Design finish…

Finished this up today. I think I will add a border to it to make it a bit larger. You can see we have green grass and was windy today in Wisconsin. In fact hot and humid, at least for two days and then back to the 50-60’s. 

I felt a bit better this afternoon so cleanup my sewing area and finished unpacking some of the things I took to AZ. I have a new project to cut out a gift from my mom…Chinese Coins. It has some batik fabrics.

Visit to orthopedic MD reviewed my MRI. I guess I have L4-5 facet joint syndrome, with a cyst also in the area. Facets do have arthritis, worse on the left. So not sure which is causing the pain, most likely the facets although cyst is closer to the nerves. So planning on having a facet joint injection next Monday. Was hoping for this Thursday, but have not heard that they can do it. Looks like if this helps the pain it is tha facets. If not then the cyst. Today I actually took acetaminophen as I have to be off Motrin and aspirin. The back/ leg felt better, but pain returned when med wore off. Well hopefully this will decrease any inflammation and I can return to my activities.

Hello to all and Happy Quilting!


3 thoughts on “Design finish…

  1. The horse quilt is a beauty! I hope the injections end the pain and you don’t have to go to whatever the next step is.


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