Fimsy finishes…I have been busy

I guess I have been quiet. But I have been quilting. I am currently sewing the binding to my final finished quilt for the fair in a few weeks. Will post that in a few days. 

First up is my Bahama straits quilt. I love the colors and I think I will plan to hand quilt this one. At present I have no hand quilting project. This quilt is based on Bonnie Hunters block – Straits of Mackinac. A very time consuming block with lots of matching. I did 9 blocks…plenty.

I thought the above was a neat pattern I decided to do a charity quilt with bright colors. Today finished the two borders, but thinking about maybe adding some solid borders, but will wait until I return to AZ to raid the quilters stash.

Next up is some fabric, not loved by the AZ quilters so I got it and then picked up some precut 1.25 strips that were flannel at a resale shop and put this together. Again I don’t have much for backing so this also is headed to AZ. This one was kind of fun to do. Made up the pattern as I went along.

Next up is another charity quilt. I ran across a bear quilt with the pillow on top and thought it was so cute. I love doing four patches and loved the bear material and the soft peach color material. This is a made up pattern. Material from AZ quilters stash.  This one I am thinking maybe another side border. Will get packed to travel to AZ.

I have another blue/green baby quilt that is waiting for some secondary blocks to make, just have not decided on the block. I have some additional fabric scraps for something and a lady bug material for a quilt. Not sure if I will get to that. 

Just finished doing match stick quilting on my zoo quilt. NEVER again. Too labor intensive. Nice effect when done. I have about 3-4 quilts to machine quilt. So thinking I will stop composing quilts. I am working on QAL “Rest and Frefreshing” that has about three more blocks to go the all the side blocks. I will try to keep up with that one. This week as I do not have any hand quilting projects, got out my “365 day quilt blocks”, and noticed I am missing 3 6″ dark blocks. So currently sewing the second dark border blocks and then the 6″ light blocks. Maybe I can get this put together prior to travels to AZ and maybe hand quilt that monster. It already is a heavy quilt, I am thinking maybe quilt between the blocks. Might be a good project for AZ nights. I do have my finished Bonnie Hunter quilt mystery from last year down in AZ. But would like to do this one first. Would be a great fair entry if I can get it done for next year.

Another finished project is the quilt mystery for the Sunflower quilters. I finished the quilting and just have to put on the binding. I think I will post this mystery on here as I release it to the quilters. It was fun to do and is not very complicated. Stay tuned!

Health issues…we’ll I am doing ok. Added three more PT visits. I guess I have a weak gluteal muscle that is causing some discomfort. Some exercises made it worse so had to back off. I am also thinking that my cortisone injection has now worn off and maybe I am feeling more arthritis pain, although this seems muscular. Hubby came down with a terrible headcold and chest congestion that has progress to GI symptoms. Well thinking about it more, we are thinking it could be the condo and possible mold issues with all the humidity issues this past spring. We are going to have duct working put in attic and fill current vents with cement this fall while we take a fall trip to Nashville TN. Currently getting bids. Sure had limited his activity in recent weeks and has lost some weight. 

Well this is long enough….Packer Family night is on TV soon, preseason practice with 70,000 people watching at Lambau field. Is the only chance for people to see them live and in the stadium as regular season games are sold out and expensive. 

Happy Quilting!

Welcome to 2017

Always fun to say good bye to the year and welcome a new year! We all have our wishes but for me each day is a blessing and so enjoy my retirement. New Year’s Eve we had my sister-in-law/spouse over to our condo. For over 26 years we have alternated homes. Over the years our child appeared and we celebrated the new year a bit early…9pm and the headed home to watch the ball fall. New Year’s Eve is filled with a meal, catching up and playing games. As our children have all now grown and celebrate the new year their own way, we are back to just us. This year Cherith was present as was spending time here as a break from college. So yes we talked, ate turkey and the trimmings and played 3 games. New Year’s Eve came at 930pm. So toasted the new year and what is to come.

We of course watched our Packer win the division and today watched our Badgers play in the Cotton Bowl. Today we bid farewell to Cherith and our cat “Whiskers” as he left for his mini vacation to Cherith’s apartment while we are in Az. Whiskers is not a car traveling cat. We tried a bit a liquid children’s Benadryl and he proceeded to vomit mostly his morning meal. I think he knew something was up when his food and water dish disappeared. We loaded up her car and off they went. I guess he did ok except on the freeway and sudden turns. He has explored his new temporary home and seems to be ok with new hiding places. Hopefully he will help Cherith with all the stress that comes with school.

Our next project is to take down the Christmas decorations, last cleaning, packing the car and closing up the condo. Looks like the travel weather is good. Leaving here as the temps dip down to zero. 

The of course was the En Provence mystery reveal on New Years Day! Beautiful quilt. So I was able to sew on block and one sashing. Looks great! These blocks are tricky so it will pay to go slow and triple check the layout. I was able to finish sewing Clue 7 blocks today so the are packed along with other clues to work on in AZ. Some people are sewing quarters rather than the whole quilt. This would make quilting easier. I probably will hand quilt this one.

En Provence final reveal
The 365 challenge block quilt is also complete. Great quilt along! Another one starts for 2017. Will bring these blocks if room in car. Not sure I will have time to work on this one.

So a few days of travel until at our winter home. 

Happy Quilting!

Time in-between


I have been seeing a lot about the week between Christmas and the New Year. Excitement of Christmas is over and now waiting for the new year and what might come about. For us we have had one daughter with us. Sort of her downtime from college and entering her last semester of nursing school. We wait for the day we head down to our winter home in Marana AZ and meet up with friends down there. Of course we are watching weather closely as we drive down there over four days. This year our cat “whiskers” will be staying with this daughter in Milwaukee. He would never make the trip as he gets car sick. This year we will leave behind our condo and have less to worry about back here. Our plan is to stay a little longer but return in time for daughter’s graduation. So weather tells us travel is a go and just in time as a polar vortex is heading here. We have already had two significant snow falls. That is enough for us. I had a cold back around Thanksgiving and now spouse has a good head cold. Two of our other daughters already treated for step this year.

I have participated in the 356 day Challenge quilt and tomorrow is the last block. So I have tons of 3 inch dark blocks and the remaining 6 inch blocks to add. So may just take this with me in case I want to work on it. I have hand seven these blocks. This will be a quilt for our AZ master bed.

En Provence is the current Bonnie Hunter mystery and loving the colors. We have yellow and green to use in this quilt and clue 6 is coming tomorrow. It is possible the reveal will be on New Year’s Day, but one never knows. I hope to be able to do this clue before we leave for AZ. I do have some time as I have most things packed and ready to load into car. I am hoping all my sewing stuff will find a spot. This year taking my sewing machine.

Here are all the clues to the mystery so far.

It is fun looking at all the new 2017 quilting challenges and such. I do need to do some hand quilting but will do some smaller challenges. Our quilting group in AZ always has some great projects as well.

Thanks for stopping by….Happy Quilting!

365 Challenge Blocks progress

It is the middle of December and approaching the last month of this challenge. It sure has been fun. So impressed with the blocks and different arrangements. Not sure I will ever do this again. It will be a challenge to get this one hand quilted. 

Now mind you this has been also a challenge to do this challenge and Bonnie Hunter’s annual mystery quilt. The clues so far have been somewhat easy up to this point. I have gotten a little behind in the 365 challenge, but almost caught up today. I am thinking after returning to Arizona in a few weeks I will begin putting the dark border and final border on. However first priority is to finish my daughters quilt. This one is coming along, but she will be visiting us for a few weeks so will have to pack it up and it will wait. That is ok as my tendonitis seems to be getting better.

Thought I would share a few of the recent 6 inch light blocks of 365 quilt as the end is in sight. Cut wait for clue 4 of mystery quilt.

Another quick project I am working on is transferring VHS tape to DVD a great series Winds of War. Just love this movie series back in 1983. I also taped the sequel War and Rememberance.

Happy Quilting

Fabulous fall…

Fabulous fall…

Another great fall week in Wisconsin. We have only a few yellow leaves on our front tree. I’m sure they will be gone by end of week. So wonderful to soak in the fall sunshine outside. Hoping it lasts another week as we have tickets to Badger football game this coming Saturday. Late afternoon into evening. They sure are playing great.

This week we were able to kayak across the lake again,have a burger and a beer. Looks like this coming week we maybe able to do it again. All the piers are out and you can hear gun shots of duck hunting. The lake always has a calming effect on the soul especially with many things on the mind. Most our out of our control.

I have been able to continue keeping up with the 365 Challenge blocks. We now have less than 2 months. I think with this quilt I am going to hand quilt in larger pieces and then join. I have purchased my quilting thread and will need to purchase some wool batting for this one. I may not get to hand quilting it until we return from Arizona this spring.  

I have started my paper piecing Christmas Wreath. Not real crazy about paper piecing, but cute pattern and a great way to use up some Christmas fabric scraps. It will replace my fall leaves wall quilt when complete. I have done 4 of the large blocks and 5 small blocks with 11 more small blocks to complete. This one I plan on machine quilting.

My parents dog daisy is in need of a winter sweater, so I crocheted a larger one from last year. It is pretty bright and I think big enough. We will see her tomorrow for a fitting and a picture. Last time I was at my mom’s I grabbed some yarn. Every so often get the urge to crochet. So with some of the yarn working on some mittens. With the cooler weather I discovered that I cannot find my winter mittens from our move. Actually bought a pair. You know when you do that they then appear. So far no sightings. 

We saw 2 movies this past week. “I am not ashamed” and “Hacksaw Ridge”. Both very good. We especially like theaters with recliners. 

My big purchase of fabric arrived and it looks great. 3 of the fabrics are for Christmas gifts of soup bowl cadies. So cut my 10 inch squares of fabric and wrap n zap batting. I am thinking of making 8 for my sisters in laws, daughters, niece and mom. 

Then there is the Bonnie Hunter Quilt mystery. En Provence. So that material came as well. Like them all. Pulled some of my stash as well. I am thinking I may use only 2 dark purples and 2 light purples and use more for the neutrals, yellows and greens. I guess it may depend on the clues. I don’t know who will get this quilt, it might be mine. I took a few pictures and also black and whites to watch the color tones. I have one yellow that is a bit light so may have to be careful of that fabric. I so enjoy these mysteries and the many color schemes. This one I am going to work on clues during day and finish hand quilting last year’s mystery in evening. 

Some of my light purples looked dark. Also you can see my light yellow. Nice ways to look at fabric values, especially if they end up next to each other.

This seems better. I have even added a few neutrals and two golds from last year’s mystery. That is pretty cool as I liked these gold colors. Not sure my daughter will like them in her red and white quilt, but they are there.

Tomorrow going with my parents to an early turkey dinner at a local church. Will do a little raking of leaves prior to lunch. Hope to be back home to watch our Green Bay Packers. Love football season. Soon we will be doing a little more serious thinking about our drive to Arizonia. We have planned our hotels and made reservations and hope to leave first week in January weather permitting.

Happy Quilting!

Week in review 

Another beautiful fall week. The leaves are now turning colors. Rain is anticipated for tomorrow so we will do our Devils Lake hike on Tuesday.

It has been quite a bit since I have gotten a massage. My husband and I checked out a local massage therapist called Erin. He always likes his deep  and I am more open to just enjoying the luxury and experience. I very much enjoyed mine and would go back to her. Since we went separately I was able to do some grocery shopping and get some of the more staples that we cooks need. 

We have always enjoyed Octoberfest, the food, music and beer. We decided to check out the Heidel House in Green Lake and there Octoberfest. A beautiful afternoon, beautiful setting with leaves turning colors and such a nice setting. We had the sauerbraten sandwiches, German potato salad, Black Forest cupcake, German cheese soup and  apple strudel. All was very good. The entertainment was also very good and well attended, but not crowded. Even participated in tapping of the golden keg. I had the Pumpkin Octoberfest beer fron Lakefront Brewery. We even got to keep the glass. This is one event we will attend yearly.  We left early so we could get home to watch Badger football game which they did lose in overtime to Ohio State. Very competive game. We met a wonderful couple and they mentioned another event that we had to check out today.

This was a great event with something for everyone. Again a beautiful fall day. We did pick up a few things, local cheese, dippping seasonings and the below bread and butter dipping.

The above is a picture of the best bread and butter/cheese. The local bakery is at many farmers markets and our local grocery store. I have found some online recipients that I may try.

Packer Game is on and we are having kind of snacks of variety of finger foods.

  • I have been busy with my quilting. I have about two more blocks on the Allietarecherith quilt and it will be half way done quilting. 
  • I am doing the Humble quilts QAL this is always fun..
  • And of course the 365 Challenge Blocks. Today’s block was very challenging, but so cute!
  • And my fall project falling leaves. It is actually pretty cute when the window is open and the breeze moves the leaves around. Love the fall colors and they will be able to stay a bit longer.

Happy Quilting and a good week!

Scrappy Vortex/365 challenge block scraps

Last summer I participated in a neat quilt along call scrap Vortex. The concept is real simple. Take all those left over scraps, blocks and sew them in pairs. It can turn into a quilt, backing or in my case I am thinking will be pillow shams for my 365 challenge quilt. So for the past few months the scraps have been accumulating and today decided to pair them up. Great process as scraps are in more control, no waste and allow me to sew standing up. I even got to cut them apart, press and trim outdoors today. 

Here is the link: Scrap Vortex

Week 40 blocks

Happy Quilting