Aqua colors…remind me of the ocean

I fell in love with Bonnie Hunters  block “Straits of Mackinac”. I even purchased some aqua fabric last winter just for this block. I decided this holiday weekend to begin sewing the blocks. It uses a lot of her favorite blocks. I decided to do 9 blocks and this was plenty. I cut and sewed the block sections, one per day. Today got to put the block together. I decided today to do the “Rest and Refreshing” blocks as leader and Enders. 

I also started hand Quilting the mystery quilt for the Sunflower guild. It also has a lot of aqua in it as well as verigated aqua thread. Simple quilt design. 

We went to Waupan yesterday for entertainment and pork sandwiches. Tomorrow headed to Columbus for that city’s entertainment. We have not been there for years. Meeting family for a fun afternoon. Weather has been great! Hannah is returning from hot Arizona. Abigail and her friends hiked Sedona and Grand Canyon this past weeken. Cherith has moved into her first apartment this weekend and Hannah is going to stop by tomorrow to crash there a day while Cherith works for the last time as a CNA. She will take her NCLEX next Tuesday. So far everyone from her nursing class has passed. I am sure she will as will. She is spending time studying and taking sample tests. 

Happy Quilting and Happy Fourth of July!


Graduation pomp and ceremony 

While quilting is a current passion, I admit I had another…Nursing. 27 years ago I graduated from a BSN program and began my nursing career. Oh the many different pathways it has taken me. My daughter decided on this career and choose a fine college Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, WI. She has worked very hard and many stressful days has lead to this wonderful celebration. Last night she received her nursing pin. A tradition that started by Florence Nightengale and has continued to this day. A previous nursing alumni even mentioned Cherith as when she was in Zambia last summer, a mother asked her to name her child…the name given was Emily. This touched Cherith so much. I am so proud of her accomplishment and know the hard work she has done. She will be working on a Med-surg floor beginning in mid July. She will next week use Kaplan nursing review course to prepare for boards or now called NCLEX, in early July. My husband and my oldest daughter were able to see a wonderful graduation, music, pomp and ceremony and the speeches. We wish her God’s Blessings on her next chapter in life.

Aboveis picture of the nursing class after pinning ceremony.

Our youngest daughter Abi also graduated and now is a realtor at Long in Tucson Az. She also is very excited for this new career. Will will be working on the internet team and doing some open houses to establish a referral base. She is one of the youngest. We also wish her the best as she starts this career.

Our oldest Hannah is here with her first class. This is a field trip and I love this picture. Next week they will graduate from Prek and Kindergarten. She will have her first year of teaching completed. I think she is ready for a vacation, in fact she will be visiting Abi in a few weeks.

Lots to celebrate and so Thankful!!!  My girls all now have careers and living their life. I have always wondered what they will be when they grow up. Now I know…at least as of today…

Happy Quilting 

Almost traveling time..

It has been a bit since last post, but I have been busy. We are starting to clean and pack up place for our return back to WI. I hear it has been cool and wet. Total opposite from here. Looks like we will just miss the 100 this Thursday or Friday. Lately it has been perfect sitting in our back patio I shade overhang. So much has happened so bear with me on this post. 

I will begin with our wonderful quilting group down here. So talented and I enjoy each one of them and their talents. So fun to pick out fabric and potential creations to come. I have several bags and one suitcase full of inspiration to sew when I get back home. I have about 3-4 quilts to machine quilt that are pinned. So nice to have a car fairly empty to pack all this stuff.  I am known as the scrap queen, so I get a lot of those from the gals. I have selected some of the pics off my iPad already, so as I create I will post. I also have been playing with a quilters software program patternjam. It is really cool and very addictive. I had so much fun that I designed a mystery BOM for our quilters challenge late this year into next. The program gal loved it. So gals will be able to make as many blocks and come next March will put them together in a quilt. They will be 6 inch blocks, very easy sewing as we have several new members. I have spent sometime writing the monthly lessons which also was fun. I probably will post them here. Here is the link if you want to play: Patternjam.

Aches and pains…we’ll had made some progress with new chiropractor. He does a rolling table massage, then adjusts you on two different tables and then gives you some home exercises. I have seen progress…but last Friday he wanted me to do some hiking prior to returning WI to see how it responded. Well I failed… I went .6 miles and the pain was terrible and really did not go away. We went to our favorite spot and had wanted to go today, but no luck. I have a visit a bit later. He assured me that if I had a setback it would be adjusted back. While I like the exercises and ice to keep it in check, I was hoping I could do more walking. Today walking and standing are difficult. I have a stiff sacralilliac joint that still has inflammation causing sciatic pain down my left leg. At least I can drive. Also picked up a cold or bad allergy with sore throat and cough. So taking it a bit easy, all while trying to get certain things done.

Daughter Cherith will be graduating soon. Her sister got her a stethoscope and now called to talk. Got her graduation gown and passed her first ATI test. So just has a few things yet to do. Is going for her interview at the same place she currently but as a nurse on night shift which she does not mind. Will be living a a friends parent’s home until she decides where she wants to move  to. Looking at a few very nice places so after graduation. A little more expensive than when I started out.

Daughter Abigail has graduated from Hogan real estate and passed their exam. So tomorrow she will take the real test. She is a free spirit and took her car half to top of MT Lemon and car light went on. She made it down, but rethought our offer to buy our Prius. So last week was a day of us buying a new car- a Prius and trading her old car and then giving her the new car. And like the you know it the first day she had it she drove to first stop on Mt Lemon. A few days later to the top. Yesterday we took her to a church near her apartment in hopes she will return to going to church and also out to eat. Stopped by her place and it is amazing what you can do with cardboard boxes…DVD movie holder and a small side table. She did have a problem with roaches so baited the apartment and per a quilter tried borax and that worked. Bugs is something she will have to get used to.

Our faith has always been central to us so praying Abi will return to church and her faith. 

Daughter Hannah has a few weeks until she completes her first school year. I think she is ready for a break. Thinking about moving so she can have a cat.

And our cat…Whiskers we will be home soon!

Happy Quilting!

Hannah officially installed as 4 yr old Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher

Early morning for us to wake up for 2hr. drive to Morrison Zion Ev. Lutheran church/school. What a warm and inviting congregation they are, making us so welcome. It was a warm day but a very important day for Hannah and us. As a family we were present and her cousin and god parents were also present. The congregation served a wonderful lunch and we got to speak with many members. We saw Hannh’s classroom which she already has spent over 11 hours per day just figuring out what she had. The previous teacher had been there 20 yrs.  She still has a long way to go and also needs to plan out her school year. Apparently open house is in two weeks. A lot of purging of materials and things need to be done. Little room for storage. We were told that her classroom was the original room for the one room school years ago. Two of the window now present were the enterances for the students. Boys thru one door and girls thru the other. Luckily her room has air conditioning as does most of the school. She has tried to sort items but has so much to do. I hope that this does not overwhelm her. I guess plenty have offered help and told her to use their assistance. While she may have an idea of what she wants, she may need to settle on the important things and adjust throughout the school year. I am sure she was trained very well and will know what to do. It is those beginning steps that are often the hardest. I met several of her peer teachers and they are wonderful and so happy she was called to this school. I am sure they will be very supportive of her needs. 

Clockwise…Hannah, myself, Uncle Kevin,Aunt Patti, Dan (dad), Abigail (sister), Cherith (sister) and Seth (cousin)

Hannah will be very well loved here, so happy for her and I am sure she will be awesome at teaching God’s Word to his little lambs.

Accepted offer on Marquette Condo
The counter offers flying back and forth have now stopped as of yesterday. So we have a place to move to after accepting an offer on our home. Inspection of our home is mid week next week. Our condo is within walking distance to Lake Puckaway in Marquette, WI. It has a Wisconsin “up north” feel. We do have an ocean two person kayak and so who knows we might take up fishing. I used to do a lot of that years ago. Is apparently a good fishing lake. Anticipating this acceptance I spent the past two days going thru,sorting and packing up my quilting things. I have rediscovered some of my UFO’s. I really need to finish them :). I am keeping a machine quilting project and fabric for my 365 challenge quilt. I do need to pin my daughter’s Allietare quilt prior to moving so it is ready to hand quilt. I have about 1/4 left to pack. I have a small dresser packed with my fabric. This has worked well for me. 

Wisconsin has been very hot and humid! Heat indexes over 100. Thursday evening we had a good storm blow thru and along with it very high winds. One of our big lot line trees fell. So husband spent the day cutting and removing the tree as it fell on our front yard. Had to take breaks every 15-30 minutes due to heat and drinking lots of water.

Today working on the third side border of the 365 quilt and a bit more packing. Would like to get to Summer solstice project. I am doing two but on a small scale. 

Tomorrow off to see Hannah being installed in Morrison(Greenleaf) WI as the 4/5 Kindergarten teacher. This is her first class in her teaching career.

Happy Quilting 🙂

Hannah moves…sort of…

Hannah moves…sort of…

Yesterday we traveled to Hannah’s new apartment with Uhal filled with her possessions. She is moving to DePere, WI about 2 hrs away. We left early am and arrived. One of the kindergarten’s parents left a welcome bag with items she can use in moving in process. So thoughtful! We unloaded in about a hour. We just made her bed. She wanted to get back home due  to wedding of her roommate for the past 3 years. We dropped off the truck, a quick stop at McDonalds and we headed back. Hannah drove. It is amazing the kids now a days have no sense of direction or can read a map or even have one. Travel by car is put in destination and follow it. So we took the back roads home. My husband would never do this. So it was fun how he tried to keep quiet as she drove. So we went thru a few towns but travel time was about the same.

Her apartment is the perfect size and location. First floor was great as well. More things than when I moved out.

  1. Washer/dryer in bathroom. (No waiting for paying to do this)
  2. Heat included
  3. Gas fireplace
  4. Dishwasher/microwave
  5. Garage/ plus parking spot
  6. Exercise room

So happy for her! Today is the wedding of her friend. Actually stayed overnight with her last evening. Tomorrow she will leave early to attend the church where she will be teaching. Monday she begins in real time her job. She has been waited no for about 2 months for this to actually occur. It was nice having her around these past two months. Reality is now to let her go and let her set out on her life. Two weeks we will be present for her installation as teacher.

Today had open house. When we built our home we let our girls pick out their colors for their bedrooms.( Purple, maroon, pink.) These colors are biting us a bit as not favorites of those viewing home. They are cosmetic changes that can be made quite easily. We have a lovely country property but now ready to downsize hopefully to a condo. We have had a few interested, but…. I guess we just need to be patient for the right buyer to come along.

More hand quilting this evening!

Summer Solstice…flying geese

Summer Solstice…flying geese

This is a great QAL, non mystery, but options include make your own size. I am staying on the small size. The blue is my 1 block and the other is 2×2 blocks. This installment takes us to making flying geese the quick method and less waste. Here is the link:

This morning we packed up the uhal with our eldest daughters things. She will be moving 2 hours from us to begin her teaching career 4K and 5k. She will also be moving into her first apartment. She is so excited!

It is funny the things or luxurys we provide our children. She is eating all of our “good” food as she will have to wait to buy food until her first paycheck. Everyone needs Internet and they complain how slow it is. Well she has found out that it is expensive and may hold out for now. TV…satellite/cable they taken for granted, well she thinks she will adjust to antenna if she wants to watch anything. And you know that you have to pay to wash clothes? It is free at home including detergent.

I guess we all went thru this when young. I have 3 girls and it is fun to see them come home and appreciate the things we provide. 

Hand quilting on the agenda for this evening.