Thunderbird trail off Sweetwater trail, Tucson AZ

Today we hiked with Mike a pickleball friend. We decided to take Thunderbird trail as Mike had been on part of it before. This trail is known for some mines. We passed the first and continued on the trail. It was sunny cooler and breezy a perfect day for a hike. I led the way. It was nice to see some of the fairydusters blooming and some small yellow and purple poppies. We have had more rain this year it seems and everything is green. We did not see any wildlife. We got to another abandoned mine, had a snack/ water break and decided to follow a trail to the east. This was fairly flat and we ended up in a wash. We were not sure where this was headed so decided to turn around. About 2 hours hiking and about 3.2 miles. Lately we have finished our hikes with some quick food, today it was in and out burgers.

The above pictures were some of the highlights of the hike. Predicting some rain later today and tomorrow. I did decide to try the front bush a bit. We have several outdoor projects to do prior to leaving.

I have fallen a bit behind in this blog. I have been quilting and have 3 more sides to Cherith’s quilt and it will be finished. Also working on a community quilt and our quilters recent project. I will blog about that in the future.

It looks like cat allergies of Cherith’s roommate are too great and Whiskers is headed back to condo mid march and will need to fed for self with a few visits until we return. He has been such a stress reliever for Cherith and it will be hard for her to give him up. Hopefully one daughter will be able to house him next year or we will need to bring him down with us.

Happy quilting!


A trip across the Mexican Border

I have been married to my wonderful husband for 25 years celebrated last June. He is my best friend and whom I love dearly. We have done everything together. I was lucky to have two honeymoons. One was a trip out west driving to Glacier and Yellowstone national parks. The second was to Hawaii and four of the islands. We celebrated this year with a statication in Wisconsin as we were selling our home. But this week we are celebrating our trip to Hawaii with trip to Puerta Penasco  staying at the Penasco del sol. 

We began our journey on Sunday traveling south about a four hour drive. We came to the border crossing and a RV in front of us was being inspected. When it was our turn we got the green light to go thru without questioning. On the drive before the border we came across two border patrol inspection points, but for the other side. As we were traveling on Sunday the traffic was quite light. Our plan was to park our car at our hotel and walk to most places. We found our hotel without issue using google map app GPS. Our hotel is beautiful right on the beach front and we have a water view along with pool view. It was cloudy and cool the day we arrived, but today sunny and in the 70’s with gentle breeze. 

Penasco del sol is very nice with employees quite warm and gracious. We are on the second flour and room is quite comfortable. This hotel you cannot bring in food or drink to support their labor jobs. 

We ate supper across the street at Max’s. Food was excellent, however it was cash only. I had the Gorgonzola schrimp fettuccine which was good along with tortilla soup. Dan had schrimp /steak kabab also good. We had happy hour margarita at our hotel.

Today we decided to walk the beach. It was low tide when we left. We got as far a Sonoran and a a corona at a local bar and walked back. The water, waves, birds and in the distant schrimping boats we’re mesmerizing. 

Supper was a our hotel another meal of schrimp. Tequila schrimp and again tortilla soup.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…wait til you see what happens….

February has arrived…


Today was the monthly Sunflower quilters meeting. So nice to see all these gals and the wonderful things they do. A very active quilter project agenda was shared. This time of year neat and often challenging quilting projects. We also do charity quilts so today spent some time sewing labels to quilts. Many also helped pin some quilts for some machine quilting to be done. Show and tell is always wonderful. 

I have been working hard on my EnProvence  and finished the flimsy today. Another beautiful quilt. Now will have to go fabric backing shopping and also using up some extra blocks for the backing. Maybe hand quilt this one this summer.

Now that this is complete I can return to machine quilting my charity quilt for this year. Will cut some binding tomorrow for that quilt and for my daughters quilt which is just about ready for the scallops.

My sciatica is improving. I actually feel like doing more including some bush trimming, cleaning and returned to pickleball. I have continued my stretching several times a day and that seems to help.

Arizonia weather is just perfect. Warm sun that allows bike ride in morning to clubhouse (40’s) and later is in the 70’s. We did a 3.5 mile hike on Sweetwater Trail, but still have quite a distance to get to the saddle. 

Happy Quilting!