Autumn in the air..Christmas?

My least favorite thing about quilting is sewing the rows. Not sure why. I really like these 16 patches and have several left over for matching pillowcases. Sewing the main rows I took my time. Thank goodness triangles were oversized so made sewing and trimming easier. I had just enough white on white fabric and while I was going to make sashing strips green I did not have enough material, so back up was this tan color which I prefer. 

Now this quilt started out with a burgundy floral material with coordinating fabrics, soon turned into more of a Christmas quilt which will go on my AZ bed, hopefully by next Christmas. I will begin handquilting when I return from winter in AZ. (unless I can sneak it into the car), but probably not as we usually have a packed car going down despite all our clothes being down there. We have some things set aside that have waited 2 yrs now. A few Christmas items coming down as we think we will always spend  Christmas down there.

Fish Fry today..celebrating my Dad’s 82 birthday and spouse is helping with raking leaves. Something I cannot do this year. Each day is better for me. Just having a hard time falling asleep. Then I tend to sleep later.

Fall my favorite time of year! 

Happy Quilting


4 patches to 16 oh my…

I have to admit I love 4 patches. Sewing strips and then sub cuts. I have returned to “Red and Refreshing” quilt.  These are the blocks I have left to do. Trying to pace mayself with my back fatigue. Finished sewing the strips, and sub cuts this morning and this afternoon sewed the 4 patches and pressed them. I do have more than I need, but I may make some matching pillows. I looked at the directions and if I would have read them more clearly I am trimming them down to 2.5″ blocks. I would have cut the strips differently and saved on this step. I see trimmings sometimes as a waste. Anyway I am playing with 4 blocks to make the 16 block. So trimming in groups of ten, then not so bad. The. I see that these are inside another block. But thinking I will do all of them prior to that step. I still have to do then “inners” of the quilt sewing rows on the diagonal. ( hate sewing rows). I have dug up some more neutral fabrics and may change the colors of the sashings. 

I have the month of October to work on this quilt. Tempting to bring to AZ, but thinking I will try to get as far as possible and leave it behind. I will have enough things to do down there. May do the summer QAL with quilters stash. This quilt my husband says looks like a Christmas quilt, so maybe I can have it done by next year and have it on our AZ bed. October has lots of little things going on and is my favorite time of year. Today we are getting some rain, seems as if it has been quite some time. 

So resting the back now and doing some hand quilting. So relaxing! 

Happy Quilting!

New(old) machine testing, new quilt top

This is from Moda Bake shop -Cartweels Quilt pattern. 

I had some quilter’s fabric, a simple quick pattern and a machine to try out. I got my mom’s old Elna 6004 a few weeks ago. Pretty nice machine, quieter than my Brother. I also used some of my old singer attachments as both are low shank machines. Pretty happy with results and very fun to do. I think we will use this as a community quilt along. Blocks I believe were 8.5 unfinished. Liked the final border. So will pack this up to take to AZ for backing and pinning.

I spent the week doing some sample blocks for my BOM, mystery quilt for the Sunflower Quilters. I think this will be fun for the group. Will begin in November and reveals at our business meeting in April. All blocks will be the same, members pick out how many to make. We are having members pick one fabric color based on letter in their name. Linda-lime green. I will post this as it presented to the quilters. 

Happy Quilting:)

Quilting along…

This weekend I packed up my regular sewing machine for the trip back to AZ. My mom has given me her old Elna 6004 which I will keep here so wanted to do a bit of sewing on her. Nice machine, much quieter than my Brother. The above is a great pattern from Moda Bake shop “cartwheels quilt” a super easy one. This one would be great for our guild to do charity/community quilt. 2.5″ strips, cutting at 4.5″ and sewing two different blocks. I am short two blocks for the last row, but very cute and fast. I changed the background to a print. I certainly would do another one. Laid out the blocks and will sew them together this week. So another flimsy to bring down.

After this flimsy I will work on some hand quilting. Sewing, cutting and assembly has helped in my recoperation. I continue to do my daily walking and I am off all pain meds with occasional icing. Each day feeling improvement. Will be nice to get rid of these scabs…

We are enjoying some nice fall days. Too bad we cannot kayak, calm waters, but will do that next year. 

That is all for now…

Happy Quilting.