This is my sewing area here in AZ. The sun is shining after a few days of clouds. First snow fall on Mt. Lemon. Daughter had to drive and take a few pictures.

I guess winter has come to Arizona, but still love the sun and warmer temperatures to do some outdoor walking.

Back to the mystery, this clue was fun to do. I guess I cut out too many aqua squares, will hold on to them as might need them in the future one never knows. I really like the browns and aquas. I have three charity quilts ready for pinning this week and I sewed a few backs for them. I had a bit of a cold so skipped quilting this week as I did not want to spread it. I did work on the cathedral windows pattern and was able to finish it and crest it’s back as well.

This is also a fun pattern using 2.5 inch strips. I just picked out some scraps from the quilters stash and it turned out very nice.

In the first picture you can see my borrowed featherweight. It was making some noise with sewing so I got some lube and oil and cleaned it up. Runs real nice now. Picked up a guide and thread holder for my large cone of thread. Today got some polish and she looks real fine. The quilt you see in the chair is mid machine quilted and want to finish it up this week. May have to wait til Thursday to get some material of binding. I have one other quilt that is ready to sew blocks into rows, but will hold off on that so I can get some machine quilting down between the mystery. I think I have about 4-5 more Quilts I made that need backing and machine quilting.

Will be linking up: Clue 4

Happing Quilting!


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