Watercolor quilt progress

Last year began cutting 1.5×4 strips for this project. Last week we did some sewing of blocks, light to dark in values and finding those perfect color combinations. I spend two days sewing blocks during quilting class time. Spent a day last weekend sewing the light value blocks together and today added medium blocks some started setting the dark blocks. I made mine a little bigger and after placing the solid triangles on the corners may added a log border along with a piano key border. So we will see it I get that far. Here are some pictures to enjoy. This is a Sunflower Quilter class.

So I was about 25 blocks short and will need to see them and mix up the dark ones a bit before completing this step.

Happy Quilting


3 thoughts on “Watercolor quilt progress

    • Thanks it is fun to do. Currently working on the darks and the side dark triangles.


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