We arrived Sunday early afternoon. We were able to unload the car, check to make sure Internet was up and finally tune in to our favorite team..PACKERS. What a game. Looking forward to next week playing the cowboys. We even joked, maybe we could drive to Dallas??? No I think we are happy to be here. As Dan had packed the car I was unsure of what he packed and we did leave several boxes behind. Turns out his sandals, coffee maker, air mister,gardening gloves and a few other things will have to wait til next year. 

Nice to be back to this home. We both really love it and it seems like we never left. We did have the chirping fire alarms and wouldn’t you know it it was the living room with it being located on the cathedral ceiling. Well we pushed a chair on the wall and set up the extension ladder. Able to remove it and another one was chirping. With that done we turned off the breaker to all of the alarms. Well 2:30am the bedroom alarm start d chirping. Dan went outside (where breakers are located) and turned it on and it stopped. We did order some lithium alarms that should arrive in a few days. They will last 10 years.

Today was spent cleaning and putting things in their place. The gas man came early to turn on the gas. No heat last night, but was in 70’s yesterday and had opened some of the windows. Temperature did not drop below 65. We also spent the day trimming our green bushes. They really have grown and person who watches house did not mention this and did not have them trimmed. We were very surprised that we were not cited for this issue. We had purchased a trimmer and it worked great. Except quite the mess to clean up. We noticed a company trimming neighbors bushes used tarp under the bushes. Why did we not see this last year. May need to invest in a tarp. Will probably do another trim close to April around inspection time. More work to be done, but for another day.

Next stop was grocery store for much needed food. $300.00 worth that will last quite awhile. There are some other supplies at Walmart that are needed, will do that tomorrow.

Looks like week’s weather will be in mid 60’s with clouds. Back home more snow. 

I was able to sew on sashing on about 150 blocks on my Dutch Treat quilt. Would like to finish these blocks here. Also worked on Challenge on the week. Will not finish by deadline, just have to sew down the binding. My quilting stuff is still packed in the empty dinning room. Not planning on attending Sunflowers quilter meetings this Thursday and Friday. Will start up the following week. Tomorrow my go to clubhouse and do some exercising. Able to walk one time on treadmill at hotel. Would like to get some weight off as had to rest my right leg and hence put on a few pounds. With all the activity here that should come off. We also tend to eat a bit more healthier.

I did order 2 yards of black material for Cherith’s quilt for the binding. I have about 1.5 rows to go and then I will do the scallops and bind the quilt. Will do the quilting in the final borders/scallops after that part is complete. I also need to work on En Provence,sew my blocks together and eventually sew the quilt together.

Happy Quilting!


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