Charity quilts

Our Sunflower quilters do a lot of quilts, pillowcases and bags for Aviva. Our guild has a wonderful selection of fabric to make these items. Since we have an over abundance of nickel squares we are make it several quilts. I picked theee color schemes. Pink/green, yellow/ blue and green/orange. These quilts go together very fast. I have two partly done and will wait until later next week to match some solid fabric to these quilts. The green and organs one I will do back in Wisconsin. My hope is to get these pinned and take back to machine quilt. 


Meadow Mystery quilt

I also grabbed some fabric so I could to this mystery. I was able to finish 5 12 inch blocks and have 8 more to make then I am ready to assemble this mystery. So lucky to have a featherweight sewing machine on loan from fellow quilter. It is so fun to sew on. I don’t have pictures of this quilt, but I think I will wait until I lay the blocks out. 

Here is a link if interested Meadow Mystery

As it was a beautiful day, I spent the afternoon hand quilting “Allietarecherith”. I have two more sides to finish on the border and it is done! Hope to show this next month during our show and tell. I really love this quilt. 

I have to get a picture of the back as it also is cute…nursing fabric. This quilt has wool batting, wonderful to quilt and it will be a warm quilt as it also has fannel on the back.

Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Quilting


One thought on “Charity quilts

  1. Your charity quilts look so interesting! I look forward to seeing the finishes. Congratulations on your Hunter quilt, too.


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