Charity quilt progress -1

Made a little progress on this quilt. So far I am liking it. Playing around with the top and bottom corners with different fabrics. Today did a bit more sewing…more of distraction therapy for my back/leg pain. But early afternoon had to stop and did a little reading. I had my MRI yesterday. Since I got a CD of the pictures I was able to view them.  Being a nurse I can look at the picture, use the internet and I can maybe self diagnose. Well I will wait until Monday.

Wanted to share a few pictures of the added additions I mentioned to the Allietarecherith quilt. Very pleased with them.

Now Cherith does not like spiders but she loves cats…so perfect!

Had two visitors and one seems a bit interested in my homemade leaves on a stick….well they are orange.

Happy Quilting!


4 thoughts on “Charity quilt progress -1

    • Thanks, it is fun doing this. Love playing with these very simple blocks that in just the right setting provides great impact to the quilt.

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    • One of the more experience quilters had that fabric and gave it to me, knowing that I would come up with something. It is a great fabric and other material is some of their (quilters) old stash that I wanted to use up for them. They then can purchase some more children’s fabric to expand their stash. The cat idea I found on Pinterest. Thanks


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