Welcome to 2017

Always fun to say good bye to the year and welcome a new year! We all have our wishes but for me each day is a blessing and so enjoy my retirement. New Year’s Eve we had my sister-in-law/spouse over to our condo. For over 26 years we have alternated homes. Over the years our child appeared and we celebrated the new year a bit early…9pm and the headed home to watch the ball fall. New Year’s Eve is filled with a meal, catching up and playing games. As our children have all now grown and celebrate the new year their own way, we are back to just us. This year Cherith was present as was spending time here as a break from college. So yes we talked, ate turkey and the trimmings and played 3 games. New Year’s Eve came at 930pm. So toasted the new year and what is to come.

We of course watched our Packer win the division and today watched our Badgers play in the Cotton Bowl. Today we bid farewell to Cherith and our cat “Whiskers” as he left for his mini vacation to Cherith’s apartment while we are in Az. Whiskers is not a car traveling cat. We tried a bit a liquid children’s Benadryl and he proceeded to vomit mostly his morning meal. I think he knew something was up when his food and water dish disappeared. We loaded up her car and off they went. I guess he did ok except on the freeway and sudden turns. He has explored his new temporary home and seems to be ok with new hiding places. Hopefully he will help Cherith with all the stress that comes with school.

Our next project is to take down the Christmas decorations, last cleaning, packing the car and closing up the condo. Looks like the travel weather is good. Leaving here as the temps dip down to zero. 

The of course was the En Provence mystery reveal on New Years Day! Beautiful quilt. So I was able to sew on block and one sashing. Looks great! These blocks are tricky so it will pay to go slow and triple check the layout. I was able to finish sewing Clue 7 blocks today so the are packed along with other clues to work on in AZ. Some people are sewing quarters rather than the whole quilt. This would make quilting easier. I probably will hand quilt this one.

En Provence final reveal
The 365 challenge block quilt is also complete. Great quilt along! Another one starts for 2017. Will bring these blocks if room in car. Not sure I will have time to work on this one.

So a few days of travel until at our winter home. 

Happy Quilting!


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