Today we left cold Wisconsin. And have arrive in Lawrenceburg, IN. We had an eight hour drive today stoping two times to stretch out my back. It did very well and just icing it a bit when we got to our hotel. Back in Wisconsin we still have a few yellow leaves on our birch tree. It has been cooler and some rain so I have not been walking too much. We were able to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner at a local church with my parents yesterday. Later we packed up the Prius and everything fit. I am going to leave more down there this year. 

Drive was unremarkable. The usual construction areas, but made very good time. We had a little sunshine but mostly clouds. I guess this area got lots of rain last night. You could see it in the fields. As we are Packer fams, relaxing watching the Pack tonight. We hope our backup quarterback will shine tonight. Should be a good game.

Tomorrow we will visit the Creation Museum. This will be our second trip there. We are looking forward to Noah’s Ark experience the following day. 

So a few frequent blogs to document our travels. 

Happy Quilting

Recent picture of Abi, training in Tucson. She is in back row on the left fourth one over. Girl below her is shipping out with her in April. Has daily PT with Master Drill Sargent ( the one with sunglasses). Needs to improve on pushups. ( off weekends)


3 thoughts on “On the road again…

  1. Your post leaves me wanting to hop in the truck and drag the 5th wheel down the road. Unfortunately, I no longer have either one. If you have a minute, tell me your thoughts on the Prius and how economical it really is or isn’t. Thanks!


    1. We love our Prius. This is a second one for us. We sold our first to our future marine daughter because she needed a car during her real estate adventure. She has driven all over AZ and to San Diego plus we have had several long trips. That was a 2001. You tend to get better mileage in the city as it uses more battery power than gas. We got our second one in AZ this past spring. Nice improvements and we easily get over 50 miles per gallon. Seems more solid and don’t notice the wind when driving. Handles well with passing, they improved the blind spot which is probably the only thing negative. Just had to double check each time. It hold a lot, moved all girls to college and this will be third trip to AZ completely packed. We had no mechanical issues


    2. Mechanical issues. We both love it and especially when gas prices start rising. Usually over 500miles before filling up.


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