Today we transversed accross Kentucky and ended up southern part of Missouri. I now remember that the reds and oranges are beautiful in this area. Even areas where there is bare trees, the gray colors against these colors would make a wonderful painting. We traveled mostly on interstate, but a short bit on the above Missouri Highway after we crossed the Mississippi River. These lanes are quite tight and we even saw semis on these roads.

Then we came accross fields of these. Cotton fields. Even saw some on roads and then rolled up in rolls like we have hay rolled up. I told my spouse they grow their own cotton for all the quilt shops they have in Missouri.  After we reached our destination we had some strands on windshield and he said here is some thread. 😳

Today was a 6 hour drive with a backup near Lexington for about 45 minutes. Tomorrow is almost 9 hours. We hit the tolls in Oklahoma. When we stopped for gas gots some quarters to add to our dime collection. Final destination is Elk City. Looks like we are escaping the cold weather settling down in  the Midwest. Hopping to catch some 80’s in Tucson in a few day. 
Enjoying the ride and have not done any quilting maybe tomorrow. So far back is doing well. (10 weeks post lumbar fusion)

Happy Quilting to all


One thought on “Traveling while catching last few colors of Autumn 

  1. Lovely colors. How fortunate to be traveling at this time of year through there. There are some beautiful drives in KY, off the interstate, but it would probably have added about an hour to your day’s driving. I saw them in August, and I plan to go back again another time when I have no place I have to be at a particular time. It was SO beautiful!

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