Good Fortune mystery-clue 3

We are three weeks into this mystery. So far a different color per clue. I have enjoyed just returning to the basics and enjoy the process of quilting. I think one can do this by doing smaller amounts of units. I guess less pressure to get them done so to speak. I have tons of other projects so this is allowing me the time do enjoy those as well.

My turquoise is Bonnie’s green. I fell in love with this color and did her Straits of Mackinac block. Now this is a great quilt, but did only 9 blocks. I did not have much turquoise in my stash, but now have a bit more. This mystery I did order a slightly darker color and in my quilt show travels picked up some southwest fat quarters to use in this mystery.

Going back to this block it was one of the blocks I did I think in Celtic solstice and they were not pretty. But I am finding this go around they are much improved. Maybe just a more seasoned quilter. One thing I do know is I have learned so much from Bonnie’s mysteries.

I have enjoyed picking up a few friend bloggers during link ups. So much fun meeting other quilters this way! Fun to see what other projects they are working on and new ideas. I guess the way Bonnie likes for us to all meet up.

I decided and actually ordered her new book, “String Frenzy” and her 2.5 x 6.5 ruler this past Friday. Being on the west coast presently and a bit of a late sleeper I got thru. Such a nice gift to myself, reward for all the mysteries I have done and money towards Quiltville Inn. Maybe someday I might get to attend a quilting adventure at this really cool place.

Good Fortune clue 3 linking

Happy Quilting!


My class for Sunflower quilter

I have followed Crazy mom for some time. I love her ideas and a few years ago did her scrap Vortex sew along. I have a huge quilt that needs to be quilted but I also did an Arizona theme wall hanging using the same technique. In fact I use the main technique everything I sew using blocks often as leaders and Enders during my sewing. I was asked to do a informal class on the technique.

This indeed is a scrap quilt with lots of scraps. I had everyone bring their scraps and we also had some in the quilters stash. It is real easy just sewing scrap squares into pairs. We did this for about 20 minutes. We cut them apart. Gals then took a hand full of their scraps and passed them to the quilter on their right. We had scraps just flying around. The goal was to complete one block. Some enjoyed the process others really like to be in control of their color selections which was fine. Scrap blocks will end up in some quilts, placemats or purses.

It was a fun day with a lot of socializing as well. We actually had rain outside today so good indoor class to do today.

I am also a Bonnie Hunter fan, so I have gotten a later start on today’s 3rd mystery clue but that is fine. I even was up early enough to order her new book “String Frenzy” and also purchased a 2.5 x 6 inch ruler. But I also did a Bonnie Hunter class idea. We took everyone scrap Vortex blocks and placed them down on the floor to admire. They actually looked pretty good together. Enjoy a few of the class pictures.

I did manage a few sample blocks of the Good Fortune mystery and did 3 real blocks. Not a big fan of chevrons, but these seem to be working out and excited to see where the bonus triangles end up in the quilt. Will have more time to work on them tomorrow.

Happy Quilting!

Good Fortune mystery clue 2

I spent a great deal of time looking at others who have linked up on Bonnie’s linking party. I am struck by the numbers who participate and it seems that this year many have decided to change color palette to their taste or to reflect a picture of event of life. Such is the case with me. This will be my sixth mystery! I have purchased her essential ruler that I use as often as I can when composing blocks. Such an accurate tool and time saver.

My colors will reflect a recent spring trip to the Grand Canyon. This weeks clue #2 will change colors from blue to a darker gray/black. One of the many colors we witnessed at sunset.

Clue 2 is the HST. It has become another favorite and goes so well with 4 patches. Many of Bonnie’s blocks have these 2 blocks in them. Ironically I have been working on her leader and ender block “Jewel Box” and had recently cut oodles of half square triangles. More were to come!

Jewel Box squares

Making the HST really demands accurate cutting and then sewing to achieve correct block size. I firmly believe in sample block to check final block. It really cuts down on the trimming. I have learned to do very little trimming if block size is correct.

As I set up my machine I was able to really crank out the triangles. This year I am not doing the full number but half. I have several of her quilts yet to quilt either by hand or machine.

Here are my blocks and look forward to viewing others. For those stopping by welcome! Such a great time to quilt together on Bonnie’s gift to us!

Linking to her Monday party: Clue #2

Happy Quilting!

Good Fortune Mystery clue 1

Friday was the reveal of the first clue one of my favor blocks to make.

This year I will be doing two things different:

  1. I will change my colors to colors during our Grand Canyon trio in spring. Brick reds, turquoise and gray (dark), then using shades of orange and neutrals.
  2. I will not make a quilt. I am so far behind on several quilts that I want to machine quilt. Instead I will make a table topper or table runner and placements. Things I can quilt a little faster.

We will see how that turns out. It will allow me to work on other works in progress.

Here are my four patches…so cute.

I think the key is accurate cutting, finger press seams prior and after spinning seams and a good iron press.

Bonnie Hunter linking PARTY

Hope all are enjoying Bonnie’s wonderful gift to quilters!

Happy Quilting and thanks for dropping by and viewing my blog.

Sunflower scrap Challenge 2

This year our guild is using the theme “Stash Busters”. Challenge 1 was filling a small bag with tiny scraps for kitty beds for local shelter. This will be an ongoing challenge. I have one filled and second one is well on the way. We will see how many I fill this season. Challenge 2 is a scrap string star. Use of muslin for backing, star is a very light green grunge fabric and rest are scraps. Our guild is celebrating 20 yrs, hence the green color. I thought I would do mine as the mystery is coming up and I also want to complete some machine quilting of quilts. Waiting for my sewing machine extended bed which should be here next week as well as my thread stand that did not make the trip down here. I have tried everything but things create too much tension on the tread. So I will wait.

They are bright colors as we might make 2 quilts for our charity Aviva. This is yet to be determined.

LATE ENTRY: looks like Bonnie’s front cover for new book String Frenzy!

Now I have two yellow/black purses cut out and ready to assemble. I might try to tackle those this week.

Found some scraps to fit into my color selection for the Good Fortune mystery to add some interest. Looking forward to making something, quilting it and using it in a short period of time.

I also have a side challenge with a quilting buddy using a panel. I have made some progress on it, so would like to get at least 2 more blocks with special additives. I should have more time to work on this and other UFO’s as I am not making all the mystery blocks. Probably will don1/4 of them. Here is the panel challenge.

Allows me to use Bonnie Hunter’s essential triangle ruler, so much fun!

Happy Quilting!

A time to hand quilt

Last year I was gifted a grandmother’s flower topper from the guild. They got it from a lady on meals on wheels program. Last year I spent removing quilting and backing, adding white to the sides. I picked it up a few weeks ago and added two borders, batting and backing.

They are many fabrics, most not cotton. It is all hand stitched, but not perfect and it really does not lay flat or even square. I decided to stuff some of the flowers with original polyester batting and cotton scraps. Last week I spray based the quilt together and have spent several days doing some hand quilting. I chose a pale green for center quilting and dark purple 1/4 inch around flowers. Overall I am liking the effect. The white areas I added I will add some quilting using hexagons scattered. Not sure what I will do with borders, but thinking I will probably do scalloped edges. Thinking this will be a wall hanging, but quilting it …it is very warm.

Nice project to do at night as I enjoy doing the hand quilting.

So waiting for the Good Fortune next week and the first clue. This year I will again slowly do the clues and enjoy the process. Will also do placemats and table topper.

Today went to a Tucson quilt craft show, mostly vendors but I picked up a few patterns, few southwest fat quarters, a few notions and a panel of 3 scenes of Grand Canyon. I guess overall theme was lots of panels….and some detailed quilting in them to make scenes come alive, would like to try that with what I purchased. I show that at another time, with some of my thoughts.

Happy Quilting this weekend!

Next week will do a little of my challenge project with another gal. Trying to do one – two blocks every week….well until mystery season begins.

AZ day tripin

Last weekend we decided to spread our wings and check out some nearby towns. We had a great time!

First up was Empire Ranch -Cowboy Festival

Empire Ranch Cowboy festival

We ran across this during our search. What a great place! We normally are not down here during this time. We drove to the festival early on Saturday and easily got to it and parking was close by. They even had horse drawn wagons to take you to the entrance if the distance was too far walking. It was a sunny beautiful day!

Our first stop was a cowboy in a horse ring talking about how they train horses. Explained that gentle touches are felt by horses (reins) and they learn what is expected by them by the rider. So interesting and never really thought about it before. They train them on riding tails, avoiding rocks and other issues. Very knowledgeable cowboy.

We traveled to a nearby tent where four cowboys were telling cowboy stories. We kind of missed most of this show. We walked and saw a lot of booths selling various items.

Next up was a ring featuring “Tombstone Vigilantes” doing several skits about people in Tombstone. Very entertaining and informative.

Well we were getting a little hungry so off to the two food trucks, Mexican or chicken/pork barbecue sandwiches. Grabbed a soda and a cowboy cookie for desert. Nice place to sit and eat along with some Cowboy music. They also were very good. We walked thru the actual ranch house which had several items to view.

Additional entertainment was a Calvary division demonstration on a cannon gun. We ended up grabbing some kettle corn and listen to a rancher 80 yrs old talk about ranching when he was you and cattle drives. Also very informative and interesting. We arrived around 10 am and left around 3pm. We learned it was record attendance it did not feel crowed. Seemed even better than places like Old Tucson.

Wine Country

Many years ago we went to a winery on way to Nogales. But now there are many around Elgin AZ. We had picked out one, went in but were basically ignored. Attention to others who were wine tasting. So we left and headed down the road to another. We decided on Kief-Joshua.


We had read a little about this place. We got wine tumblers instead of traditional goblets. Tasted 5 wines but they were a little too dry for our taste. Very nice area to drink wines and again beautiful day.

We then headed to Tombstone were we planned to stay the night. Beautiful view from our hilltop hotel.

Sunday-Tombstone & Kartchner Cave

Kartchner Cave

So first up we saw Boot-hill Cemetery were many outlaws and famous Tombstone people are buried. Was interesting but $3.00. Seemed anything you might want to see cost some money. Walking Tombstone was ok, thinking about all the things that happened here, but we were not that impressed and felt it was too commercialized. We spend maybe an hour and then decided to head to Kartchner Cave State Park about 30 minutes away.

We made reservations for cave tour of Big room for 245pm, so we were very early. We asked about some hiking trails and decided to walk the one around the top of the he caves.

It was about a 3 mile hike, we had left items in car as you cannot take anything into the caves. So we were without water. Luckily it was a bit windy. We made it, but it certainly was not any easy hike. I always need a lot of water, so I was a bit tired. We rehydrated and watched a ranger movie about the caves. Then had a great lunch! I love wraps and prickly pear lemonade. Now I was ready for the cave tour.

James was our guide. We learned about the discovery of the caves as you can read about it per the link. We boarded the tram to take us to the entrance and went thru about 3 steel doors. They are so proactive to keep caves same humidity and temperature. It was about 77 degrees and very humid. We had about 12 in our group. If we touched anything other than the rails it was tagged for clean up latter in the day. We were in the cave about 1hr 45 minutes. No pictures are allowed, but I found a few online. Also a very cool place and wonderful guide. Definitely worthwhile visit.

We had a wonderful time.

Happy Quilting!

Good Fortune Mystery

Yes it is quiltville Mystery season! So fun! This will be my 5th mystery. I have run out of people to make this quilt for and still have three to finish quilting. I also wanted to work on machine quilting more with several tops in waiting.

The mystery is based on Bonnie’s trip to China this year. Well I did visit China back in the 80’s. I just lover her mysteries and the teaching/ learning that takes place. I have learned so much.


So these are great colors and remind me of my first mystery I did Celtic Solstice. Here in AZ I don’t have a great amount of stash. I could use quilters stash, but really have enough projects that I don’t really want to make a big quilt even though this one is smaller.

This past spring we traveled to Sedona and Grand Canyon and loved those colors. I found a picture on Pinterest with some colors and paired them with above colors and decided on choosing the below colors.

So yes I gave in…but I will go with a 1/4 size and make placemats and a table topper. I know she usually ends up with two main blocks, but is might miss the subtle blocks but we will see what happens. So excited as today fabric arrived in main.

I also decided against a really scrappy field, but that is ok. So we will see what happens. A few weeks til the start, plenty of time to work on other things! So are you doing the mystery? Link is below:

Good Fortune Mystery

Happy Quilting!

Sunflower Quilter’s craft fair fundraiser

Quilters have spent over a year creating these treasures. Some are from last year. We had a great variety of items. We had a pricing party. We had a group set up, then gals took 2 hr shifts to sell items and then a clean up group. The hanging quilt was our raffle quilt and was a class given to the group this past spring.

We had a very busy Friday. I was around just to help and observe. Saturday was a bit slow. This is a community craft fair and attendance has been decreasing each year. There are other fairs in Tucson on same weekend. This is really our change to collect money to make more children’s quilts for charity. We are also planning a tea fashion show in spring for the first time. Gals are already making purses.

We did very well. We do have items left. We will have a member inventory sale next week. Remaining items will be given back to owners or saved for a future event.

Some of my takeaways were the following:

  1. We needed more space to display items.
  2. Better control of items being made.
  3. Identify best sellers and requests.
  4. Southwest/AZ theme, Christmas and fall items grouped together.
  5. Possibly entertain Table captains to control amount of items and given one of the above themes and add miscellaneous.
  6. Limit table runners to themes.
  7. Limit number of quilts unless able to display differently.
  8. Clear tags with item and cost. General clean up of older display tags.
  9. We did use business cards for gals to pass out.

I will think about this and ask group for their feedback. Overall went well but has room for improvement and a new vision.

Up next…did I fall for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery……

Happy Quilting!

SAJOU mini’s

Our Sunflower quilters always have a large amount of donated fabrics. Just love going thru them and combining several different fabrics. Humble Quilts had a great mini quilt QAL. Decided to do two as it had been some time since I did some sewing of blocks. Love the result. I am trying to practice my machine quilting so I am thinking one will be machine quilted and the other hand quilted for a side project to do in the evenings. I would donate them to our craft fair, but we have loads of mini quilts or wall hangings. The fair is my next weekend project as I am chair.

Linking party

I have returned to some machine quilting doing 1.5 rows on a charity quilt. My plan is to practice different quilting each row. The rows are long enough that by then end it is looking pretty good. I guess practice…practice is needed. But fun to do.

My next decision is the upcoming Bonnie Hunter mystery. I love her mysteries and learn so much. I might just do a few blocks and do maybe placemats or table topper. We will see if that happens. The excitement always pulls you in. I do have some other mysteries that need quilting.

Happy Quilting this weekend!

Enjoying AZ once again…

We have been here just about 3 weeks. Everything closed just fine on the Condo. We had a lovely visit with our Marine daughter, continues in schooling and hopes to graduate in February. We have actually had a lot of rain and some of our dried bushes have beautiful purple flowers. Our irrigation went out last year, but most of scrubs are very well established. With rain comes the weeds but not as bad as years past. We invested in solar and had it installed in September and activated when we arrived. Pretty cool how it works and offsets our real usage. Of course we want to bank watts for summer when we have the air conditioner running. We also spotted one baby scorpion in the bathroom. With all the rain we also are experiencing mosquitoes. But we love the warmer days and cooler evenings, keeping our bedroom screen door open to cool down the house.

Getting back to some quilting after a cleaning of the house. Rearranged my quilting things and set up my machine in dining room with our counter high table returning to sewing standing up. I have finished a rainfall Christmas quilt which I will machine quilt and probably will be next years raffle quilt. Also finished two mini quilts. No pictures yet. Getting ready for our quilters craft fair and we have just loads of cute things to sell. We also probably have enough purses for our spring tea/purse fashion show.

Back to regular hiking at our favorite spots. Started up pickleball mostly playing with spouse. He is very good, so he serves, it hit it a few times, he gets most of the points. I am more interested in slowly getting back with using back muscles that have not been used and getting back eye coordination with hitting return ball. Not quite ready for playing real game yet, but just two on two smaller court and accuracy is more important. Maybe in a few weeks.

That is all for now,

Happy Quilting to all!

Is summer over???

Looks like we turned the calendar to September. Here in Wisconsin we have had a lot of rain. Some areas are saturated. Hoping for some dry weather.

We have continued our hunt for our next Wisconsin home. We actually have three properties in mind. Two are at top limit of budget and one at lower end. We continue to look at everything on the market. One property is 9 acres of organic fruit and such. Lovely home but we wonder if this would be too much for us. Another property lovely house but seller continues to work on things so wonder if he will ever finish. Both are at top of budget. Lower cost one has a few missing things on our list but we could move right in. It also is out in nowhere land as are the other two. We return to the thought that this is our abode for a few months and really has to be something that does not require much maintenance when we are gone or even present. We have toured apartments and they just don’t seem right. We have gravitated to a cute town with lots of entertainment and a place where we can exercise in a club. We have two possible rentals for two months prior to returning to Az. But both pending any long term leases would knock us out. The. We would have to head to AZ. Most things would then be put into storage and we would continue looking. Just so much to consider for us both. I know that the Lord will guide us and everything will work out.

In the mean time we have lots going on. This weekend to a favorite place LaCrosse for a riverboat paddlewheel pizza cruise which was fun. We think it might be fun to do a Mississippi River cruise. Next weekend is our Waterloo Wiener and Kraut weekend and following weekend a real Packer game.

We have moved closing to the 26th. I think major decisions will be made in next two weeks. A lot of packing done, some yet to go. Long term, a few things if we stay for two months and then closing and going directly to AZ.

I have put quilting on hold for now. I have two to three quilts I can machine quilt in 2 months. Rest will be put into long term storage.

The RN daughter flew to AZ to meet Marine Sister. Marine sister is picking out her car and driving it back to base, but not before taking her sister to Grand Canyon and Sedona.

I guess our house is too hot and they cannot swim at our community pool due to rule changes as we need to be present. So they will check in to motel for their remaining days. Of course Marine needs to be back on base lat Monday, she will be driving 10 hours. RN flying home on Wednesday.

So in closing will show some of their pictures. Thanks for reading, just want to document this process. I am sure it will be fun to review weeks or months later.

Happy Quilting!

Accepted offer…hold on quilting

This is exactly how hubby and I feel! It is a cash offer which also is great. We have been looking at places and entertaining a variety of options over the past few months. Now the decisions come.

Our last view was a very cute log cabin ranch that had most of our checklist items. It is in a remote place and different area to get to know. It is tempting. Lately a few homes look great but basements not so much. We looked into apartments, but that did not feel right and certainly not private enough for hubby. There is a furnished place but needs to be finished by end of September. We are waiting for confirmation that we could stay there.

Then of course is packing. That task has started along with a little more downsizing. Quilting items also most packed expect for a few things I could work on before heading to AZ. Most would go into large storage trailer until next year. We would have to have somethings to use while in furnished place. Also we need to have room for all those things to AZ in car.

So currently on the fence as to our next steps. Heading to AZ early is also on the list, but we have tickets to a show with two of our daughters just after Thanksgiving which would mean flying back.

We had our condo inspection yesterday while we kayaked across the lake to our favorite beer/pizza place. Perfect day for doing that. I had wrote a note of things to know for the buyers and they wrote back a very nice note as well.

Next few weekends will be fun stuff, WisconsinDells waterpark as it will return to warm and humid again. LaCross trip for a Pizza Cruise on old paddle wheel boat. Weiner and Kraut weekend back at our old place. So fun!

It is possible we will not have a place and may need to just wait until next spring for home shopping, but also creates issues with a permanent address for stuff. We still want to maintain our primary residence in WI.

Marine daughter and RN daughter are meeting up in AZ. She got approved leave over Labor Day to get her car. Well she or they are putting some miles on it. She is taking her sister to Grand Canyon, Sedona, six flags Phoneix and they driving back to TX base. Good thing the military does not have a tracker on her. But they will have fun!

Many-be today will do something Quilty. I did find some yarn so finally finishing up some slippers for my dad and working on a baby blanket in baby blue color.

Happy Quilting!