Diamond squares-On Ringo Lake Mystery

As I gave my second mystery class I was cutting out my fabric. While many asked if this was their mystery…I said no…too small pieces for them. Now these are indeed tricky blocks. I remember making them with my first mystery quilt with Bonnie..Celtic Solstice. It took some time to master this block. However we have now the essential triangle and easy angle to help us along. I found both worked well for me. This block seemed to take forever…I guess sewing all those triangles. But I know it will be well worth it.

This worked just as well as the corner ruler suggested.

Then of course it laying blocks correctly to cut correctly.

Next to set up a system for sewing correctly.

Then pressing..I just made one for a reference as your mind can play tricks….

Finished all my blocks today and linking up Clue 3

Other news…neurosurgeon reports my 12 wk X-ray looks great! I did a hike yesterday 1.4 miles, felt good but a little sore today.

Daughter just found out today that she will head to Paris Island boot camp February 5 and will graduate May 5th if all goes well. She had a good time with friends, when she came back the gal she was working out had improved so much they wanted her to go in January. Abi was hoping for late February but a spot did open in January. I guess the Gunnery Master Sergeant approved her for the above date. So now she can start planning. As well as us. Looks like we will fly from AZ to SC and return here and maybe do our Western swing of states before heading back to WI.

Tomorrow will work on a charity quilt or machine quilting. Our Thursday/Friday quilting guild has a class on Cathedral Windows a very simple pattern. I will make that one for charity.

Happy Quilting!


Clue 2 of ORL and a return to hiking

This morning I finished up clue 2. Flying geese…had lots of practice over summer and use on the essential triangle by Bonnie Hunter. I did not rush these but did them in short batches. This clue I was able to use a borrowed Featherweight machine. Just love sewing on it.

Link up clue 2

I sewed on some labels for three of my donated charity quilts and began machine quilting a pinned quilt. I love that I can keep this machine set up for machine quilting. Last week hunted for some backing fabrics and some smaller pieces that I can use to make another quilt. Good thing I have an extra bedroom with two twin beds that I can lay things out.

I decided to try hiking. This was the same trail I hiked last year prior to leaving AZ with all my sciatic pains. Today it went very well. Did not stop and felt like I could repeat it. Much cooler today…upper fifties and clouds. Just a little aching near sacrum probably using different muscles and subsided quickly. I have been walking 2 miles most mornings, started some strength training and adding a short walk in evening. My goal is to do my walking prior to any quilting. So far it has been working.

Sunflower quilters got to hang a few things in the clubhouse wall. Just beautiful!

Well off to do some machine quilting and finish up boarders using mitered technique.

Happy Quilting all…welcome Mystery quilters!

Almost traveling time..

It has been a bit since last post, but I have been busy. We are starting to clean and pack up place for our return back to WI. I hear it has been cool and wet. Total opposite from here. Looks like we will just miss the 100 this Thursday or Friday. Lately it has been perfect sitting in our back patio I shade overhang. So much has happened so bear with me on this post. 

I will begin with our wonderful quilting group down here. So talented and I enjoy each one of them and their talents. So fun to pick out fabric and potential creations to come. I have several bags and one suitcase full of inspiration to sew when I get back home. I have about 3-4 quilts to machine quilt that are pinned. So nice to have a car fairly empty to pack all this stuff.  I am known as the scrap queen, so I get a lot of those from the gals. I have selected some of the pics off my iPad already, so as I create I will post. I also have been playing with a quilters software program patternjam. It is really cool and very addictive. I had so much fun that I designed a mystery BOM for our quilters challenge late this year into next. The program gal loved it. So gals will be able to make as many blocks and come next March will put them together in a quilt. They will be 6 inch blocks, very easy sewing as we have several new members. I have spent sometime writing the monthly lessons which also was fun. I probably will post them here. Here is the link if you want to play: Patternjam.

Aches and pains…we’ll had made some progress with new chiropractor. He does a rolling table massage, then adjusts you on two different tables and then gives you some home exercises. I have seen progress…but last Friday he wanted me to do some hiking prior to returning WI to see how it responded. Well I failed… I went .6 miles and the pain was terrible and really did not go away. We went to our favorite spot and had wanted to go today, but no luck. I have a visit a bit later. He assured me that if I had a setback it would be adjusted back. While I like the exercises and ice to keep it in check, I was hoping I could do more walking. Today walking and standing are difficult. I have a stiff sacralilliac joint that still has inflammation causing sciatic pain down my left leg. At least I can drive. Also picked up a cold or bad allergy with sore throat and cough. So taking it a bit easy, all while trying to get certain things done.

Daughter Cherith will be graduating soon. Her sister got her a stethoscope and now called to talk. Got her graduation gown and passed her first ATI test. So just has a few things yet to do. Is going for her interview at the same place she currently but as a nurse on night shift which she does not mind. Will be living a a friends parent’s home until she decides where she wants to move  to. Looking at a few very nice places so after graduation. A little more expensive than when I started out.

Daughter Abigail has graduated from Hogan real estate and passed their exam. So tomorrow she will take the real test. She is a free spirit and took her car half to top of MT Lemon and car light went on. She made it down, but rethought our offer to buy our Prius. So last week was a day of us buying a new car- a Prius and trading her old car and then giving her the new car. And like the you know it the first day she had it she drove to first stop on Mt Lemon. A few days later to the top. Yesterday we took her to a church near her apartment in hopes she will return to going to church and also out to eat. Stopped by her place and it is amazing what you can do with cardboard boxes…DVD movie holder and a small side table. She did have a problem with roaches so baited the apartment and per a quilter tried borax and that worked. Bugs is something she will have to get used to.

Our faith has always been central to us so praying Abi will return to church and her faith. 

Daughter Hannah has a few weeks until she completes her first school year. I think she is ready for a break. Thinking about moving so she can have a cat.

And our cat…Whiskers we will be home soon!

Happy Quilting!

Abi arrives, transition to AZ and a bit of quilting

Well it has been an interesting week. Abi made it safely and has been spending the week with us. We went apartment hunting and found a nice place within her budget (or the budget we made). While this is an exciting time getting her first apartment it does come with responsibilities and financial foresight. We are going to make sure she has enough for seven months, but added expenses she will need to pay for via a little cash advancement until she gets a job. She quickly unloaded her car full of things into her apartment and tomorrow we are giving her our sofa,matching chair and a queen size blow up mattress. So many of the other things she sees as necessarities,we see as things you could do without. But then she puts on the pouting face…. So in some respects it will be good for her to move into apartment and get on with school starting on Monday. She will have internet and cable here and of course food, so I am sure we will see her before we leave. I guess we are a safety net for four more weeks. We have enjoyed hiking with her except today my sciatica was bad so I finished up some hand quilting. She thought she could hike to top of peak, but realized there was a deep ravine to go down and up. 

The above is made from quilters scraps from a raffle quilt. I hand sewed the entire quilt and also hand quilted it. This will be my challenge presented at our last quilters meeting in April.

Update on my acupuncture treatments, not seeming to work very well. I do have a calcified mass ( fibroid) via X-ray in uterus that could be the cause, so I am thinking it might be the origin. I will have to follow up on this upon returning to WI. We have only 4 more weeks here, that is a long time but probably not enough time do any intervention. 

I also finished up another scrap quilt miniature scraps from a member. So I have my projects completed. May look at one of the BOM and start some of those with some of the charity fabric I am bringing home.

We also saw movie Beauty and the Beast….very good. 

Happy Quilting ….for us a moving day tomorrow.

Thunderbird trail off Sweetwater trail, Tucson AZ

Today we hiked with Mike a pickleball friend. We decided to take Thunderbird trail as Mike had been on part of it before. This trail is known for some mines. We passed the first and continued on the trail. It was sunny cooler and breezy a perfect day for a hike. I led the way. It was nice to see some of the fairydusters blooming and some small yellow and purple poppies. We have had more rain this year it seems and everything is green. We did not see any wildlife. We got to another abandoned mine, had a snack/ water break and decided to follow a trail to the east. This was fairly flat and we ended up in a wash. We were not sure where this was headed so decided to turn around. About 2 hours hiking and about 3.2 miles. Lately we have finished our hikes with some quick food, today it was in and out burgers.

The above pictures were some of the highlights of the hike. Predicting some rain later today and tomorrow. I did decide to try the front bush a bit. We have several outdoor projects to do prior to leaving.

I have fallen a bit behind in this blog. I have been quilting and have 3 more sides to Cherith’s quilt and it will be finished. Also working on a community quilt and our quilters recent project. I will blog about that in the future.

It looks like cat allergies of Cherith’s roommate are too great and Whiskers is headed back to condo mid march and will need to fed for self with a few visits until we return. He has been such a stress reliever for Cherith and it will be hard for her to give him up. Hopefully one daughter will be able to house him next year or we will need to bring him down with us.

Happy quilting!

February has arrived…


Today was the monthly Sunflower quilters meeting. So nice to see all these gals and the wonderful things they do. A very active quilter project agenda was shared. This time of year neat and often challenging quilting projects. We also do charity quilts so today spent some time sewing labels to quilts. Many also helped pin some quilts for some machine quilting to be done. Show and tell is always wonderful. 

I have been working hard on my EnProvence  and finished the flimsy today. Another beautiful quilt. Now will have to go fabric backing shopping and also using up some extra blocks for the backing. Maybe hand quilt this one this summer.

Now that this is complete I can return to machine quilting my charity quilt for this year. Will cut some binding tomorrow for that quilt and for my daughters quilt which is just about ready for the scallops.

My sciatica is improving. I actually feel like doing more including some bush trimming, cleaning and returned to pickleball. I have continued my stretching several times a day and that seems to help.

Arizonia weather is just perfect. Warm sun that allows bike ride in morning to clubhouse (40’s) and later is in the 70’s. We did a 3.5 mile hike on Sweetwater Trail, but still have quite a distance to get to the saddle. 

Happy Quilting!

Arizonia hiking…

We have designated Monday’s as hiking days. Today we revisited a trailhead from last year. Sweetwater trail head. We are so fortunate to have great trails nearby. I had a chiropractic adjustment and then we headed out for our hike. Funny all the walking and hiking does not bother my sciatica. 

We went about 2 miles round trip. We could gone farther as the weather was cool and comfortable. It is a challenging hike, but not too bad. Maybe next time we will go a bit further. This actually connects with another trail to get to Wasson Peak. Not sure if we would go that far….. we did pass a few hikers and even a runner at the end. Area is expecting a cold front this afternoon with rain and cooler temps for a few days. Will need to try to do some indoor exercise tomorrow and keep stretching my hamstrings. Would like to play pickleball this week after morning adjustment. Then there is the quilting group later this week. 

Worked on a few Dutch Treat blocks

Did some continues reading this afternoon ..”Crossroads”

Happy Quilting