Is summer over???

Looks like we turned the calendar to September. Here in Wisconsin we have had a lot of rain. Some areas are saturated. Hoping for some dry weather.

We have continued our hunt for our next Wisconsin home. We actually have three properties in mind. Two are at top limit of budget and one at lower end. We continue to look at everything on the market. One property is 9 acres of organic fruit and such. Lovely home but we wonder if this would be too much for us. Another property lovely house but seller continues to work on things so wonder if he will ever finish. Both are at top of budget. Lower cost one has a few missing things on our list but we could move right in. It also is out in nowhere land as are the other two. We return to the thought that this is our abode for a few months and really has to be something that does not require much maintenance when we are gone or even present. We have toured apartments and they just don’t seem right. We have gravitated to a cute town with lots of entertainment and a place where we can exercise in a club. We have two possible rentals for two months prior to returning to Az. But both pending any long term leases would knock us out. The. We would have to head to AZ. Most things would then be put into storage and we would continue looking. Just so much to consider for us both. I know that the Lord will guide us and everything will work out.

In the mean time we have lots going on. This weekend to a favorite place LaCrosse for a riverboat paddlewheel pizza cruise which was fun. We think it might be fun to do a Mississippi River cruise. Next weekend is our Waterloo Wiener and Kraut weekend and following weekend a real Packer game.

We have moved closing to the 26th. I think major decisions will be made in next two weeks. A lot of packing done, some yet to go. Long term, a few things if we stay for two months and then closing and going directly to AZ.

I have put quilting on hold for now. I have two to three quilts I can machine quilt in 2 months. Rest will be put into long term storage.

The RN daughter flew to AZ to meet Marine Sister. Marine sister is picking out her car and driving it back to base, but not before taking her sister to Grand Canyon and Sedona.

I guess our house is too hot and they cannot swim at our community pool due to rule changes as we need to be present. So they will check in to motel for their remaining days. Of course Marine needs to be back on base lat Monday, she will be driving 10 hours. RN flying home on Wednesday.

So in closing will show some of their pictures. Thanks for reading, just want to document this process. I am sure it will be fun to review weeks or months later.

Happy Quilting!


Accepted offer…hold on quilting

This is exactly how hubby and I feel! It is a cash offer which also is great. We have been looking at places and entertaining a variety of options over the past few months. Now the decisions come.

Our last view was a very cute log cabin ranch that had most of our checklist items. It is in a remote place and different area to get to know. It is tempting. Lately a few homes look great but basements not so much. We looked into apartments, but that did not feel right and certainly not private enough for hubby. There is a furnished place but needs to be finished by end of September. We are waiting for confirmation that we could stay there.

Then of course is packing. That task has started along with a little more downsizing. Quilting items also most packed expect for a few things I could work on before heading to AZ. Most would go into large storage trailer until next year. We would have to have somethings to use while in furnished place. Also we need to have room for all those things to AZ in car.

So currently on the fence as to our next steps. Heading to AZ early is also on the list, but we have tickets to a show with two of our daughters just after Thanksgiving which would mean flying back.

We had our condo inspection yesterday while we kayaked across the lake to our favorite beer/pizza place. Perfect day for doing that. I had wrote a note of things to know for the buyers and they wrote back a very nice note as well.

Next few weekends will be fun stuff, WisconsinDells waterpark as it will return to warm and humid again. LaCross trip for a Pizza Cruise on old paddle wheel boat. Weiner and Kraut weekend back at our old place. So fun!

It is possible we will not have a place and may need to just wait until next spring for home shopping, but also creates issues with a permanent address for stuff. We still want to maintain our primary residence in WI.

Marine daughter and RN daughter are meeting up in AZ. She got approved leave over Labor Day to get her car. Well she or they are putting some miles on it. She is taking her sister to Grand Canyon, Sedona, six flags Phoneix and they driving back to TX base. Good thing the military does not have a tracker on her. But they will have fun!

Many-be today will do something Quilty. I did find some yarn so finally finishing up some slippers for my dad and working on a baby blanket in baby blue color.

Happy Quilting!

Machine quilting continues


Returned to machine quilting. I did 4 orphan blocks, a little on my baby quilt and made 2 cat bags filled with small scraps.

So worked on some circles and fillers on the baby quilting.


Today decided to try circle swirls. Spent about 10 minutes warming up with them and it clicked! At least the basic ones. Now the brain need to work on doing them opposite direction and eliminate getting caught some place you cannot get out. Overall I was pleased. Did 4 orphan blocks today. I thought I had run out but found 2 more orphan blocks. So I spent some time sandwiching some other blocks and small table toppers. Once I get these done I have a few smaller quilts really to machine quilt. Getting the hang of this.

Did not work on the baby quilt as I wanted to do the sandwiching.

We attended a great Fireman’s corn roast with great music. We also played bingo. It is a smaller sized event and very comfortable. The corn was great! Sunday our church had its first outdoor service/picnic with musical family presenting the service. Food was roasted pig and turkey with the trimmings. They could have used another tent for shade but that will be on the list for next year. Food was excellent! Tomorrow tires have to be rotated and we will take in a movie. So enjoying our weather right now.

Finally got the solar approved by electric company, it we will hold off until monsoons are done. A showing this Saturday and we also looked at a house, too big for us and a little outside our desired area.

Happy Quilting to all!

Machine Quilting continued…

The humid weather is gone after a few thunderstorms last evening. Perfect breeze off the lake. I even went for my usual walk.

Back to machine quilting today. After a warm up jumped right into my orphan blocks. I think these are from some book, maybe nearly insane, but seem a little too big for them. Oh well make great practice blocks. Yesterday I made a post it note to remember to change my stitch length and width, I obviously did not put it where I could see it as it was a bit before I dropped my length down. Today put it right by the foot.

The ones on the right are the first 2 and I wanted to focus on loops of different size and focus. Also threw in a few string loops. I was fairly please with those. The next two blocks I noted would be for purses. Jagged glass pattern was ok, would need to work on that one again and other block a few pebbles which also were ok. I decided that was enough of the blocks so have two for tomorrow. (We might be taking car in for rotation and maybe a movie).

Next up is my baby blanket. In outlined the elephant which is good practice following a line or design. It is a bit harder than it looks. So worked on some fillers for hat and spots.

Pebbles and kind of a circle pattern. I guess both were ok and will probably do the rest the same way. I changed top thread to yellow, thicker thread and it was ok. Started breaking and changed needle and that did the trick. For some reason more difficult to stay in the confined area, but possible I was getting a bit tired. So stopped. I am thinking the white background will be some kind of filler. Overall was pretty good and back just a few area of thread backing up. Again right size to do domestic machine quilting. I am using some grip it’s that take place of gloves and they work well. It is just when I stop I have to manually put needle down, not automatic on this machine. Some say you can time the foot pedal to stop with the needle down, but does not work on my machine or with me trying, so takes a little time.

Until next time…

Happy Quilting!

Quilting stitches

Another day of machine quilting. After a warm up I returned to my orphan blocks. So had some hints on meandering and decided to dedicate two blocks to that type of quilting. I guess just relaxing is part of the key. They felt better and maybe looked better. So today I am quite pleased with them. It looks like the next few blocks I designated for purses so decided that it would be best to use walking foot to set the block. It also seemed better when I had a defined space to work within. So took off the free motion foot and on goes the walking foot. I needed practice on really stitching in the ditch and staying to the light fabric. So that was good. I completed 6 blocks to be ready for tomorrow.

Here is today’s accomplishments-

So front and back, one area of bunched up thread, but that is ok. I also ran across some quilting books I got a few years ago and now plan to use them as inspiration for other quilting designs. I have been following “Penguin and Fish” and her learning on live Facebook working on her first domestic machine quilt. Have picked up a few things as she is learning.

While I had the walking foot on I pulled out one of the baby panels I brought back to practice my machine quilting. There were 3 of these panels input into kits. We also had some flannel for the back and decided it really did not need batting. So I sprayed the top and sandwiched it to the back. I quilting around it and-sort of the inside border. Decided to use my very light lavender thread. I am thinking I might do one or two items on the panel and play around with quilting patterns. That will be fun.

I am also thinking that probably no one took the other kits, so might be able to do another one. This size is more manageable that a larger twin size, so good to start on this one.

So tomorrow the 6 blocks as they go fast and then maybe the elephant.

Happy Quilting!

Day one dedicated machine quilting

Wanted to share my machine quilting. I have tried this several times in the past. This past winter one of the Quilters gave an excellent workshop on machine quilting and I picked up some great tips and inspiration. As mentioned prior also following some gals on the internet/blog regarding quilting.

A few weeks ago I started quilting a small topper. It is certainly “free” motion and really is a learning topper. Goal today was to finish it. I only really had the outside blocks to quilt. I am using some polyester thread I picked up rather cheap. I also purchased a lot of top stitch needles that were recommended due to their large eyes and prevent thread breakage. Using the same thread on top and bottom. It is a light lavender but looks clear or silver.

First up is the topper made from scrap batiks.

So I worked on a few things. Meandering, I just cannot do those puzzle pieces, but like doing circles in both directions. The longer loops, working on consistency and size. Even did a few kind of flower designs. With time I was improving.

Next up are some orphan blocks that will be pot holders or parts of purse makings.

Front above, back below.

I do like the wiggly lines. So by end of day pretty good. Took a mid morning break for exercise and take hubby out for his birthday. Nice break in between.

Thing I learned…when thread begins to break….change needle.

Marine daughter called, she is starting her schooling this Wednesday her first class. It will last 1.5 months then two week break and then next class. So she is excited to be moving on. 105 degrees in TX.

Tomorrow we are headed to our favorite wine tasting place “VonKlaus” which pairs food with wine. We are also doing an afternoon hike at a nearby state park with picnic lunch. Probably no quilting tomorrow.

We also have decided that if we get an offer on condo, will put things in storage and move to a month to month furnished place until we can find a place. We really want to stay in the Green Lake area that has so much to do. Still leaning toward another condo in that area. With that being said most of quilting stuff would go into storage. Maybe that would force me to machine quilt all those UFO.s 🙂

Happy Quilting!

Oh those WASPS…

I guess it is that time of year, the dreaded wasps. We spent a day at my folks and I ran out the front door with the phone for my husband and got stung on my left middle finger. Boy that hurt! But I washed and iced it right away. It has been many years since I got bit. It was ok until later that evening, boy did it swell up. The next few days the remaining fingers also swelled up and progressed to hand. I tried everything, ice, calamine lotion, baking soda, drugs and nothing seemed to help. Decided to go to urgent care on Friday as no openings at my doctor. I was worried about a cellulitis setting in. We doctor said it was a venum reaction. Can it do anything. So continued to nurse it and by latter that day it started to improve. Today just very minor swelling present. But boy can this put a dent in your sewing/quilting! One day it was so bad that I just laid out some string blocks that I had just removed the paper backing. These scraps were from a gal that did a lot of paper piecing and had left overs in a fairly large bin. So this is what I came up with…

I did move that lower green blocks and purple ones a bit. So it is stacked and ready to sew together. Might make a good free motion quilting project when I am more confident.

My plan was to start machine quilting this week but that was out on hold. Now I will start it this week. Following several gals and really want to work on this. Today after sewing I cleaned up my sewing area to change over to quilting. I have a lot of practice pieces so that is this week’s goal.

I have been doing the Camp Odea May QAL. It is fun and now that it is getting bigger a bit more time. I have not put on this weeks boarder as I am unsure what color to do. Today finished up sewing geese and corner blocks and attached to main quilt. My geese are a little funky but I was using my stash and some of the strips from jelly roll were not accurate. But that is ok. I am also thinking that this will be a machine quilting project.

Here is current progress.

If I remember correctly it is to be around 72″ so this week is probably the last week, as it is around 52″.

We continue to look at possible homes and some apartments. We finally heard that last viewing, they liked the condo but are also looking at another area and have not made a final decision yet. The market is quite hot right now, new homes added almost daily and offers accepted quickly. Right now we have to wait for an offer on our place. Hubby is in charge of daily views of new listings. Something I think he likes to do. So time will tell.

So Camp Odea May will be put aside and on to machine quilting. Will let you know how that goes. Since my sewing area is in the garage I am able to enjoy the cooler weather and breezes. So far no mosquitos or wasps in garage to bother me. Able to sit in a rocking chair near the garage door and do any pinning or reverse sewing.

Happy Quilting this week!

Music and Oda May Summer Camp QAL

This past week has been full of fun things! That is what summer is all about!

We traveled to Grand Forks,ND to see Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in concert together for the first time “Soul 2 Soul” a wonderful show. We love country but this was a little more leaning to rock’n roll. But fun time, great seats in the hockey stadium. So we added a bit more mileage to the Prius.

Next up was Lifefest in Oshkosh,WI. It has been several years since we attended and this concert has certainly grown. Wonderful Christian artists singing Christian songs. We attended with my sister/brother in laws. This was an outdoor event, it was warm and humid.

Yesterday we finally made it to other sister/brother in laws new adventure of a brewery pub in Columbus,WI. Cercis This adventure started with brothers (and in-laws) yearly competition to brew batches of beer. This is the result. A wonderful brew pub with great homemade brews and artisan foods. They have only been open a few months and they were very busy yesterday. On our trip back we visited many brew pubs and this certainly topped them. Wonderful decor and many special detailed features. We combined this with a small family get together.

My last blog I did mentioned I did not want to start another project, but a great QAL with a medallion Center was found…Oda May Summer Camp QAL. Could not resist. Here is some of my progress.

This is some cabin fabric given to me by my mom so putting it to use. Also using my stash. I have the next step granny squares are cut out and ready to sew. So I am a little behind. I will finish this step along with corner stones and then set up machine for some machine quilting. I was able to sew 8 of 20 squares today. Goal this week is to do some machine quilting.

Thousands of bolts is having a Batik sale, yes I purchased a few as that is one fabric I don’t have a lot of.

Happy Quilting!

Craftsy project

I don’t know if you View craftsy projects but I know I have collected several future project patterns when we have time. Today I decided to take a break from quilting and work in a small purse pattern.

It is very cute with see thru vinyl for ID, money, hand sanitizer or credit cards. A side zipper to hold cell phone and other light stuff. I thought a completely vinyl one for events that require small visible bags.

I consider myself a good sewer but these instructions had me tearing out several seams trying to figure it out. So I ate lunch and returned with a more clear head. This time I got it. It is cute and I think two will go to boutique fair. I am going to a few concerts in the next week and will try them out. We finally got a new cell phone and had to check to make sure it fit, it does.

The pattern is “Happy Hands Wallet Tote” by Susie’s Imaginariun…free on Craftsy.

(It is hard to see but the vinyl is dived with a stitching line)

Tomorrow back to quilting. Maybe a Christmas in July project. I have never done one I. July….have you?

Happy Quilting!

Stash cleaning

I got thru my stash and have cut the smaller pieces into Bonnie Hunter’s scrap USER system. Just in time for her release of the New-leader/Ender Challenge for the year. I just love it. 4 patches which I love and HST using her ruler. I did sew up a bunch of 1.5 strips for 4 patches.

All set to go. So had to try out her block.

Most of my patches are light and dark but a few are very close, but that is ok. I had also cut 2.5 strips so just grabbed a few to try out. I usually have to do a few blocks to get the hang of it and now I am ready to do these in between my regular blocks. Of course I always have squares for more of a scrap vortex block. I will not tire of this blocks and pressing really makes sewing the block quite easy.

Here are some pictures of my organized drawers where I have most of my fabric. It is not huge, but enough for variety of projects. Very pleased and hopefully will stay neat and I can easily see what I have. I did bag my strips by color and size folding them. I do have about 3 medium boxes of strips all mixed up, but that can be for another time.

Now I did come back from AZ with about 10-15 projects bagged (somehow lost list) that I organized today in 2 laundry baskets. I also put my machine quilting projects on top of one, I think 4 medium sized quilts. I also have some orphan blocks for purses to practice my machine quilting. I also like to choose fabric and bunch it in various combinations for projects so I have a few of those.

This leads me to all the projects online or Facebook that I want to start. I think I will limit myself one block of the month “Summer at the Cabin” Summer at the Cabin BOM. I follow a few others but may just do a few blocks and make table runners.

On the home front many of the condos near us are at point of closing deals leaving ours as the last one. We had our eye on a cute log cabin, we were going to take another look but it has a good offer per realtor, so we will pass unless we get an offer and see if that offer might have a bump. It had a few things that missing from our list or some updates needed so that is ok. We will just have to keep looking as houses are coming on market daily.

Hope everyone enjoys the 4th. We will return back to Columbus WI for afternoon celebrations and meet up with family. Now that we have a Marine in family we are very proud of her and the many other service personnel that have, do and will to come…protecting our freedoms.

Red/pink stash clean up today

My top drawer is pink/ red/ gray and black. Finished up my pinks and reds. I think the last time I did this was about 5 years ago. This time I am picking fabrics that I have not used, smaller sizes and cutting them in 1.5,2.5 and 3.5 inch strips. I have larger pieces and then close to fat quarter pieces. Yes I got them ironed, folded and then trimmed them into the strips. Rather than throwing them in a box, color sorted and fold once and place in plastic bag. I think I am more likely to use them this way. Well see in 5 years. I always like to revisit my stash and find neat material and maybe as I go along will find coordinating fabric of another color. So I got a lot done in just a few hours. It is humid outside today so limited my time. We also kayaked across the lake for lunch, pizza and beer before heading back.

Maybe tomorrow I can tackle the grays and blacks.

Some of the shorter strips will be on the side of machine for leaders and Enders while sewing.

Happy Quilting….stash organization

Spring /summer stash cleaning???

As we have our condo on the market most of my quilting things are in the garage.

I ran across a new quilter/group Holly Anne- String and Story. Check her out! She has gotten a great endorsement from Bonnie Hunter and they were on live Facebook together. Fresh and works with scraps as well has machine quilting. She currently has some classes that are free to get you quilting. I also have been following Angela Walters and her free motion videos-Quilting is my Therapy. So with two great gals and their enthusiasm I am sure to succeed! I have finally got my Schmitz needles and using top stitch needles. They have a bigger eye and should cause less thread breakage. As I am cleaning I have found several toppers and orphan blocks that will be great for practicing. If I have any goal this summer is to be more comfortable machine quilting to finally get to some of those finished quilt tops.

Yesterday I had clean out some cubby holes on a dresser top. Found some unfinished blocks and fabric so today I sewed them together. One will be a small table topper or candle mat, others will be potholders and mug rug. Yep good for practicing machine quilting. I wanted to clean and sort out top drawer of fabric. First drawer is blacks/grays and pinks/red stash. Humidity is coming back to Wisconsin so did not get quite that far. I did put a fan in the garage but did not use today. So kind of cleaned up those leader-ender scraps sitting on the side of sewing machine. I love to make four patches!

I have been trying to do a project a week. Last week I worked on updating a pattern I did in AZ on a purse/water-bottle cozie. The Sunflower Quilters will have a little competition designing their own.

Our group wanted to make them just a bit taller and with a longer strap. I made 3 of them, one for myself, my mom and for the Quilters boutique. I tried it out this past weekend when we went to Strawberry fest nearby. It worked pretty well. My mom is a Red hatter so she will enjoy her’s.

Here is her egg skirt, she will love this as well. Also finished up her batik quilt “Sugar and Spice”, so I have had some accomplishments! I have to get a picture of that. I made a matching pillow case which I will stuff with the quilt.

She has had some difficult times with rude neighbors and recently my dad had another blood clot in the lung. Had pain two weeks prior, but did not find anything. This time they found multiple clots. So now he is on blood thinners for life. Turns out it came from vein in leg, asymptotic. In and out of hospital. So we saw him in hospital on Father’s Day. Luckily caught it in time.

Finally got our daughters Marine graduation picture. She is in a holding platoon awaiting a spot for her schooling. No real assignments just night watch. Last weekend volunteered to help with boat racing which I guess is popular in TX. Called a few days ago and is in good spirits.

As for our condo no offers and no showings this week. We actually looked at a cute log cabin a little outside our desired area and certainly very private. We would need to make a few changes but it has many of the things on our list. So it is privacy vs close to city with things to do. We have joined a health club continuing with our routine in AZ. So it is a difficult decision. We think it is priced a little high, so we will wait a bit as we have no offers on our place. We looked at a condo lease option in Green Lake, but it was small and just did not feel right to me. So we will wait patiently and see what the Lord’s Will will be.

Looks like we may kayak tomorrow. We like to go across the lake and hit a bar/grill place for a bit to eat and head back home. My back has been doing very well. I don’t think I twist too much kayaking so I should be fine. Rain, cool weather and wind has prevented us taking our first voyage across the lake. Then next thing on my list is a short game of pickleball. Maybe after the humidity leaves.

So for now Happy Quilting to all!

Quilting and more…

Well returned home about 2 weeks ago. The first few days were cleaning and getting the condo ready for viewing. The vents out into the ceiling last fall have done their job, no humidity in condo this year. We have had two viewings and a promising one this Monday.

We also have been on the hunt for another condo, townhome, apartment or log cabin. Still not sure what we really want. But looking at all possibilities. Even just doing a vacation rental for a few months furnished. When we get an offer we will see.

So sewing room has moved out to the corner of the garage. Actually pretty nice listening to the birds and breezes. So far no real bugs. Anyway I have spent a few days in my sewing enclave.

In the right of the picture is the first project. It is a bear quilt top. Added some larger squares around the perimeter. It is ready for quilting after sandwiching.

Next up is a beautiful blue, purple and light green quilt. I think this will be a wall quilt. I first was going to just sew the squares, but decided to put them on point including the nine patches. There is plenty of room for quilting and this one will go on that pile.

Yesterday’s project is a egg apron for my mom. When I saw this it is perfect as she puts chicken eggs in pockets and such. It has a few more steps until finished. I will post it at another time.

As I have been feeling great with my back we are enjoying this summer. We went to a Beach Boys concert in LaCrosse. We also attended Walleye weekend in Fondulac and had a wonderful fish fry. We also have been to my parents, another fish fry. Today we are attending Markesan Dairy Days and they have barbecue chicken on the menu. So lots to do. But so fun.

We joined a health club for more structured exercise. It is a routine we got into in Arizona and want to continue here. So generally looking at living places SS in that area. Dan is on the internet daily looking at all the options. We missed out on a perfect log cabin, so this gave him more incentive to look daily. It keeps him busy and then I can sew. We look at things differently so that is good.

We have heard from our Marine daughter. All finished with her combat training, now just waiting for graduation and then off to Texas. She also probably has strep throat and maybe pneumonia again. But does not want to go to medical and get stuck in CA. She wants to get to schooling and have it taken care of there. So hope it can wait til Wednesday. She did have fun this past week with training and shooting the guns. She would like to have a gun now but they cannot own a gun while in service.

That apparently is the 75lbs they had to carry a few weeks ago. So glad she will be moving to next step. Also now she has her phone back.

So thinking about my next project….maybe a purse or bag. There are some great BOM online, may do a few in form of table runners. We will see…

Happy Quilting!