On the road…day one

We have begun our trek to our winter home in AZ. Leaving this morning to 2 degrees and the cold wind blowing. We traveled thru southern MN and it was even colder. Ice was present on the shoulder and some of the trees had ice on them. Crossing over to Iowa the snow disappeared and clouds increased. We arrived in Bethany, MO for an overnight stay. After we checked in we noticed the weather alter for Bethany…snow just to the west and snowfall overnight, started out 2-3 inches, but now due to the air being so dry about an inch. We will see how much when we wake up. We ate a favorite restaurant “Toot and Toot” great buffet. We will get down to Elk City, OK tomorrow and the we will watch a potential snow storm to hit Texas panhandle, right thru our planned drive the following day. 

Bethany,MO. ( windows a bit dirty or streaked)

Today during drive working on Dutch Treat quilt blocks. I have about 100 done, I think…but sewed sashing to bottom of blocks. I think I did about 50 blocks. Will work on remaining ones tomorrow, I have brought 3 small hand projects to do during boring stretches.

Now a bit of relaxing.

Happy Quilting!


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