Local fair results 

It has been quite some time since entering a quilt into the fair. This year I decided to enter 5 quilts. Here they are and the results.

The pieces of this table topper were from cut of triangles from a quilt quilt raffle quilt. This is hand pieced and hand quilted. I actually hand pieced this on a return trip from AZ last year. I loved these batiks.

This is my zoo quilt for charity. I loved this simple pattern and the fabrics. I wanted to try this type of machine quilting, not happy with it, but did learn a lot. It stretched quite a bit despite pinning it. I have a small throat on my machine that makes quilting challenging. Perfect size for a child.

This I call my Downton Abby quilt. Material is a jelly roll of Countess Dagner and pattern is the jelly roll race I think #2 by Missouri Quilts. Hand quilted with Baptist Fan.

Next up is my Chinese Coins pattern quilt. Only quilted the border as too thick with folding of fabric in main hanging.

I may have posted these before but here is Cherith’s quilt. It was a contender for grand Champion, was beat out by a quilt guild quilt. I was told the judge was so impressed with this quilt on many levels. 

  • Hand quilted 
  • Variegated thread
  • Scallops
  • So many pieces…size
  • Most important was the different fabrics in a color (scrap) and then when standing back noticing just one color. Had to look at this several times. (Well this is a Bonnie Hunter thing)

So I am working hard on this 365 day Challenge quilt. I have had these blocks done, but needed to sew them into rows. I put this quilt away for a year. This is the second border. Next will be to sew 6 inch light blocks together for the final border. This is hand pieced. 

Now for another update. My sciatica pain has returned. So I was painfree for about 4 weeks allowing me to enjoy summer. After much thought, being unable to once again climb stairs and more pain in evening I will be having lumbar fusion surgery with cyst removal. Repeat MRI last Friday shows that the cyst has returned. Surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday at 2pm. Hospital stay 1-4 days. No bending, twisting of lifting for 2-3 months. Sitting limited. Walking and lying will be my exercise program. Fusion involves a bone graft that needs to set. Once set then restrictions are removed my restrictions are lifted and PT to build up core and back begins. A total of 6-9 months for recovery. Currently trying to get my quilting projects at a point that they can be paused. I have 3 quilts that just need hand binding which I like to do if I need some diversion. Also the above 356 quilt to work on. I am going to sandwich 2 quilts should I want to do hand quilting. I can sew standing up but really would have to watch the twisting aspect. Today plan to pack up my quilting stuff for AZ as my husband could not do that…would be funny him doing it :). I have an excellent neurosurgeon and am very hopeful of an excellent outcome. Thoughts and prayers from you all would be great. I feel physically and mentally I am ready! My faith will also be a great support!

Happy Quilting….will update you all as I am able!


Charity quilt progress -1

Made a little progress on this quilt. So far I am liking it. Playing around with the top and bottom corners with different fabrics. Today did a bit more sewing…more of distraction therapy for my back/leg pain. But early afternoon had to stop and did a little reading. I had my MRI yesterday. Since I got a CD of the pictures I was able to view them.  Being a nurse I can look at the picture, use the internet and I can maybe self diagnose. Well I will wait until Monday.

Wanted to share a few pictures of the added additions I mentioned to the Allietarecherith quilt. Very pleased with them.

Now Cherith does not like spiders but she loves cats…so perfect!

Had two visitors and one seems a bit interested in my homemade leaves on a stick….well they are orange.

Happy Quilting!

Back in Wisconsin…

Our return drive was uneventful. Sunny warm days excellent for car travel. Our new Prius has a few new bells and whistles which were also fun. Gas mileage was great and new safety features awesome. We got home on Sunday late afternoon. Whiskers was happy to see us. However our condo was very humid. We are on a concrete slab and it has been wet of late. We noticed lots of condensation on our floors and underneath furniture. We also have water in our ducts. We will be in contact with the builder as the condo owner said a trench was dug around the condo when our joint neighbor also had the problems a few years ago. We moved in late summer. So we went from little humidity to 78%, my curly hair has returned. To day able to open the windows and got the humidity down to the low 60’s. Everything is just damp. Our concern it mold! Otherwise good to be back, everything is green and trees flowering. 

My back continues to be uncomfortable. I made an appointment to see an orthopedic MD. While he took X-rays, said I have some arthritis but a bit hard to tell if I have a herniated disc. So left appointment with no answer, pain and to schedule MRI. The office was to do this but I ended up scheduling it and having them call for the order. I am a nurse and I know how things work or do not work. So the MRI is tomorrow, 24 hours to read it, then follow up but of course his office hours are not until next Monday. So another week goes by. I guess if I need an injection that could also be another week. Good grief! I am able to get around the house, but worrying about my strength in my left leg, I may need PT as well. We decided to cancel our trip to TN in a few weeks thinking this might not be done in time. We will plan to go early fall. Standing is difficult so husband has become a temporary cook. I have a graduation the following weekend, so would love to have the injection prior…but we will see.

I was able to unpack my sewing stuff. I had done a lot of cutting for one charity quilt prior to leaving. I was able to work on it a bit today sewing half and quarter size triangles. Quick picture of some of the blocks and material. I have all the blocks finished so I can begin to put it together. I designed it from patternjam. I hear they are going out of business. They are going to try to keep the designing web site up and running for now. This is such a cool site! My plan is to sew several charity quilts with some of the material I brought back.

I washed my daughter’s graduation quilt….Allietarecherith. I had only one fabric that ran, out of so many reds…was pleased. So rewashed with 2 new color catchers and no bleeding noted. I hand sewed a spider and small cat on the quilt. I will keep that to myself. I am going to enter it in our country fair. 

I have several new followers….welcome! I will have to check out your blogs in near future. Thanks for reading!

Happy Quilting to all!

Charity quilts

Our Sunflower quilters do a lot of quilts, pillowcases and bags for Aviva. Our guild has a wonderful selection of fabric to make these items. Since we have an over abundance of nickel squares we are make it several quilts. I picked theee color schemes. Pink/green, yellow/ blue and green/orange. These quilts go together very fast. I have two partly done and will wait until later next week to match some solid fabric to these quilts. The green and organs one I will do back in Wisconsin. My hope is to get these pinned and take back to machine quilt. 


Meadow Mystery quilt

I also grabbed some fabric so I could to this mystery. I was able to finish 5 12 inch blocks and have 8 more to make then I am ready to assemble this mystery. So lucky to have a featherweight sewing machine on loan from fellow quilter. It is so fun to sew on. I don’t have pictures of this quilt, but I think I will wait until I lay the blocks out. 

Here is a link if interested Meadow Mystery

As it was a beautiful day, I spent the afternoon hand quilting “Allietarecherith”. I have two more sides to finish on the border and it is done! Hope to show this next month during our show and tell. I really love this quilt. 

I have to get a picture of the back as it also is cute…nursing fabric. This quilt has wool batting, wonderful to quilt and it will be a warm quilt as it also has fannel on the back.

Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Quilting

Thunderbird trail off Sweetwater trail, Tucson AZ

Today we hiked with Mike a pickleball friend. We decided to take Thunderbird trail as Mike had been on part of it before. This trail is known for some mines. We passed the first and continued on the trail. It was sunny cooler and breezy a perfect day for a hike. I led the way. It was nice to see some of the fairydusters blooming and some small yellow and purple poppies. We have had more rain this year it seems and everything is green. We did not see any wildlife. We got to another abandoned mine, had a snack/ water break and decided to follow a trail to the east. This was fairly flat and we ended up in a wash. We were not sure where this was headed so decided to turn around. About 2 hours hiking and about 3.2 miles. Lately we have finished our hikes with some quick food, today it was in and out burgers.

The above pictures were some of the highlights of the hike. Predicting some rain later today and tomorrow. I did decide to try the front bush a bit. We have several outdoor projects to do prior to leaving.

I have fallen a bit behind in this blog. I have been quilting and have 3 more sides to Cherith’s quilt and it will be finished. Also working on a community quilt and our quilters recent project. I will blog about that in the future.

It looks like cat allergies of Cherith’s roommate are too great and Whiskers is headed back to condo mid march and will need to fed for self with a few visits until we return. He has been such a stress reliever for Cherith and it will be hard for her to give him up. Hopefully one daughter will be able to house him next year or we will need to bring him down with us.

Happy quilting!

Almost settled in our winter home..

We arrived Sunday early afternoon. We were able to unload the car, check to make sure Internet was up and finally tune in to our favorite team..PACKERS. What a game. Looking forward to next week playing the cowboys. We even joked, maybe we could drive to Dallas??? No I think we are happy to be here. As Dan had packed the car I was unsure of what he packed and we did leave several boxes behind. Turns out his sandals, coffee maker, air mister,gardening gloves and a few other things will have to wait til next year. 

Nice to be back to this home. We both really love it and it seems like we never left. We did have the chirping fire alarms and wouldn’t you know it it was the living room with it being located on the cathedral ceiling. Well we pushed a chair on the wall and set up the extension ladder. Able to remove it and another one was chirping. With that done we turned off the breaker to all of the alarms. Well 2:30am the bedroom alarm start d chirping. Dan went outside (where breakers are located) and turned it on and it stopped. We did order some lithium alarms that should arrive in a few days. They will last 10 years.

Today was spent cleaning and putting things in their place. The gas man came early to turn on the gas. No heat last night, but was in 70’s yesterday and had opened some of the windows. Temperature did not drop below 65. We also spent the day trimming our green bushes. They really have grown and person who watches house did not mention this and did not have them trimmed. We were very surprised that we were not cited for this issue. We had purchased a trimmer and it worked great. Except quite the mess to clean up. We noticed a company trimming neighbors bushes used tarp under the bushes. Why did we not see this last year. May need to invest in a tarp. Will probably do another trim close to April around inspection time. More work to be done, but for another day.

Next stop was grocery store for much needed food. $300.00 worth that will last quite awhile. There are some other supplies at Walmart that are needed, will do that tomorrow.

Looks like week’s weather will be in mid 60’s with clouds. Back home more snow. 

I was able to sew on sashing on about 150 blocks on my Dutch Treat quilt. Would like to finish these blocks here. Also worked on Challenge on the week. Will not finish by deadline, just have to sew down the binding. My quilting stuff is still packed in the empty dinning room. Not planning on attending Sunflowers quilter meetings this Thursday and Friday. Will start up the following week. Tomorrow my go to clubhouse and do some exercising. Able to walk one time on treadmill at hotel. Would like to get some weight off as had to rest my right leg and hence put on a few pounds. With all the activity here that should come off. We also tend to eat a bit more healthier.

I did order 2 yards of black material for Cherith’s quilt for the binding. I have about 1.5 rows to go and then I will do the scallops and bind the quilt. Will do the quilting in the final borders/scallops after that part is complete. I also need to work on En Provence,sew my blocks together and eventually sew the quilt together.

Happy Quilting!

Week in review 

Another beautiful fall week. The leaves are now turning colors. Rain is anticipated for tomorrow so we will do our Devils Lake hike on Tuesday.

It has been quite a bit since I have gotten a massage. My husband and I checked out a local massage therapist called Erin. He always likes his deep  and I am more open to just enjoying the luxury and experience. I very much enjoyed mine and would go back to her. Since we went separately I was able to do some grocery shopping and get some of the more staples that we cooks need. 

We have always enjoyed Octoberfest, the food, music and beer. We decided to check out the Heidel House in Green Lake and there Octoberfest. A beautiful afternoon, beautiful setting with leaves turning colors and such a nice setting. We had the sauerbraten sandwiches, German potato salad, Black Forest cupcake, German cheese soup and  apple strudel. All was very good. The entertainment was also very good and well attended, but not crowded. Even participated in tapping of the golden keg. I had the Pumpkin Octoberfest beer fron Lakefront Brewery. We even got to keep the glass. This is one event we will attend yearly.  We left early so we could get home to watch Badger football game which they did lose in overtime to Ohio State. Very competive game. We met a wonderful couple and they mentioned another event that we had to check out today.

This was a great event with something for everyone. Again a beautiful fall day. We did pick up a few things, local cheese, dippping seasonings and the below bread and butter dipping.

The above is a picture of the best bread and butter/cheese. The local bakery is at many farmers markets and our local grocery store. I have found some online recipients that I may try.

Packer Game is on and we are having kind of snacks of variety of finger foods.

  • I have been busy with my quilting. I have about two more blocks on the Allietarecherith quilt and it will be half way done quilting. 
  • I am doing the Humble quilts QAL this is always fun..
  • And of course the 365 Challenge Blocks. Today’s block was very challenging, but so cute!
  • And my fall project falling leaves. It is actually pretty cute when the window is open and the breeze moves the leaves around. Love the fall colors and they will be able to stay a bit longer.

Happy Quilting and a good week!

Twilight, retro log cabin and autumn leaves

Continuing on the 365 block challenge, I really like this block and how easy it is to make while looking more detailed. 


Bonnie Hunter always has a new leader and ender challenge. This year it is hourglass blocks. I decided I liked the retro log cabin block and this will be my leader and ender challenge. Today I was able to do a few blocks to get the hang of it. So here they are….

Retro Log Cabin blocks

I am also working on autumn leaves in the form of a mobile. Using some fall color fabrics, batting and shapes of real leaves I collected a few days ago. I did finish off the edges and tomorrow will sew the veins. I probably have a dozen leaves. So far so good. I will post a picture when finished.

I have 3 blocks to quilt on the Allietarecherith quilt and then will have completed 3 rows. Just need to keep at this. 

Happy Quilting! 

Quilting, kayaking, burger & beer

Another beautiful day. It started out with fog so thick we could not see the lake. As it turned out the lake was so calm that it turned out to be a great day to kayak. We have a two person ocean kayak. Our goal was to reach the Log & Cabin bar for a lunch. Sun with some clouds made it a great day. We saw a few Pelicans but not as many as last time. We passed some grasses. We have had a lot of rain and it shows with a lot of piers underwater. Even at our dock we decided to just go in for the shoreline. We saw two fishing boats and one pontoon boat. We arrived at our destination taking about 2 hours. We had Octoberfest beer, burgers with mushrooms, raw onions and Swiss cheese and chips. All was very good. The colors are just starting, some light oranges. Next week we hope to do some hiking at Devils Lake Park. We have take our daughters there when they were young, but never have done the hikes. May plan to stay overnight nearby. Fall is my favorite time of year, it just does not last long.

I did finish sewing and attaching the light 6in blocks to the main 365 quilt. It looks so nice. 

I decided to join another small quilt along by Humble Quilts. It is called the “Quilt Matters.” http://humblequilts.blogspot.com/2016/09/quilters-madder-part-1.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+HumbleQuilts+%28Humble+Quilts%29

These are supposed to be fabrics that are a dull or mulled red. I don’t have many of these, so just used some of my stash and will just play along with everyone. First part is pretty easy and finished sewing my blocks when we got back from kayaking.

We had a nice weekend with our daughter Cherith. We now need to guide Abigail as she tries to make another decision regarding her schooling. Of course as parents we can only suggest, she will need to decide. 

Well back to quilting my Allietarecherith…

Oh I also purchased some thread from connecting threads as they have a great sale. I really love this thread so wanted to take advantage.

Happy Quilting and a great week!

Autumn weekend

Cool weekend here is Wisconsin. Plans are to later visit Green Lake’s Harvest festival. First have to catch the Badger football game. Two daughters were to come home this weekend, but work and distances is preventing them from stopping by.

Allietarecherith hand quilting progress is 2 completed rows of 9. Cherith will be coming home next weekend just to get away and to study. (Nursing) Quilt will have to go into hiding on Friday.

I was intrigued by a quilt that was posted here on word press so I tried it out yesterday. I am going to add a thin border and then a wider final border. Pretty neat to do and a different look. It is based on Ricky Tims and here is the link to the gal that inspired me. Thanks!!! https://jmn111.wordpress.com/2016/09/12/convergence-quilt-1-top-completed/ I have named mine Autumn Convergence. I may share this with our Sunflower quilters as a project.

I also got a picture of my sewing area. I stand to do my sewing on machine. Balances the sitting from hand sewing and hand quilting. 

I do my ironing in my kitchen countertop as it is perfect height and use only a pressing mat. Can keep ironing board for larger projects.

Next week will concentrate on garage organization of my quilting stuff. Next week’s project will be oven gloves.

Happy Quilting and a great weekend!

Row 1 of 9

Finished first row ( middle of quilt) today. Beginning second row with slightly different blocks but using same quilting motif just turned a bit. Very relaxing motif to quilt. Will try to get 2-3 blocks quilted per day. Recipient of the quilt is coming over this weekend so will need to put it away for a few days.

Whiskers likes it….

Today’s project was getting up living room up and down cellular blinds. They are a moss green that can be lowered a bit from the top and bottom. They fit perfectly! I also love the color with the wood in the condo. Tomorrow the second bedroom blinds are next. They are a light silver color. 

Homemade chicken soup for supper, even though it does not feel like fall yet. I guess that will come later in week.

Happy Quilting!

Allietarecherith…hand quilting has begun

As I continue to get settled in our new condo the time has arrived to begin hand quilting. I came across some plastic quilting templates and have decided to use one of them for a guide. Able to lay the quilt out in living room and marked the first center row blocks. The next row are different blocks but will tilt the template. So I spent most of the afternoon and this evening quilting. So relaxing while watching/ listening to Brewer game. Soon the football games begin. I love the college games and our Packers. Traditionally I have always quilted while the games are on. One year I was in a college pick’em contest and won enough money for a sewing machine. That one has died however. Our weather in central Wisconsin has turned cooler and more like fall. My favorite time of year. Love the colors!
So I am using a verigated red thread called red work from connecting threads. I handles very well. Batting is wool and is so great to quilt with. It also is warm keeping me toasty despite wearing shorts. I really love the fabrics in this quilt and so enjoy viewing them again while quilting. Also remembering how these blocks were composed in this great mystery. In moving I also ran across my Celtic Solstice that is a king size. I starts quilting the first row then my daughter wanted one in a Packer theme. Would like to get back to quilting that one when this one is finished.

So many great quilting posts, but holding back on any new projects. Would like to finish some of my UFO’s. At least try.

Happy quilting and life to all!

Packing and a little quilting

We have begun the real packing. My first thought…not all going to fit. I am right. While we are downsizing, we do have a two car garage with one car. We are also storing some things for two daughter. So it looks like a Uhal will be ordered. We do a little each day. It also is very warm and humid. Making great progress. House is getting more empty. About two weeks til closing. We will close here then travel about an hour north and close at 3pm about 30 minutes away from condo. Only problem is our cat whiskers. Not a traveling cat. Last time was 10 yrs ago when we moved here. 30 minute ride and he threw up. Will have to stop at condo, let him out outside for a bit and travel to our closing.

My dad also had a set back and went to ER two days ago and diagnosed with pulmonary embolism. He is doing well and was a clot in lower right lung. So learning about Warfarin and new experiences with RN’s. May go home tomorrow or the weekend. This was going to be the weekend we were all coming home for Mom’s 80th birthday. Good thing we cancelled that last week. I might go up next week sometime.

All caught up on my 365 blocks. Today as I got the basement cleaned up I laid out my daughters quilt Allietarecherith. Will begin to pin it in the next few days. Wanted to do this before our move as I have room. No basement in the condo. I just love this quilt. Next step will be the quilt design as I will be hand quilting it. I am going to use a verigated red work thread. Hope to start quilting in September. Goal to finishe for her graduation from nursing school in May. Backing is also cool with some flannel and scraps. I do plan on doing a scalloped border/binding. This is last years mystery from Bonnie Hunter.

Happy Quilting and watching the Olympics!