Greetings to all. I have had the sewing machine packed for our trip to AZ this winter. We are going earlier this year. Good thing as winter has arrived here in Wisconsin. This time has allowed me to do some hand stitching and quilting. I have 12 Dutch treat blocks sewen. Good progress on my hand Quilting night project. Today was the fabric color reveal of the up coming Bonnie Hunter Mystery….”On Ringo Lake” with aqua, brown, melon and neural fabrics. So quickly pulled fabric from my stash to pack on the trip. I will not do a full size but probably half. Thinking about doing one half size for charity but in different colors. We will see.

This year I volunteered to do a Mystery Quilt via BOM format. So the group in AZ will be doing this as this year’s challenge. I actually played with the pattern on patternjam, but it is no longer active.  I do have the directions and class directions so. I will share this on this blog. So you can have fun along with them.

Sunflower Quilters

2017-2018 Challenge

So are you ready for this year’s quilt challenge? Well this challenge is something we are doing for the first time. As quilters we like to have a project in mind, the fabrics we might wish to use and of course the time to complete the project. You are in luck this year, as we are ( sort of) going to do some of this “quilter’s work”. 

Colors- The colors for this challenge are up to you. However there is one rule. One fabric color must be from the first initial in your name. Example: Linda- lime, lavender, or whatever you come up with. The rest of the color palate can be from your own choosing. 

I would recommend a focus fabric and 4-6 coordinating fabrics; a few lights and few darks for contrast.

This year we are returning to “basics”. We have several new members/ quilters and this challenge is perfect for them to develop their quilting skills. For those of us that are a bit more experienced it is always good to review some skills but in a fun way.

Challenges are designed to make us go out of our “comfort” zone.

Time… if planned in advance, one can create great things.

We hope that you are as excited as we are in presenting this challenge.

This year’s challenge is called “Mirana Quilt”. Here are some additional details.

This is a Mystery BOM quilt. 

One layout is 42”x 42” will use 49 blocks. Blocks will be 6.5 unfinished.

Members can decide monthly how many blocks they want to make. So you will determine your own size!

Bonus blocks will provided each month and can also be can be put into this quilt. These blocks are a little more challenging based on the month’s lesson.

Each month a quilting day will be set aside to construct the BOM. 

Members will be given cutting instructions one week prior to class.

Cutting instructions will be for one block, members have the choice of deciding how many blocks they wish to make. 

All blocks are 6.5 unfinished (6 inches finished).

Class day, the block(s) will be revealed.

Goals for this challenge:

construct basic quilt blocks

members decide how many blocks to sew each month

sew all blocks together ( a flimsy)

Members will share their Mirana Quilt at the April meeting. Members can finish their quilts at their leisure ( after April meeting) as it is NOT NECESSARY for them to be quilted and finished.

Quilter’s Tip: You are in control of this challenge. We want to do something different, no matter your skill level YOU can do this! By sewing blocks each month, in the end we all will have a unique quilt!


 Mirana prepared for Sunflower Quilters Members 2017-2018

I will post cutting instructions and block directions next time.


The final quilt is about 42″ x 42″

Fabric A: 3/4 yard

Fabric B: 5/8 yard

Fabric C: 5/8 yard

Fabric D: 7/8 yard (this is the neutral)

Fabric E: 3/4 yard

Backing: 1 3/4 yards

Binding: 3/8 yard

There is no yardage for borders is you want to make the quilt larger

Happy Quilting!


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