On Ringo Lake Finish

Just finished the mystery. Fun mystery and wonderful outcome. This of course is my Arizona design floor. I spent the last few weeks sewing the blocks into rows. I took my time and did one row a day or so. Today finished up the lower two rows and then sewed the half’s together. I have some leftover blocks and some fabric for the back. I am thinking I will sew a back and probably take it back to WI and machine quilt it back there.

Now it will be back to my hand quilting project, grandmother flower quilt and some scrap quilt blocks as I have definitely become the scrap queen. Quilters hand me their scraps in bags now. I even have a few batik fabric scraps. Have to get a backing sewn for my mom’s quilt so I can get it pinned for hand quilting. I have a pinned quilt ready for machine quilting waiting in the wings. So we will see what I get to this week. πŸ™‚

Happy Quilting


On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt progress

I usually have the Mystery all complete, but this year taking it slow and steady. I was able to finish my 50 main blocks at retreat and prior had sewn my sashing strips. A few days ago I laid it all out. Very cool quilt! I am so glad I went with some bright oranges and some pinks with the coral colors. I like it so much better. I have been trying to each day do a row. (Sewing rows is something I really do not like to do) I missed a few days due to quilting in the community and those last days with my daughter Abigail who at this time is on a plane heading for Paris Island to begin boot camp. ( more on another post)

I really never had too much aqua in my stash but last year during a sale purchased quite a bit. I think I will use most of it except some very light aqua.

I will be linking up to the final linkup for this mystery. So many quilters with such great variations! Check them out!

Final link up to Mystery

So I just have 6 more row to go. I might in the near future run to SAS fabrics here in Tucson to see if I might find some additional fabric for backing. I am thinking I will machine quilt this top. I think it will be on one of the twin beds here in AZ. Probably bring it back to WI for quilting.

Our Tucson quilt show is in a few weeks. I missed it last year due to a quick trip to Mexico, so I am looking forward to this year.

Happy Quilting!

Quilting retreat-Sunflower style

I always have enjoyed reading about quilting retreats but never have gone on any. Here in Sunflower our guild has retreats every other year mostly because they are a lot of work. This is our third year down here and this year I am able to go! YEY!!!

I guess they have been doing them for over twelve years and have it down to a science. I guess there is even a book or manual should present organizers retire from this project. I would just like to share my experiences with you all.

The retreat is actually held at a church about 5 minutes away. So convenient that some slipped out for a few hours if needed. We had 18 quilters participate and 2 event leaders. We were put into one of three groups. Each group had to bring an iron, ironing board, extension cord and power strip. We gathered up our sunflower quilters stuff and someone brought that. Cutting boards, rotary cutters with new blades, rulers of all shapes and sizes, and our accu cut machine with a new die cube we just purchased for everyone to play with. Each group was also assigned a meal to set up, finish preparing and clean up. We had a great kitchen with two dishwashers. We had a itinerary with times and what was planned. Leaders got all the food (too much but each time the reduce it) so it was well planned and organized.

As quilters we could bring anything to work on. Lots of different projects going on, laying out of blocks and plenty of options on what or how it should be done. I put my Bonnie Hunter Mystery on hold to sew the main blocks together at this retreat. 50 of them, at first I thought never will I get them all done. There was also a lot of socializing and getting to know other quilters a little more in depth and of course common discussion.

We began early Friday morning, 8:30 setup time and breakfast at 9. We all arrived with our “personal stuff”, and set up at a table. It was 3 to a table. We were greeted with a wonderful small quilted gift. After all we’re set up and everyone was hooked up to power we had a small breakfast. 930 we started our sewing.

I guess as with any retreat, lots of sewing, conversations, opinions and FOOD! It seemed like we were eating all the time. But it was all good!

Here is our big room. We usually have a small room and it gets quite noisy, but this was so nice.

Cutting area and at far end was bin of scraps and the accu cutter to play with.

These were busy and just the right amount..no waiting. One quilter also made 2 gallons of homemade Best press and we loaded up our spray bottles.

So above are our leaders in our game of the day. It was a white elephant game. You were to bring something you had and would like to get yourselves, out it in a brown bag. We all got a number and went in order, picked a bag, opened it and showed it to all. Next person did the same, but could steal that one or anyone else’s or pick a bag. So what you picked someone else could have taken it. It was lots of fun. I picked a LED headlight to do hand stitching or anything. Perfect for me, but I ended up with 2 fat quarters red hatter material which also was very cool.

We had our supper and some had enough and left. I stayed until 7pm. Back was getting a bit sore and I was pleased with my sewing progress. I was able to lay flat on floor a few times and stretch out.

We returned the following morning for breakfast and sewing. We had our lunch of leftovers and still more leftover so we all got to take 3-4 bags of leftover food items. Someone also brought in some fresh grapefruit…they are so big and fresh down here. I have been looking forward to them.

We had sort of a quilt show and some show and tell. I brought in my daughters “Packer Celtic Solstice” I made a few years ago.

(No this is not snow in AZ…old pic)

And yes I got all 50 blocks done. I did play with accu cutter as I cut several scraps into triangles and squares most of Saturday afternoon.

Here is some other picture candy.

We had one final game. Sort of a dice game. Three dice. One with L, R, C or *. We all had three fat quarters, shook the dice. And L meant pass one to the left, R to the right, C to the Center and * you keep it. You play until one person has a fat quarter in their hand. So fun…

Guess who won…ME!

We all had so much fun! I also got to take home the scrap bin as I am known as the scrap queen. I love it! All scrap batik fabrics!

So I spent Sunday sorting them by color and some by potential sewing projects! Now I have a better stash down here!

Here is today’s finish. Quilted and binding applied…next charity quilt. Reminds me of a book I read to my girls Mr. Downs and balloons.

Hope you enjoyed!

Happy Quilting!

Sunflower Quilters…busy gals

It has been a bit since I have blogged. I guess busy with quilting, beautiful weather and enjoying life. Spouse has now picked up my cough/cold or whatever. Our elderly neighbor fell (nothing broken) but weak due to flu. Very nasty so we helped him get up..his son and my husband via the blanket. I got to play home health nurse again. You never forget some things. He was able to walk around so that kept him from heading to hospital. We picked up a few groceries and hopefully he will get better in a few days. We wanted to keep our distance for our health and also Abi who is shopping out to boot camp in 2 weeks. She did not get the shot. Although probably will get it there. She is closing out her apartment this weekend and moving in with us until her ship date.

Our group of quilters has been busy with personal projects and community projects. First up some personal projects, classes by a few members.

This is Sharon’s Cathedral Windows quilt being pinned by the gals. Sunday four of us got together and pinned 10 Quilts. Three were mine.

The next class was “sugar and spice “…

This was a fun class and everyone had great colors.

This is mine. I have never purchased batiks. The pack was a Tonga jelly pop package and I took advantage of Thousands of bolts batik fabric sale for the boarders. I have a cut owl backing and this week picked up some batting. This will be for my mom. I will hand quilt it as she prefers hand quilting. This will be my next project when I finish my “straits of Magellan” quilt. 4 blocks to go.

I finished up quilting this quilt, a recovery quilt from my back surgery. We all thought this backing looked like hospital gown fabric..how fitting I guess.

Jan is finishing up this month’s mystery quilt block. The featherweight has some of my scrap blocks I am making from a bag of scraps brought in recently.

This is how it coming together. Probably a border and maybe some four patches.

Two of us played with Accuquilt. Our group is looking into more dies and we played with the 9 inch cube. These are too many pieces and too small for charity quilts. We decided to purchase the 12 inch cube and will have it by next week’s retreat.

It is funny when I am sewing blocks the gals always ask if this block is our mystery block. I said it was close, because it is. This actually is our center block so they will make only one. Only difference is that the corners are squares. I am also going to do the flying geese as two HST together. Mystery blocks are 6.5 inches unfinished so these will be small pieces for the group, but a nice final block putting all the learned skills to test. I forgot how accurate the Accuquilt dies are and sewing them is quite fun. I may have to use it prior to returning to WI and cut my pieces for a quilt.

This will be my weekend quilting project…machine quilting. Cloudy today and wind to pick up as a “winter”storm is all the rage down here. 50’s on Sunday and freezing temps Sunday and Monday night. But spouse currently playing pickleball….life goes on.

I have all my “On Ringo Lake” blocks kitted together for the retreat. Hope to get them all sewn. (50 blocks) πŸ™‚

Happy Quilting to all!

Clue 5 On Ringo Lake Mystery

Hope all had a wonderful time celebrating the birth of Jesus. We attended our church’s candlelight service with our daughter Abigail. Such a wonderful blessing! We talked with family back in Wisconsin as well. While they are having bitter cold, we are having some warm weather. So nice to sit out in sunshine in afternoon. I am still trying to get rid of a cold/cough that has prevented me from my usual walks and exercise. Tried it this morning and had to return. Hope I can shake this soon.

I did finish up my flying geese. I have a few more small triangles to play around with. I just something miniature in the future.

I also finished up my cathedral windows class quilt. Got it machine quilted and bound. I still need to work on my machine quilting.

You can just make out then next machine quilting project. I was lucky and got 2 of my quilts pinned by the gals. Today will be cloudy so good time to quilt.

I will be linking up to quiltville : Clue 5

Happy Quilting to all!

Clue 4- On Ringo Lake Mystery

This is my sewing area here in AZ. The sun is shining after a few days of clouds. First snow fall on Mt. Lemon. Daughter had to drive and take a few pictures.

I guess winter has come to Arizona, but still love the sun and warmer temperatures to do some outdoor walking.

Back to the mystery, this clue was fun to do. I guess I cut out too many aqua squares, will hold on to them as might need them in the future one never knows. I really like the browns and aquas. I have three charity quilts ready for pinning this week and I sewed a few backs for them. I had a bit of a cold so skipped quilting this week as I did not want to spread it. I did work on the cathedral windows pattern and was able to finish it and crest it’s back as well.

This is also a fun pattern using 2.5 inch strips. I just picked out some scraps from the quilters stash and it turned out very nice.

In the first picture you can see my borrowed featherweight. It was making some noise with sewing so I got some lube and oil and cleaned it up. Runs real nice now. Picked up a guide and thread holder for my large cone of thread. Today got some polish and she looks real fine. The quilt you see in the chair is mid machine quilted and want to finish it up this week. May have to wait til Thursday to get some material of binding. I have one other quilt that is ready to sew blocks into rows, but will hold off on that so I can get some machine quilting down between the mystery. I think I have about 4-5 more Quilts I made that need backing and machine quilting.

Will be linking up: Clue 4

Happing Quilting!

Diamond squares-On Ringo Lake Mystery

As I gave my second mystery class I was cutting out my fabric. While many asked if this was their mystery…I said no…too small pieces for them. Now these are indeed tricky blocks. I remember making them with my first mystery quilt with Bonnie..Celtic Solstice. It took some time to master this block. However we have now the essential triangle and easy angle to help us along. I found both worked well for me. This block seemed to take forever…I guess sewing all those triangles. But I know it will be well worth it.

This worked just as well as the corner ruler suggested.

Then of course it laying blocks correctly to cut correctly.

Next to set up a system for sewing correctly.

Then pressing..I just made one for a reference as your mind can play tricks….

Finished all my blocks today and linking up Clue 3

Other news…neurosurgeon reports my 12 wk X-ray looks great! I did a hike yesterday 1.4 miles, felt good but a little sore today.

Daughter just found out today that she will head to Paris Island boot camp February 5 and will graduate May 5th if all goes well. She had a good time with friends, when she came back the gal she was working out had improved so much they wanted her to go in January. Abi was hoping for late February but a spot did open in January. I guess the Gunnery Master Sergeant approved her for the above date. So now she can start planning. As well as us. Looks like we will fly from AZ to SC and return here and maybe do our Western swing of states before heading back to WI.

Tomorrow will work on a charity quilt or machine quilting. Our Thursday/Friday quilting guild has a class on Cathedral Windows a very simple pattern. I will make that one for charity.

Happy Quilting!

Mirana Mystery Quilt Block 3

Block in a Box


Box in a block is another great quilt block. Today we will focus on accurate

cutting and accurate piecing. There are a number of shortcuts to making this block but I really wanted to focus on pure basics of block construction.

For this block you will need:

Fabric B (8) 2.5” squares

Fabric A (16) 2.5 x 6.5 rectangles

Fabric A (16) 2.5 β€œ squares

  • I like to lay out my block pieces.

Sew the 2.5 inch square together in middle. (Press to the dark or outside fabric)

Sew the side pieces to the middle.

Block should measure 6.5” unfinished.

You will make 8 blocks for the mystery quilt.

This month’s Bonus Block

For the bonus Block:

Fabric A- (4) 2” squares and (1) 3.5” Square

Fabric B- (4) 2” x 3.5” rectangle

Mirana Quilt design by Linda Holzhueter prepared for Sunflower Quilters Members 2017-2018.

The Quilts dug right in to do today’s blocks. They all did a great job. The bonus blocks came be used in the mystery quilt. I would suggest doing between 4-6 blocks in case you want to subside them. I think it would be ok to use different fabrics but maintain same color scheme.

While they sewed I worked on “on Ringo Lake” clue 3 doing most of the cutting. I finished up the cutting at home. Tomorrow I will tackle the additional cus and sewing. Using the Bonnie method with the essential ruler and I will use easy angle ruler. I remember making these units in Celtic Solstice and Grand Illusion mysteries. They can be tricky and you need to slow down and follow Bonnie’s directions. Lots of blocks to sew, but again spacing them out. I made significant progress on a charity quilt using 3 Dudes YouTube video. I have all the four strips sewn and cut, now to sew around the two blocks prior to cutting. Using the fabric I pulled about a week ago. I post pictures maybe next time.

Our sunflower community put on a Christmas singing program…quite good. I will leave you with some lyrics that I thought were quite good!

Happy Quilting!

Clue 2 of ORL and a return to hiking

This morning I finished up clue 2. Flying geese…had lots of practice over summer and use on the essential triangle by Bonnie Hunter. I did not rush these but did them in short batches. This clue I was able to use a borrowed Featherweight machine. Just love sewing on it.

Link up clue 2

I sewed on some labels for three of my donated charity quilts and began machine quilting a pinned quilt. I love that I can keep this machine set up for machine quilting. Last week hunted for some backing fabrics and some smaller pieces that I can use to make another quilt. Good thing I have an extra bedroom with two twin beds that I can lay things out.

I decided to try hiking. This was the same trail I hiked last year prior to leaving AZ with all my sciatic pains. Today it went very well. Did not stop and felt like I could repeat it. Much cooler today…upper fifties and clouds. Just a little aching near sacrum probably using different muscles and subsided quickly. I have been walking 2 miles most mornings, started some strength training and adding a short walk in evening. My goal is to do my walking prior to any quilting. So far it has been working.

Sunflower quilters got to hang a few things in the clubhouse wall. Just beautiful!

Well off to do some machine quilting and finish up boarders using mitered technique.

Happy Quilting all…welcome Mystery quilters!

My mystery progress

I have finished clue one, but I always make a few more. I limited myself to do about 10 a day and leave time to work on other projects. Actually I like doing this as you work little by little each day and are not rushed to complete them. I guess enjoy the process of each block. I really like the size of these blocks and they are so cute. They look a little blue but they are aqua. Some I. The mystery have used other colors which are also interesting.

I will be linking up to Bonnie’s link up page. Link up clue one

I have continued to work on a charity quilt. I decided to use the 9 patches for a border. This is as far as I have gotten.

I think I will still add one final solid border alternating the green and blue solid fabrics and using 4 extra 9 patches on the corners. Then it will be a nice size quilt for a child. After sewing this one up will do some machine quilting.

Today got my week 12 post fusion X-rays. To me they look fine. They are off to the neurosurgeon for review. My hope is to have most restrictions lifted. Would like to get back to some light weight lifting for my upper body strength, need my quads and hamstrings to get stronger before hitting the hiking trails. I think my goal would be Christmas week.

Friend stopped by during our outdoor lunch…..

I think today is the last 90 degree day, cooling to the upper 70’s…that is fine by me.

Welcome to the “On Ringo Lake” Mystery quilters..

Happy Quilting!

On Ringo Lake- my Mystery progress

Well it is that time of the year for those who follow Bonnie Hunter. Each year she graciously shares a quilt mystery with her followers. This will be my 5th year and I always learn something new. The first clue was released today, cute little 9 patches.

Today was social quilting so I cut my strips so I can sew them at home. Also did some pressing on a quilt in progress. I decides to add a 4.5 inch border and will plan on adding 9 patches as final border.

I have learned that this mystery is not a race but to learn and enjoy the process. Today I aimed for accuracy and pressing. Would like my quilts to lay flatter for quilting. I think I will plan on machine quilting this one. It is an oversized twin so maybe I can handle that. I kept the same colors as Bonnie selected, actually purchased aquas this past spring something I had very little of. I am joint to use my stash and refrain from purchasing fabric.

These blocks are real cut. I did 20 blocks today and will do 10 each day due to my recovery from back surgery. Still want to do my exercises and walking prior to quilting. Today taking a later walk as it is quite warm. Plus I can work on two other toppers. I also have some machine quilting for a quilt recently pinned by the gals that I made.

Sharing the mystery link: Clue 1

Happy Quilting!

Kitchen dinning area converted to my AZ sewing room.

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Just wanted to check in and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We went to afternoon services yesterday and it was a wonderful service singing favorite hymns. Devotion was that we have everything in the world, yet we go for Black Friday deals that people will forget or do not need. We are thankful for Jesus and will spend eternity in heaven.

This being our first Thanksgiving we had a turkey breast with all the sides. Saved the bones for soup. Made even make some homemade noodles. Beautiful day here in Az. Upper 80’s and sunny. Just finished my evening walk. So icing the back, but able to do most of the dinner cooking.

My husband, hates photos but will not see it here.

My niece helped create Olof in South Dakota, so excited to see it at the beginning of the parade.

No Black Friday shopping for me. Will raid the quilters stash and cut out first clue of Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery.

Happy Thanksgiving!