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So I have been a little quiet, but I have been busy!

Our quilting guild had a class on purses. Fun class and a lot of socializing. Our guild is having a tea/fashion show of purses in March so perfect timing. I had started and finally finished two sunflower purses, one for tea and one for me. They all were a little time consuming but liked the results.

Next up is a quilt along by Piecemakers of the past, Delft Blue blocks. These are fun to do and is my evening hand stitching time. Using scraps of blues, but I am loving the blocks. Doing the old fashion appliqué with freezer paper.

In the quilt update I pulled out my batik stripped pieced block on phone paper. I wanted to put on a light color border and then follow up with another. Turns out that a few weeks ago I was working on strips of batik on phone book paper and decided they would be a final border. These can get wonky, so stitched around perimeter to make sure they stay the same. Heavy starching also helps. I am hoping I can back this one and start quilting it before I leave.

These are all scraps from a large bin from last year’s retreat. (Except the light border)

Our guild has been blessed with an abundance of fabric. One of our quilters who produces many quilts has a broken arm and some nerve damage. We are hoping she will fully recover but it will be some time. Another quilter and I went thru her accu-cutter dies and picked out some easy ones to kit up some fabric into kits. They will be quick, accurate and cute for donation.

I have gotten back to some machine quilting this week. Kind of just doing the basics for practicing and hope to progress to some projects that need quilting. We all have them..

Marine Graduation

Daughter has graduated from her MOS in San Angelo, TX this Friday. She will be heading to her permanent base assignment at Camp Lejeune,NC in 9 days. She will be in a Radio Battalion but not sure what company. She arrived yesterday late. Today was just organizing her stuff, relaxing, movies, enjoying some sun (good thing she did not return to WI with all the cold and snow coming this week), so we are thrilled to have her here during her liberty. She got her taxes done today and probably will do a lot of our outdoors activities next week. She had her favorite In and Out burgers and my homemade lasagna. Chili is also on the request list. She looks good and in good spirits. We have not seen her since May after boot camp.

This is the class picture. She is in first row third one from the right.

I have experimented with a list each week of quilting activities which has helped tackle that long list of UFO’s.

Happy Quilting to all!


Sunday Refection

Epiphany continues with celebration of Jesus’s Baptism. Today we are again reminded at Jesus was chosen as our Savior and it was during his Baptism that God revealed that to the people of that time and to us. I particularly pondered the below scripture reading….

Blessings on your week!

Good Fortune Mystery..completed

I am starting the new year with a few completions. I got the final borders on and just a few slight adjustments as it is smaller that a quilt. I have two additional smaller table runners that I will play with some left over blocks. The fabric is something I had picked out some time ago and will make a nice boarder for one. The other blocks are a favorite of mine, Bonnie’s “little monkey blocks”, I have a lot of them and will continue making them from my stash. It can be found on her blog, free patterns tab.

Final reveal

Maybe I can get this machine quilted before Bonnie’s final linkup!

I also finished hand quilting this Kokopelli and it is one of my January goals! Not a lot of quilting, but just enough. Will wash it and hang it in my Arizonia home.

Next up is prepping for “Delft Blue” from Piecing the Past Quilts

Delft Blue

This will be my appliqué project in blue and white, colors I love but never have done a quilt using those colors.

Need to write down those 2019 projects for all the various challenges this year! But will take in a little warm sunshine as so far this year it seems to rain every few days!

Happy Quilting

Good Fortune mystery…reveal

Once again Bonnie never disappoints us quilters. Another unique quilt design. Every time I get to this point I am amazed at the number of small pieces. At this stage it is like putting a puzzle together. This year the borders are unique in themselves. As I piece the pieces and am glad I did not make the full size. Reflecting on this I am thinking smaller versions I will finish sooner with machine or hand quilting.

The above are destined to be a table topper (small and large) and a table runner. I have three more borders to go, but have decided to work on them this week a day for each one.

As you remember I used different colors reflecting my spring trip to Sedona and Grand Canyon. They worked very well. I am so glad I used different aqua colors as the solid one I am not liking as much. I think these may reside here in Arizona when complete although one maybe a hand quilting project on the way home.

I did finish my Kokopelli all bound and read for a gentle wash. Need to get some color catchers. I have another UFO of a fellow quilter to also bind, destined for craft show in fall.

I did spend an afternoon organizing my quilting stash and quilting projects. Now I will need to complete some lists and some goal challenges.

Looks like this week will be a nice week in AZ. Soon off to do our weekly hike.

Linking to Bonnie’s linking party Final reveal

Happy Quilting!

Sunday Reflection


Today we celebrated Epiphany. Epiphany means “to reveal”. We remember how the star revealed Jesus as the Savior to the Magi from the east. Since Epiphany seems to mark the time Gentiles saw Jesus for the first time, it is often referred to as “Gentile Christmas”, denoting that Jesus is Savior of Jews and Gentiles alike. Hence is might be that we leave up our Christmas decor in celebration.

The season of Epiphany (Greek word for “appearance”) celebrates God’s revealing or manifesting of Jesus’ identity as true God, Messiah, and Savior of the world. We continue the season until Transfiguration of the Lord.

We learned about having knowledge and having wisdom. Earthly knowledge is something we all learn via experiences and education. How you use that knowledge correctly is wisdom. We may have earthly wealth or riches, but to have wisdom or wealth of our spiritual needs are indeed most important. The Magi brought and gave very expensive gifts to the baby and knew spiritual wealth. May we all learn from this wonderful example in our earthly travels until we reach our heavenly home.

Blessings on your week!

January monthly goal setting

This year I am going to try to follow more blogging. I ran across a blog “elm street quilts- motivation and inspiration. You pick a project and set a monthly goal. So I am game as I do have unfinished projects. It is also funny that today our quilting group also has a year challenge of goals also. You list 12 UFO projects numbering them 1-12 and someone in the group picks a number and you work on that project. I for sure have 12 projects. So with two challenges I should be set.

Today I will just mention the monthly goal.

I recently I finished a Kokopelli flute player by Donna Sylvia. Picked up the pattern at a vendor show in Fall. It has been some time since I did some appliqué so it was fun. Also a good hand quilting project for evenings.

January Monthly Goal

Kokopelli – sandwich and hand quilted. Bonus if I get it completely finished with binding!

Check out other quilters projects/monthly goals!

Monthly goal January

Happy Quilting!

Good bye to 2018 and Hello 2019

As we all would say …has the year just flown by…? For me it meant selling our condo and now currently homeless in Wisconsin. But this process really has been good for us. Wanting to downsize more in Wisconsin but yet we looked at some larger properties. We also looked at apartments and found out what we like and don’t like. The year has brought more of an exercise program for myself, now well recuperated from spinal fusion. Although lately put on a few of those holiday pounds. I think my sugar cookies and Mexican wedding cakes are to blame. I have kept up the Arizona hiking. Today while it was 44 with a gusty wind,I found myself wearing long sleeves and a Columbia jacket. They don’t say too much about wind chill down here. We had just enough sun this morning for this hike. Rain to roll in this afternoon and snow in the mountains. Last week we saw the snow on the mountains in the distance. First time since we have been down here. My only hope for the new year is good health for us and of course quilting.

Completed clue 6 during our social quilting this past week. 4 of us made it both days. Was fun quilting with a small group. This week’s clue is so cute with neutral strings. I did some extras and had some batik scrap strings so continued with them. Here are the results.

My class several weeks ago with the gals was scrap Vortex. I always keep some leaders and Enders close by to work on and decided to do some extra large mug rugs. Will have to sandwich them and then quilt them.

Finally my hand appliqué project is finished with only the hand quilting to do. I think I will do echo quilting. I think this will be a finish in January. Picked up pattern at a recent vendor quilt show. Most of the project is from batik scraps from last year’s quilting retreat.

Finally my daughters…all together for Christmas and New Years. The highlight was a home Packer Game. They were supposed to be good this year, but that did not happen. But going to the game is always fun. Marine daughter bought school teacher her tickets as Christmas present. They had seats right by the tunnel and got so see a lot of the players up close. It was not a great game, but they had fun.

Left to right…Cherith (nurse), Abigail (Marine) and Hannah (preK/Kindergarten teacher)

Tonight we are having our “Pickleball” friends over for snacks, food and games. Fun way to ring in the year.

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Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year…one filled with lots of quilting!

A little Christmas getaway

Husband wanted to do something different this year. We go a hotel room near Oro Valley near the beautiful Catalina Mountains. Short drive and felt good. Very nice place. The sun was out just long enough to enjoy the hot tub. We enjoyed happy hour looking at the mountains for a bit. It did get quite cool with sun setting.

Rained overnight and early this morning. Scrupulous breakfast and then headed home to be there when our two new recliners came. A little rearranging of furniture. We have carpet that is quite stained and now more noticeable. We have two floor runners that can cover the stains for now. But maybe that was not a good idea as hubby might think we can delay that project. Anyways planning to put some laminate down next year. We do have two oversized end tables that on hubby size are too big. Well now he is thinking we should get smaller tables. We have nice lamps but they are bigger. Hubby found some online around 12″ x 22″ and feels they fit his needs. I am thinking they are too small. Even got a towel laid out with those measurements for a visual. He is quite sold on them. How do you explain size and balance to a guy. He is more functional I guess. We will go out tomorrow to check them out.

This year we are having several couples over for New Years Eve for games and a little eating. I guess hubby’s incentive to update furniture a bit. We like to do a little each year. This will probably be our house and back home will most likely be a rental. But recliners are very nice, a good investment!

We actually have the heat going, cool for AZ standards. I did finish hand quilting on my Grandmother’s flower quilt, washed it and it shrunk up very nice. Actually I am liking it very much and has a new home over our loveseat.

It is far from prefect, but is done and looks nice. I know it is warm from hand quilting it.

Happy Quilting!

Good Fortune mystery-Clue 5

What a neat block! I have done hourglass blocks with the essential ruler, here is a new one. Since I have purchases Bonnie’s ruler, I use it all the time. As I am probably doing a table topper/placemats I have not always done the stated amount of blocks. This clue I did many more as it would make a great border. I was a little worried some of my colors would look Halloween as this one does slightly. So hopefully will fade a bit with final block. Anyway they were fun to do and I again learned something.

The above is a challenge with another quilter doing a panel wallhanging. Just taking scraps and using a panel. I keep changing the design which is ok. You can see in the middle I tested clue 5 with this color palette. I think they will go on top or bottom of this section. I have two sides with smaller panels to do. This is definitely a project that just marinated in this spot. I try to do something every week on it. I would like to finish it in January to give me time to machine quilt. Our challenge is due by April meeting.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have enjoyed our Advent services preparing us for Christmas. The best FREE GIFT every is Jesus and believing in him the gift of Heaven in the future. Our Christmas has changed as we are here in AZ and family back in Wisconsin. Our church family is having a Christmas get together, but we decided to create and do our own tradition down here. Christmas we will do a hike and overnight at a hotel. It seems like this year we are actually going to get cold for Arizona standards and some rain late Christmas, so hopefully we will get that hike in. Traveling to the other side of Tucson. We will attend our church’s Christmas Eve candlelight service later this afternoon.

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Happy Quilting

Good Fortune mystery Clue 4

I have waited several mysteries for string blocks, they finally have come in this mystery. I just love taking pieces or string fabric and making a block or it becoming a block. Now I don’t have much orange in my stash, but found some strings and turns out that I did not have to use some fabric I had purchased for the mystery. While I am making a smaller version of this mystery I made the required number of blocks. I am thinking they can be used in another project when I put together a panel on the Grand Canyon I recently purchased. I made an extra 10 blocks not cut down to mystery size. Orange is such a strong clean color.

Thinking about next year I did purchase Bonnie’s new book String Frenzy and thinking I will work on scraps and string quilts in between my machine quilting.

2019 potential projects

  • Machine quilting
  • Delft Blue by Piecing the Past Quilts’s- blue appliqué
  • Grand Canyon Panel
  • Landscape wallhanging

Meanwhile making good progress on this …my hand appliqué wallhanging.

I will be linking to Bonnie’s Linky party clue 4

Looks like post office will deliver my String Frenzy book today! Looking for ward to this gift to me!

Happy Quilting!

Good Fortune mystery-clue 3

We are three weeks into this mystery. So far a different color per clue. I have enjoyed just returning to the basics and enjoy the process of quilting. I think one can do this by doing smaller amounts of units. I guess less pressure to get them done so to speak. I have tons of other projects so this is allowing me the time do enjoy those as well.

My turquoise is Bonnie’s green. I fell in love with this color and did her Straits of Mackinac block. Now this is a great quilt, but did only 9 blocks. I did not have much turquoise in my stash, but now have a bit more. This mystery I did order a slightly darker color and in my quilt show travels picked up some southwest fat quarters to use in this mystery.

Going back to this block it was one of the blocks I did I think in Celtic solstice and they were not pretty. But I am finding this go around they are much improved. Maybe just a more seasoned quilter. One thing I do know is I have learned so much from Bonnie’s mysteries.

I have enjoyed picking up a few friend bloggers during link ups. So much fun meeting other quilters this way! Fun to see what other projects they are working on and new ideas. I guess the way Bonnie likes for us to all meet up.

I decided and actually ordered her new book, “String Frenzy” and her 2.5 x 6.5 ruler this past Friday. Being on the west coast presently and a bit of a late sleeper I got thru. Such a nice gift to myself, reward for all the mysteries I have done and money towards Quiltville Inn. Maybe someday I might get to attend a quilting adventure at this really cool place.

Good Fortune clue 3 linking

Happy Quilting!

My class for Sunflower quilter

I have followed Crazy mom for some time. I love her ideas and a few years ago did her scrap Vortex sew along. I have a huge quilt that needs to be quilted but I also did an Arizona theme wall hanging using the same technique. In fact I use the main technique everything I sew using blocks often as leaders and Enders during my sewing. I was asked to do a informal class on the technique.

This indeed is a scrap quilt with lots of scraps. I had everyone bring their scraps and we also had some in the quilters stash. It is real easy just sewing scrap squares into pairs. We did this for about 20 minutes. We cut them apart. Gals then took a hand full of their scraps and passed them to the quilter on their right. We had scraps just flying around. The goal was to complete one block. Some enjoyed the process others really like to be in control of their color selections which was fine. Scrap blocks will end up in some quilts, placemats or purses.

It was a fun day with a lot of socializing as well. We actually had rain outside today so good indoor class to do today.

I am also a Bonnie Hunter fan, so I have gotten a later start on today’s 3rd mystery clue but that is fine. I even was up early enough to order her new book “String Frenzy” and also purchased a 2.5 x 6 inch ruler. But I also did a Bonnie Hunter class idea. We took everyone scrap Vortex blocks and placed them down on the floor to admire. They actually looked pretty good together. Enjoy a few of the class pictures.

I did manage a few sample blocks of the Good Fortune mystery and did 3 real blocks. Not a big fan of chevrons, but these seem to be working out and excited to see where the bonus triangles end up in the quilt. Will have more time to work on them tomorrow.

Happy Quilting!