Cool, wet Arizonia

We love being down here dispite the cooler and wetter weather. For us it seems like spring. The sun also makes a huge difference. We are told that ice and snow, now fog are present back home. I continue to nurse sciatica on my left side. Treatments are helping a bit with some stretching and Motrin I am surviving. At least I can hike. We may do some hiking tomorrow with some pickleball friends. Rain is to hold off until afternoon. I have continued to work on some of my Dutch Treat blocks and recently had to prep some additional blocks. These next blocks use fabric from my cotton scrubs. My En Provence mystery quilt is coming along. I finished 6 blocks the other day, sewing standing up. ( more comfortable than sitting). This week our Sunflower Quilters will be doing a diamond table runner. I think I may have enough fabric or I may use the groups stash and donate for our fall show.  It will be nice to rejoin the group this week.

I have been doing more reading. Our clubhouse has a library full of interesting books. I just started “Crossroads” by William Paul Young. So far very interesting.  

Yes I did watch the inauguration this past week. It sure is historic no matter what you’re policitical thoughts reside. Democracy and our freedoms are something to treasure, something you do not realize until you are out of the country. 

We are contemplating traveling to Europe maybe this fall. Looking at several agencies,what they offer, prices and what we want to see. It is traveling there or Oregon, Washington and part of California.

Yes we did watch our Green Bay PACKERS…loose. Such a run with a team that has had so many injuries, that not being an excuse. Previous games so fun to watch. Now we will cheer for the Falcons, truely and great team.

Here are some picture to enjoy and Happy Quilting!

Above is block layout for En Provence.  

New sewing area to sew while standing. It all works for me!


2 thoughts on “Cool, wet Arizonia

  1. That cool and wet now should make for a gorgeous spring in early March! Talk about the desert blossoming like a rose! At least you are seeing more sunshine that I am with all the E. Tennessee rain. I miss the AZ sun! Our temps haven’t been all that different and we’ve both had rain the last week or two, but you’ve had more peeks of sun. I have Phoenix on my weather on the phone so I can switch back and forth. LOL Your top set of blocks is so interesting! Is that all reverse applique? The En Provence looks like it will be quite pretty, too.


    • Yes the blocks are reverse appliqué. They are quite challenging but so worthwhile the final result. Yes we have had more sun which is wonderful, warming up so quickly. It just makes us so active with many outdoor activities. Enjoy your day!


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