Arizonia hiking…

We have designated Monday’s as hiking days. Today we revisited a trailhead from last year. Sweetwater trail head. We are so fortunate to have great trails nearby. I had a chiropractic adjustment and then we headed out for our hike. Funny all the walking and hiking does not bother my sciatica. 

We went about 2 miles round trip. We could gone farther as the weather was cool and comfortable. It is a challenging hike, but not too bad. Maybe next time we will go a bit further. This actually connects with another trail to get to Wasson Peak. Not sure if we would go that far….. we did pass a few hikers and even a runner at the end. Area is expecting a cold front this afternoon with rain and cooler temps for a few days. Will need to try to do some indoor exercise tomorrow and keep stretching my hamstrings. Would like to play pickleball this week after morning adjustment. Then there is the quilting group later this week. 

Worked on a few Dutch Treat blocks

Did some continues reading this afternoon ..”Crossroads”

Happy Quilting


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