Did a lot of things last week. So get ready….

I was able to find temporary homes for my sewing things. I also put together the first quarter of the En Provence mystery quilt. One thing I find hard is sewing rows when quilting. Someone posted that they sew in quarters the mystery quilt. I thought this is perfect for me. Now this is a beautiful quilt, but one really needs to pay close attention to the block orientation. One you lay it out, you have to be careful in sewing as things sometimes get turned. This quilt has lots of seams and bulk so pressing the seams correctly also needs attention. With that all said I was able to complete the quarter in one day. I think some of my purples could be more light or dark for better contrast, but overall I am pleased. I really like the neutral borders and the magenta color in this quilt. Unfortunately I am currently dealing with some lower back/left leg issues from picking weeds last week. So going slow on this quilt. Sitting long time is difficult.

I did get it all sewn! Now I will work on the components and then do the assembly. The main blocks I will do at home and other blocks with quilting gals.

Sweetwater preserve trail is a beautiful hike with many trails. Despite my hip/leg I am still able to do 2.6 miles hiking. It is a little cooler 50’s and we had rain over the weekend. This is our favorite hike and we will do more hikes here than anywhere. Saguaro’ are beautiful and appear like a forest. People hike with their dogs and many mountain bikers love these trails. Now we have decide to add “In and Out” burgers as a Treat following our hikes.

Sweetwater Preserve hike
In and Out burgers
We also returned to playing pickleball. Great people, a lot of fun and great exercise. We even went of their open house and met more people within our community. Dan won a hat and I a cozie.

Arizona church family
We also returned to our winter church family. Wonderful people, pastors and Christian messages of faith. We intend to go to bible studies on Tuesday evenings.

Dutch Treat blocks completed…

I was hoping to get to a chiropractor today. Had to wait to get an appointment until they opened today at 3pm. Found out the next new patient appointment would be in one week! Really???? So have found another one and hope to get in tomorrow or the following day at the latest. This back-leg thing is really bothersome. I look forward to the correction so I can return to more exercise and doing things, one of the reasons we come here during the winter. Would like to loose a few pounds as well.

Also our wonderful Packer won an outstanding game inlast few seconds beating the Cowboys and now off to the division champions. We actually went to a bar to join a packer party down here…it was dead as it was on national tv. We ended up coming home and watching it at home. Only liquor we had was bottle of old Morgan David wine that we drank as slots. New game will be difficult as we have a lot of injuries.

Next week…Go Pack GO


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