and while I love it, I think it would be better with 5 fabrics. I had sent the 5 color quilt with cutting directions to our activity director and she by mistake sent them out to the group. I guess they all had their colors picked and I am now afraid everything is cut out, which is fine. My original plan was to send out cutting directions month by month a week prior to class and then class would be to assemble the block. With our group some ladies may not want to do the whole quilt, but participate with each block. So I developed excel sheets with 1 block option and another option if you wanted to do the whole quilt 42×42. That is what you will be below.

The colors mentioned are the colors in the cutting instructions to match my original quilt design. I have attached numbers to those colors.

  • 1-Red
  • 2-Blue
  • 3-Green
  • 4-Yellow
  • 5-Multi-colored

You can use the above or substitute your own colors but mark your fabric although I really don’t think it matters.

This quilt does not use any special rulers. Measuring and cutting accurate is important as is checking you quarter seam allowance. All blocks are 6.5 inches unfinished and 6 inches finished.

This pattern I designed in Patternjam and I see they are making a come back. They also have a Facebook page until website is up.

Color to match cutting instructions

If you want to add 1/4 to the block ( prior to sewing/cutting) then you can trim down to correct measurement.

Class 1

Block 1A

Fabric A

(5) 6 7/8″ square

Fabric B

(5) 6 7/8″ square

You will be making total of 8 blocks

Block 1B

Fabric A


(6) 7 1/4″ squares

Fabric B

5- Multi-color

(6) 7 1/4″ squares

You will be making total of 12 blocks

Bonus Block ( just another block or blocks if you wish to add to quilt)

Fabric A


(2) 3 7/8″ squares

Fabric B


(2) 3 7/8″ squares

The above makes 1 Block

Happy Quilting

Autumn in the air..Christmas?

My least favorite thing about quilting is sewing the rows. Not sure why. I really like these 16 patches and have several left over for matching pillowcases. Sewing the main rows I took my time. Thank goodness triangles were oversized so made sewing and trimming easier. I had just enough white on white fabric and while I was going to make sashing strips green I did not have enough material, so back up was this tan color which I prefer. 

Now this quilt started out with a burgundy floral material with coordinating fabrics, soon turned into more of a Christmas quilt which will go on my AZ bed, hopefully by next Christmas. I will begin handquilting when I return from winter in AZ. (unless I can sneak it into the car), but probably not as we usually have a packed car going down despite all our clothes being down there. We have some things set aside that have waited 2 yrs now. A few Christmas items coming down as we think we will always spend  Christmas down there.

Fish Fry today..celebrating my Dad’s 82 birthday and spouse is helping with raking leaves. Something I cannot do this year. Each day is better for me. Just having a hard time falling asleep. Then I tend to sleep later.

Fall my favorite time of year! 

Happy Quilting

Summer fun & Summer quilting

Community summer events are so fun! The Sunday before last we went to the Marquette county fair to watch Harness horse racing. Now we did not know a thing about this but it apparently is quite popular. The lions club sold betting tickets and many hand fun with that. We are not gamblers so we just enjoyed the race. 

The beginning of each race was announced…just like at Churchill downs I guess.

Some races were close.

Sponsors got their pictures taken with winning horse.

It was a lot of fun watching the races.

Next up we went to Eldorado community picnic. This was about an hour east of us. We wentfor the food and entertainment with was “The Del Rays” a group from Oshkosh. They were very good a nice change from the usual groups we see. This place was packed and the weather was great!

I finished up “My Straits of Caribbean”. I changed the border from scrap neutrals to a aqua print. These 9 blocks were enough for me, cannot imagine a whole quilt…but I guess I do do Bonnie’s mysteries. I may save this for hand quilting during our fall trip.

Next few weeks going to focus on some machine quilting. One quilt will be in a fair and others just need to get quilted. I think I have had my fix for sewing blocks for a bit. 

Daughter Cherith passed her NCLEX exam last week so officially a RN. Today was her first day of orientation. We plan on seeing her and her apartment next week when we drop off a few things she has in storage in our garage.

Saturday we took a lovey ride to look at a log cabin with a wonderful view. The view indeed was breath taking, but we felt a little isolated. I worry that my spouse will not have enough to do. Also the price of cabin for only living ther for 6 months did not make much sense. I think we will probably put condo up on market next year when we return and may look at apartment living. Not sure he will like that either, but he can be a restless soul. We still would like to be close to family.

Today added a little hill to my walk, went ok. Humid next few days so I do not do walking. Will probably do some pool exercises.

Happy Quilting!