My mystery progress

I have finished clue one, but I always make a few more. I limited myself to do about 10 a day and leave time to work on other projects. Actually I like doing this as you work little by little each day and are not rushed to complete them. I guess enjoy the process of each block. I really like the size of these blocks and they are so cute. They look a little blue but they are aqua. Some I. The mystery have used other colors which are also interesting.

I will be linking up to Bonnie’s link up page. Link up clue one

I have continued to work on a charity quilt. I decided to use the 9 patches for a border. This is as far as I have gotten.

I think I will still add one final solid border alternating the green and blue solid fabrics and using 4 extra 9 patches on the corners. Then it will be a nice size quilt for a child. After sewing this one up will do some machine quilting.

Today got my week 12 post fusion X-rays. To me they look fine. They are off to the neurosurgeon for review. My hope is to have most restrictions lifted. Would like to get back to some light weight lifting for my upper body strength, need my quads and hamstrings to get stronger before hitting the hiking trails. I think my goal would be Christmas week.

Friend stopped by during our outdoor lunch…..

I think today is the last 90 degree day, cooling to the upper 70’s…that is fine by me.

Welcome to the “On Ringo Lake” Mystery quilters..

Happy Quilting!


On Ringo Lake- my Mystery progress

Well it is that time of the year for those who follow Bonnie Hunter. Each year she graciously shares a quilt mystery with her followers. This will be my 5th year and I always learn something new. The first clue was released today, cute little 9 patches.

Today was social quilting so I cut my strips so I can sew them at home. Also did some pressing on a quilt in progress. I decides to add a 4.5 inch border and will plan on adding 9 patches as final border.

I have learned that this mystery is not a race but to learn and enjoy the process. Today I aimed for accuracy and pressing. Would like my quilts to lay flatter for quilting. I think I will plan on machine quilting this one. It is an oversized twin so maybe I can handle that. I kept the same colors as Bonnie selected, actually purchased aquas this past spring something I had very little of. I am joint to use my stash and refrain from purchasing fabric.

These blocks are real cut. I did 20 blocks today and will do 10 each day due to my recovery from back surgery. Still want to do my exercises and walking prior to quilting. Today taking a later walk as it is quite warm. Plus I can work on two other toppers. I also have some machine quilting for a quilt recently pinned by the gals that I made.

Sharing the mystery link: Clue 1

Happy Quilting!

Kitchen dinning area converted to my AZ sewing room.

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Just wanted to check in and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We went to afternoon services yesterday and it was a wonderful service singing favorite hymns. Devotion was that we have everything in the world, yet we go for Black Friday deals that people will forget or do not need. We are thankful for Jesus and will spend eternity in heaven.

This being our first Thanksgiving we had a turkey breast with all the sides. Saved the bones for soup. Made even make some homemade noodles. Beautiful day here in Az. Upper 80’s and sunny. Just finished my evening walk. So icing the back, but able to do most of the dinner cooking.

My husband, hates photos but will not see it here.

My niece helped create Olof in South Dakota, so excited to see it at the beginning of the parade.

No Black Friday shopping for me. Will raid the quilters stash and cut out first clue of Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mirana Mystery Block 2

The gals in our guild had a great time putting their blocks together. So much so they wanted wanted to continue, but it is a mystery quilt that goes on for a few months. This next block builds off the last block.

I am going to put cutting instructions along with the block. QST or hourglass blocks.

Jan here is showing off her completed block.


Cut six – 7 1/4 squares from each fabric.

We begin with our squares placing them right sides together. We then mark a line 1/4 off the center just as we did with our previous HST. Sew on this line and cut down the middle.

After pressing ( to the dark side) we then position the blocks as below.

Then do the same marking as HST and cut.

Each above square will yield two blocks.

I did a total of 12 blocks. I like to spin my centers.

Here are some more pictures of our members….

Happy Quilting!

Mirana Quilt Mystery BOM – Block 1

½ Square Triangle Blocks


Today we will construct 2 blocks- both blocks will measure 6.5 unfinished.

  • ½ square triangle blocks (HST)
  • Hourglass blocks

Lesson: ½ Square Triangle blocks

  • ½ square triangle block is one of the most basic units in quilting.
  • It is also referred to as either ‘HST’ or triangle square.
  • These units are a simple square made from 2 equal triangles.
  • The bias seam is contained within the edges of the unit for stability during construction.
  • All outside edges are on the straight of grain.
  • You will make 2 at a time.


We will begin with 2 squares. Place them right side to right side. I like to give them a good pressing at this point.


Make a line from corner to corner.

Then mark a line ¼ from that line on each side. (This will be your sewing line.) However I sew just to the side of the line, so when you fold the triangle the fold will be directly on the line. If you prefer I sometimes just draw the 2 sewing lines and line up the ¼ inch line down the center of the block. See below.

The above you can see my stitching line and then my cutting line.

Here is the completed block.

I trim off the “dog ears”.

Block will be 6.5” unfinished.

Continue makings many blocks as you wish.

For my quilt I made 8 blocks.

My Sunflower Quilters will be making this block tomorrow.

Happy Quilting

My “Mirana Mystery” quilt BOM

Last spring I designed a quilt and presented it to our Sunflower quilters activity director. She thought it would be a great mystery quilt and simple BOM. We have several new quilters to the group and the blocks are back to basics. These gals do a challenge every year, so this is this year’s challenge. We added a little twist that one of the fabrics must come from an initial of your first name. (LIME-Linda)

I actually sewed the quilt last spring and finished quilting it this summer. My quilt has several fabrics and while I love it, I think it would be better with 5 fabrics. I had sent the 5 color quilt with cutting directions to our activity director and she by mistake sent them out to the group. I guess they all had their colors picked and I am now afraid everything is cut out, which is fine. My original plan was to send out cutting directions month by month a week prior to class and then class would be to assemble the block. With our group some ladies may not want to do the whole quilt, but participate with each block. So I developed excel sheets with 1 block option and another option if you wanted to do the whole quilt 42×42. That is what you will be below.

The colors mentioned are the colors in the cutting instructions to match my original quilt design. I have attached numbers to those colors.

  • 1-Red
  • 2-Blue
  • 3-Green
  • 4-Yellow
  • 5-Multi-colored

You can use the above or substitute your own colors but mark your fabric although I really don’t think it matters.

This quilt does not use any special rulers. Measuring and cutting accurate is important as is checking you quarter seam allowance. All blocks are 6.5 inches unfinished and 6 inches finished.

This pattern I designed in Patternjam and I see they are making a come back. They also have a Facebook page until website is up.

Color to match cutting instructions

If you want to add 1/4 to the block ( prior to sewing/cutting) then you can trim down to correct measurement.

Class 1

Block 1A

Fabric A

(5) 6 7/8″ square

Fabric B

(5) 6 7/8″ square

You will be making total of 8 blocks

Block 1B

Fabric A


(6) 7 1/4″ squares

Fabric B

5- Multi-color

(6) 7 1/4″ squares

You will be making total of 12 blocks

Bonus Block ( just another block or blocks if you wish to add to quilt)

Fabric A


(2) 3 7/8″ squares

Fabric B


(2) 3 7/8″ squares

The above makes 1 Block

Happy Quilting

Arrival in AZ and so warm!

We arrived on Sunday and just taking a few days to settle in. We arrive and record high for next two weeks due to high pressure off Baha. Sure feels nice. Sitting in our cover backyard enjoying the gentle breezes. Out outdoor plants/ scrubs and cacti have grown. Apparently did not get much monsoon rains, but hot. The original water heater died so we are waiting to get that replaced tomorrow. Daughter who has been watching house commented that that was the coldest shower ever. We got suspicious and figured out no hot water and pilot light could not be lit.

Some of our projects here are to look at our landscaping and get our prickly pear cacti out. We also have some huge agave that need to go. We also need to look at our irrigation as some of our flowering plants look a little dry. Our plan is when and if it goes out to proceed with xeriscape. We have some lovely scrubs, but they require some maintenance. They will stay for now. We will focus outdoors and maybe following year replace our living and bedroom carpet. As some point get an elevated toilet for master bath. Our air conditioner is original and soon that may need to be replaced, so always have that in mind.

I am glad I am farther along post lumbar fusion. I have about 2 weeks until my final X-ray, then my restrictions should be lifted. I admit I have been doing a bit more, especially with a house but remain careful. I returned to my walking program and that combined with some unpacking did stress my back a bit. Ice and rest helped. This morning I walked a little farther and felt good. Hamstrings and quads are so tight. It is warm enough to use the pool so plan on getting there today or tomorrow for a little pool walking.

Thursday and Friday I return to the Sunflower quilters and begin my BOM Mystery Quilt. I will post the directions to this blog. Going to make a separate blog entry for that.

I know the rest of the country is dealing with winter, I am so blessed that we were able to retire early, have a home in AZ and enjoy being more active in next few months here.

Happy Quilting