On the road…day 2

Well we did get about 2 inches of snow in Bethany,MO. So on and off ramps were slick and Kansas City metro was reported as a mess. It was their first snow fall. We decided to leave around 9 am thinking we would get to city in about 1.5 hrs and things would improve. We took a county route to avoid the downtown proper. This road had snow, but not too bad. We did see a van the rolled over and was upside down. We also saw several accidents. Overall once getting on I-70 to 335 to 35 toll road it was not too bad as well. Right lane was clear and scattered ice spots on second lane. We did hit some snow showers around Wichita. We also took the John Kirkpatrick turnpike and found out this also was a toll, 1.15 times two to bypass Oklahoma City. This actually worked out and save time and was less congested. We still had 1.5 hrs to go prior to getting to our destination of Elk City OK. We heard that the snow was coming and was to begin by 6pm. Actually got there and was able to slip next door for supper…pizza and settle in room and 9 pm the snow began. Several reports imdicated that today would be difficult travel as we were heading west. They called it the I-40 snow storm as it traveled along this route. We decided that we would stay an additional day in Elk City and following day resume our travels this time heading to Los Lunas,NM. We easily got 3 inches and an additional 1-2 inches, far worse to the west. Oklahoma City actually got 3 inches a record with schools being closed. We are staying at a nice place so it was no problem. Several other guests also staying, but adventured out to check goings on in Elk City. No quilting yesterday or today. Doing more surfing on the internet, treadmill walking and hot tub. Might venture out to subway for supper. Always fun when traveling!

Happy Quilting to you!


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