Today we constructed our fourth block in the mystery. Everyone is having so much fun. It is even better seeing all the different fabrics used by the gals. I wanted to share this block with those of you wanting to follow along.

Preppy Plaid


As I was writing up this lesson I really did not know the true name of this block. By this time you can probably notice my color theme. I have never had much aqua in my stash and a recent fabric purchase allowed me to choose several. I see in this block I actually have a plaid fabric! I am sure we all have worn some plaid in our days, even the young folk wear plaids-country singers influence I guess.

I really like this block as it goes together like a log cabin block and by turning it in different directions there are so many possibilities a very cool quilt.


You will need the following:

Fabric B: (24) 2” x 3.5” rectangles

Fabric C: (24) 2” x 5” rectangles

Fabric D: (12) 2” squares and (12) 3.5” squares

Fabric E: (12) 2” squares

Let’s begin with laying out all our pieces in the block.

Take the larger square and sew it to the multicolored strip.

Press to square

The take the top multicolored strip and sew to red block.

Press to square

Sew the light rectangle to the completed square you just made.

Press to the square

Take the other light rectangle and sew to other smaller square.

Press to smaller square

See below picture

Above block should measure 6.5” unfinished.

We will make 12 blocks for the mystery quilt.

This month’s Bonus Block

For bonus blocks pick any fabric

Fabric A: (1) 2.5” x 6.5”

Fabric B: (1) 2.5” x 6.5”

Fabric C: (1) 2.5” x 6.5”

Sunflower quilter’s blocks

I did not get everyone’s block. We had about 6 gals in class today and a few that just stopped by to do just one block.

After laying things out everyone was able to sew the block without issues.

Next month will be two blocks, March we will do the center block and assembly of quilt will be revealed!

Quilters will have the remainder of month to put blocks together prior to our business meeting for the group reveal. I want to get outdoor pictures of everyone’s creation.

Happy Quilting!

Mirana Quilt design by Linda Holzhueter prepared for Sunflower Quilters Members 2017-2018.


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