Abi arrives, transition to AZ and a bit of quilting

Well it has been an interesting week. Abi made it safely and has been spending the week with us. We went apartment hunting and found a nice place within her budget (or the budget we made). While this is an exciting time getting her first apartment it does come with responsibilities and financial foresight. We are going to make sure she has enough for seven months, but added expenses she will need to pay for via a little cash advancement until she gets a job. She quickly unloaded her car full of things into her apartment and tomorrow we are giving her our sofa,matching chair and a queen size blow up mattress. So many of the other things she sees as necessarities,we see as things you could do without. But then she puts on the pouting face…. So in some respects it will be good for her to move into apartment and get on with school starting on Monday. She will have internet and cable here and of course food, so I am sure we will see her before we leave. I guess we are a safety net for four more weeks. We have enjoyed hiking with her except today my sciatica was bad so I finished up some hand quilting. She thought she could hike to top of peak, but realized there was a deep ravine to go down and up. 

The above is made from quilters scraps from a raffle quilt. I hand sewed the entire quilt and also hand quilted it. This will be my challenge presented at our last quilters meeting in April.

Update on my acupuncture treatments, not seeming to work very well. I do have a calcified mass ( fibroid) via X-ray in uterus that could be the cause, so I am thinking it might be the origin. I will have to follow up on this upon returning to WI. We have only 4 more weeks here, that is a long time but probably not enough time do any intervention. 

I also finished up another scrap quilt miniature scraps from a member. So I have my projects completed. May look at one of the BOM and start some of those with some of the charity fabric I am bringing home.

We also saw movie Beauty and the Beast….very good. 

Happy Quilting ….for us a moving day tomorrow.


Sunflower Travel Club-Laughlin, NV

This year we noticed an interesting trip to Laughlin! NV. Dan loves Buddy Holiey and there is a tribute to him and a winter dance that we will be attending this evening.

Our coach bus left Sunflower yesterday at 8am. We guess it has been close to 25 yrs since we rode a bus. Seems like a airplane, fasten seat belts, air controllers, seats same and a bus load of great people. 

We stopped in Wickenburg,AZ a cute little western town for lunch. The Horseshow cafe quite a hoot of a place. Good food and great service. We also had time to stretch our legs a bit. 

We are staying at the Aquarius in Laughlin along the Colorado river. Nice hotel/casino. We don’t gamble. Room is comfortable. Unfortunately my left sciatica did not like the trip despite sitting on ice most of the way and doing stretching. After that calmed down we searched out some quick food. Wraps were perfect.

This morning we headed to Oatman,AZ, know for a quaint mining town and mules that walk freely down Main Street. Unfortunately they come at noon, but we saw them as we were driving out. Nice ride to the town and cute shops. 

Currently resting prior to our evening meal and the evening at the Riverside Casino show…Winter party dance-music of Buddy Holiey and the Big Bopper. This will be our last evening here.

Daughter Abigail has made it thru 2 legs on her way to Tucson. Stoped at some sites in Kanas City and Oklahoma City. Enjoying 80’s and lots of wind.

3 days nonquilting….but Happy Quilting to you.

Charity quilt #3 Golden Cornflower

Today finished up our challenge charity quilt using nickel squares. I have always liked blue and yellow but have never made a quilt with these colors. So pleased with results. Now I am not a machine quilter, but trying learn, so far it is fun and quite fun. I had some multicolored blue thread although I think it was quite old as I broke a few times sewing down the binding. I really like the sway stiching and added some curly circles. Those were fun but I was afraid I would run out of thread. Overall pleased with result. Will present my 3 quilts during our final quilt meeting before snowbirds return home. We are here one more month.

I have moved from the chiropractor to acupuncture this past week. I had one treatment Friday and was amazed how well I felt over the weekend. However last night it started to return, but not as bad. Have a second treatment tomorrow. (forsciatica ). I am hooding to have better control of this so I can return to pickleball by April 1st. We will see as it appears hopeful. Amazing being in pain for past 3 months and to have it almost gone, one forgets what that feels like.


Abi has transferred our cat from Milwaukee back to our condo. Of course Cherith misses him greatly. We have some wonderful neighbors that will visit him every 3 days. He spends a lot of time looking out the window at their house. Wednesday Abi begins her trip coming to AZ and beginning a new life so to speak. She will spend some time with us, find an apartment and begin realtor school. She should be cone with that before we head back to WI. Praying she has a safe trip and her car makes it.

We are traveling with the community travel club to Laughlin NV basically for a Buddy Holly show. About a 7 hour trip there and staying two days. I guess it is a casino hotel, but we do not gamble. Will be fun to travel with the group and see Northern AZ.

Finally our Wisconsin Badgers (basketball) are in the sweet sixteen. They played two outstanding games, fun to watch. We will see how far they go. We will be back just in time to watch the game.

Happy Quilting!

Bright Pink & Green

When my husband and I built our dream home in the country we allowed each of our three girls to pink colors for their own bedrooms. Hannah picked purple, Cherith loves red but settled for more of a deep dark maroon and Abigail liked pink and green. Bright pink and lime green. We had the opportunity to pain the walls prior to wood trim and carpeting being laid. So Abigail had pink and green striped walls. It is pretty hard to get straight lines even using painters tape. So this quilt will remind me of Abigail and that bedroom. (I will have to find a picture)

Charity quilt #2

Happy Quilting

“Hi Kitty ” – my first charity quilt donation

Last year we played with the accu-quilt cutter. I really had fun cutting triangles and squares. I even did strips. While this is a great system there is some waste of fabric. I also found a neat pattern to sew my quilt. My goal was to complete it by this time. I have had the top done and half the quilt quilted,  it finished up the quilting this past Sunday. You see I have another two quilts to quilt before we leave. The reds will remind me of my daughters quilt that also is now finished expect for a few little extras. 

The fabric I. This quilt is Hello kitty fabric, but will remind me of my cat “Whiskers” and we always call or talk to him and say “Hi Kitty”. It turned out great! Some kid will really love it.

Happy Quilting!

Charity quilts

Our Sunflower quilters do a lot of quilts, pillowcases and bags for Aviva. Our guild has a wonderful selection of fabric to make these items. Since we have an over abundance of nickel squares we are make it several quilts. I picked theee color schemes. Pink/green, yellow/ blue and green/orange. These quilts go together very fast. I have two partly done and will wait until later next week to match some solid fabric to these quilts. The green and organs one I will do back in Wisconsin. My hope is to get these pinned and take back to machine quilt. 


Meadow Mystery quilt

I also grabbed some fabric so I could to this mystery. I was able to finish 5 12 inch blocks and have 8 more to make then I am ready to assemble this mystery. So lucky to have a featherweight sewing machine on loan from fellow quilter. It is so fun to sew on. I don’t have pictures of this quilt, but I think I will wait until I lay the blocks out. 

Here is a link if interested Meadow Mystery

As it was a beautiful day, I spent the afternoon hand quilting “Allietarecherith”. I have two more sides to finish on the border and it is done! Hope to show this next month during our show and tell. I really love this quilt. 

I have to get a picture of the back as it also is cute…nursing fabric. This quilt has wool batting, wonderful to quilt and it will be a warm quilt as it also has fannel on the back.

Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Quilting

Watercolor quilt progress

Last year began cutting 1.5×4 strips for this project. Last week we did some sewing of blocks, light to dark in values and finding those perfect color combinations. I spend two days sewing blocks during quilting class time. Spent a day last weekend sewing the light value blocks together and today added medium blocks some started setting the dark blocks. I made mine a little bigger and after placing the solid triangles on the corners may added a log border along with a piano key border. So we will see it I get that far. Here are some pictures to enjoy. This is a Sunflower Quilter class.

So I was about 25 blocks short and will need to see them and mix up the dark ones a bit before completing this step.

Happy Quilting