Quilting progress

Hello to all! I have continued my distraction therapy as much as possible. Currently despite moving from sewing sitting, pressing and cutting I am trying to move around. I also cleaned up my sewing area and organized some of my projects. I now have several to machine quilt. As I wait for my treatment options I am sure I will have time to quilt some of them. I do have a top that I created on patternjam that is part of my Sunflower quilters mystery this fall that I am thinking will be a good hand Quilting project this summer/fall. I just have to sandwich that together. I need a bit more room so thinking of doing it on the ping pong table at the clubhouse.

The above are from the Red and Refreshing QAL. 

This is a charity quilt, very bright.

Another charity quilt. I really liked the batik nickel squares and did four patches and then cut them up into two different blocks. Very fun to do.

I continue to work on these 4 in 9 blocks by Bonnie Hunter. These are Leader and Enders. I have a lot of these especially with fabric left over from quilts. I think Bonnie will add a second block but have not seen what this would be.

We celebrated our 26th Wedding anniversary this week. So blessed to find a wonderful guy to share my life with. He even now checks over the quilts and adds a few comments. 

So tomorrow will be the neurosurgeon visit. Anxious to see what my options are. I have prepared myself for the whole range of options. Husband thinks it will be a simple fix and continues to plan vacations trips. I cautioned him to now wait until after this visit. But that keeps him busy. He has been great waiting on me and doing a lot of the household stuff.

Happy Quilting!

Design finish…

Finished this up today. I think I will add a border to it to make it a bit larger. You can see we have green grass and was windy today in Wisconsin. In fact hot and humid, at least for two days and then back to the 50-60’s. 

I felt a bit better this afternoon so cleanup my sewing area and finished unpacking some of the things I took to AZ. I have a new project to cut out a gift from my mom…Chinese Coins. It has some batik fabrics.

Visit to orthopedic MD reviewed my MRI. I guess I have L4-5 facet joint syndrome, with a cyst also in the area. Facets do have arthritis, worse on the left. So not sure which is causing the pain, most likely the facets although cyst is closer to the nerves. So planning on having a facet joint injection next Monday. Was hoping for this Thursday, but have not heard that they can do it. Looks like if this helps the pain it is tha facets. If not then the cyst. Today I actually took acetaminophen as I have to be off Motrin and aspirin. The back/ leg felt better, but pain returned when med wore off. Well hopefully this will decrease any inflammation and I can return to my activities.

Hello to all and Happy Quilting!

Charity quilts

Our Sunflower quilters do a lot of quilts, pillowcases and bags for Aviva. Our guild has a wonderful selection of fabric to make these items. Since we have an over abundance of nickel squares we are make it several quilts. I picked theee color schemes. Pink/green, yellow/ blue and green/orange. These quilts go together very fast. I have two partly done and will wait until later next week to match some solid fabric to these quilts. The green and organs one I will do back in Wisconsin. My hope is to get these pinned and take back to machine quilt. 


Meadow Mystery quilt

I also grabbed some fabric so I could to this mystery. I was able to finish 5 12 inch blocks and have 8 more to make then I am ready to assemble this mystery. So lucky to have a featherweight sewing machine on loan from fellow quilter. It is so fun to sew on. I don’t have pictures of this quilt, but I think I will wait until I lay the blocks out. 

Here is a link if interested Meadow Mystery

As it was a beautiful day, I spent the afternoon hand quilting “Allietarecherith”. I have two more sides to finish on the border and it is done! Hope to show this next month during our show and tell. I really love this quilt. 

I have to get a picture of the back as it also is cute…nursing fabric. This quilt has wool batting, wonderful to quilt and it will be a warm quilt as it also has fannel on the back.

Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Quilting

Clue 4 En Provence…week in review

En Provence mystery continues. Clue 4 returns back to a repeat but with different colors. The more I do this block the more I like it. Even found a post that uses it as Christmas trees. uhmmmm maybe a project for next year. While I am not necessarily a purple girl I do love heather or lavender. I am falling in love with purple but anxious to see how the greens and yellows will play in this quilt. This week I visited my stash and found a few dark purples not previously used so this was fun also. A few are from previous quilt blocks. Here are some pictures.

Today is the LinkUp where fellow En Provence post their blocks and progress. Enjoy! 

Clue 4 LinkUp

Above are my soup bowl cozies. Will stuff with great-grandma recipe and small stuffer. I love these!

This is Bethany who graduated with double major, psychology and human social studies. We got to attend the graduation. She is my God child.

She will do great things!

We got about 10 inches of snow this past weekend. Now bitterly cold. We leave for our winter home in Tucson Az in two weeks. It is a four day drive and we will be watching for storms but hope to be there end of first week in January. A change in our daily routine to return to more outdoor activities and meeting up with our Arizonia friends. Our Packers really played an awesome game winning in the finial seconds of the game. Maybe they will make the playoffs.

Daughter in nursing school her final year has completed a very difficult semester. She will be joining us in a few days for a break. She announced that her senior preceptorship will be postpartum unit a Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. She wanted to be close to her apartment and thinks she might consider going this route post graduation. She will complete over 100 hours in this preceptorship prior to graduation in May. We will return from Az to attend.

My iron died, so will need to purchase one. Only a few blocks left until end of 365 Challenge block quilt. I am thinking I will leave this behind and put remaining blocks together in the quilt when I return. I have another quilt “Dutch Treat” that I have not worked on for over a year. I have about 30-40 blocks to make. I am thinking that during our drive down I will sew the sashing strips on the tops of those completed. This quilt uses reverse appliqué. Very detailed, but beautiful. 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Quilting!

Fabulous fall…

Fabulous fall…

Another great fall week in Wisconsin. We have only a few yellow leaves on our front tree. I’m sure they will be gone by end of week. So wonderful to soak in the fall sunshine outside. Hoping it lasts another week as we have tickets to Badger football game this coming Saturday. Late afternoon into evening. They sure are playing great.

This week we were able to kayak across the lake again,have a burger and a beer. Looks like this coming week we maybe able to do it again. All the piers are out and you can hear gun shots of duck hunting. The lake always has a calming effect on the soul especially with many things on the mind. Most our out of our control.

I have been able to continue keeping up with the 365 Challenge blocks. We now have less than 2 months. I think with this quilt I am going to hand quilt in larger pieces and then join. I have purchased my quilting thread and will need to purchase some wool batting for this one. I may not get to hand quilting it until we return from Arizona this spring.  

I have started my paper piecing Christmas Wreath. Not real crazy about paper piecing, but cute pattern and a great way to use up some Christmas fabric scraps. It will replace my fall leaves wall quilt when complete. I have done 4 of the large blocks and 5 small blocks with 11 more small blocks to complete. This one I plan on machine quilting.

My parents dog daisy is in need of a winter sweater, so I crocheted a larger one from last year. It is pretty bright and I think big enough. We will see her tomorrow for a fitting and a picture. Last time I was at my mom’s I grabbed some yarn. Every so often get the urge to crochet. So with some of the yarn working on some mittens. With the cooler weather I discovered that I cannot find my winter mittens from our move. Actually bought a pair. You know when you do that they then appear. So far no sightings. 

We saw 2 movies this past week. “I am not ashamed” and “Hacksaw Ridge”. Both very good. We especially like theaters with recliners. 

My big purchase of fabric arrived and it looks great. 3 of the fabrics are for Christmas gifts of soup bowl cadies. So cut my 10 inch squares of fabric and wrap n zap batting. I am thinking of making 8 for my sisters in laws, daughters, niece and mom. 

Then there is the Bonnie Hunter Quilt mystery. En Provence. So that material came as well. Like them all. Pulled some of my stash as well. I am thinking I may use only 2 dark purples and 2 light purples and use more for the neutrals, yellows and greens. I guess it may depend on the clues. I don’t know who will get this quilt, it might be mine. I took a few pictures and also black and whites to watch the color tones. I have one yellow that is a bit light so may have to be careful of that fabric. I so enjoy these mysteries and the many color schemes. This one I am going to work on clues during day and finish hand quilting last year’s mystery in evening. 

Some of my light purples looked dark. Also you can see my light yellow. Nice ways to look at fabric values, especially if they end up next to each other.

This seems better. I have even added a few neutrals and two golds from last year’s mystery. That is pretty cool as I liked these gold colors. Not sure my daughter will like them in her red and white quilt, but they are there.

Tomorrow going with my parents to an early turkey dinner at a local church. Will do a little raking of leaves prior to lunch. Hope to be back home to watch our Green Bay Packers. Love football season. Soon we will be doing a little more serious thinking about our drive to Arizonia. We have planned our hotels and made reservations and hope to leave first week in January weather permitting.

Happy Quilting!

En Provence Mystery! The excitement begins

This will be my forth mystery. While each step usually takes about a week to complete, the final result is so amazing. So neat that blocks become larger blocks and such a neat design. I love how pictures from a recent trip are taken and color/blocks are designed around them. We are taking a special trip in February and I might try to do something like that as well. The colors used are also not always the colors I would choose together, but it all seems to work out.

En Provence
So I went thru my stash. I have a fair amount of greens, yellows and some light purples. Interestingly i just completed a purple quilt for one of my daughters. I don’t have a lot of deeper purples so I will purchase that color. I used to have a burgendy/magenta, but must have used it up as I could not locate any of it. So will purchase that color and use only that color as my constant. I have learned that when you buy fabric to always buy some neutral colors. I have some tone-on-tones, solids and some design neutrals, but found 4 additional favorites. While picking these out I added some fabric so I can make soup bowl cozies that will be Christmas gifts. So this will be my last big purchase of the year. Backing I will purchase down in AZ after final mystery is revealed.

I learned last year to really slow down and ENJOY the process, especially using fabrics and attempting to cut and sew accurately. I think the only part of quilting process that I do not enjoy is sewing the blocks together and sewing rows. Anything else I love to do. 

This quit mystery is based on a visit to France, wine country…I love wine, so will have to find some French music to sew by. Last year it was Italian music. I even wrote some of the titles of songs in the neutral fabrics. Maybe this year it will be names of French wines. It is all so fun!

I am still hand quilting the last mystery and hope to have all blocks quilted in  next 4-5 weeks. That will leave the final borders and scallop edge/binding to finish. I still have quit mystery 1 & 2 to quilt. All in good time. I think I have a little tennis elbow strain on my left arm, so was resting it a bit and started to use a special pressure brace to keep it from tensing up too much. It seems to work right now.

I started Celebration Wreath using my many Christmas scraps as I noticed that I need a Christmas wall quilt. I do not do much paper piecing but decided I like this pattern. 

Celebration Wreath
Finished putting batting on my Quilters Madder QAL. Will machine quilt this one.


This weekend we had my sister-in-laws over to see the condo and just visit. We are seeing our families getting bigger and more independent that now it is difficult to get extended families together. Many of our children are in college and working which is their priority at their time in life. Our youngest daughter stopped by but this visit brought us news that we were not real happy with. We always want what is best for our children, we bring them up with values and morales. The world is changing and younger folks don’t offen see things the way we do. I guess it comes with experiences in life. We can try to guide, inform and try to reason with them. Share our thoughts but in the end they are adults and have to make decisions and possibly learn from them. So from a parents perspecitive it has brought much reflection, searching for the right thing to say and do. And most importantly more fervent prayer. One hopes and prays that all will work out. I guess as our children get older we need to pray for them even more than when we had a bit more control of their lives. Especially difficult when you do not see them often as they have their life. Yes technology is wonderful with Facebook, messenger and texting. We can find out so much more than when we were their age.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Quilting!