Arizonia hiking…

We have designated Monday’s as hiking days. Today we revisited a trailhead from last year. Sweetwater trail head. We are so fortunate to have great trails nearby. I had a chiropractic adjustment and then we headed out for our hike. Funny all the walking and hiking does not bother my sciatica. 

We went about 2 miles round trip. We could gone farther as the weather was cool and comfortable. It is a challenging hike, but not too bad. Maybe next time we will go a bit further. This actually connects with another trail to get to Wasson Peak. Not sure if we would go that far….. we did pass a few hikers and even a runner at the end. Area is expecting a cold front this afternoon with rain and cooler temps for a few days. Will need to try to do some indoor exercise tomorrow and keep stretching my hamstrings. Would like to play pickleball this week after morning adjustment. Then there is the quilting group later this week. 

Worked on a few Dutch Treat blocks

Did some continues reading this afternoon ..”Crossroads”

Happy Quilting


Cool, wet Arizonia

We love being down here dispite the cooler and wetter weather. For us it seems like spring. The sun also makes a huge difference. We are told that ice and snow, now fog are present back home. I continue to nurse sciatica on my left side. Treatments are helping a bit with some stretching and Motrin I am surviving. At least I can hike. We may do some hiking tomorrow with some pickleball friends. Rain is to hold off until afternoon. I have continued to work on some of my Dutch Treat blocks and recently had to prep some additional blocks. These next blocks use fabric from my cotton scrubs. My En Provence mystery quilt is coming along. I finished 6 blocks the other day, sewing standing up. ( more comfortable than sitting). This week our Sunflower Quilters will be doing a diamond table runner. I think I may have enough fabric or I may use the groups stash and donate for our fall show.  It will be nice to rejoin the group this week.

I have been doing more reading. Our clubhouse has a library full of interesting books. I just started “Crossroads” by William Paul Young. So far very interesting.  

Yes I did watch the inauguration this past week. It sure is historic no matter what you’re policitical thoughts reside. Democracy and our freedoms are something to treasure, something you do not realize until you are out of the country. 

We are contemplating traveling to Europe maybe this fall. Looking at several agencies,what they offer, prices and what we want to see. It is traveling there or Oregon, Washington and part of California.

Yes we did watch our Green Bay PACKERS…loose. Such a run with a team that has had so many injuries, that not being an excuse. Previous games so fun to watch. Now we will cheer for the Falcons, truely and great team.

Here are some picture to enjoy and Happy Quilting!

Above is block layout for En Provence.  

New sewing area to sew while standing. It all works for me!

A new week begins…reflect on the past week

Did a lot of things last week. So get ready….

I was able to find temporary homes for my sewing things. I also put together the first quarter of the En Provence mystery quilt. One thing I find hard is sewing rows when quilting. Someone posted that they sew in quarters the mystery quilt. I thought this is perfect for me. Now this is a beautiful quilt, but one really needs to pay close attention to the block orientation. One you lay it out, you have to be careful in sewing as things sometimes get turned. This quilt has lots of seams and bulk so pressing the seams correctly also needs attention. With that all said I was able to complete the quarter in one day. I think some of my purples could be more light or dark for better contrast, but overall I am pleased. I really like the neutral borders and the magenta color in this quilt. Unfortunately I am currently dealing with some lower back/left leg issues from picking weeds last week. So going slow on this quilt. Sitting long time is difficult.

I did get it all sewn! Now I will work on the components and then do the assembly. The main blocks I will do at home and other blocks with quilting gals.

Sweetwater preserve trail is a beautiful hike with many trails. Despite my hip/leg I am still able to do 2.6 miles hiking. It is a little cooler 50’s and we had rain over the weekend. This is our favorite hike and we will do more hikes here than anywhere. Saguaro’ are beautiful and appear like a forest. People hike with their dogs and many mountain bikers love these trails. Now we have decide to add “In and Out” burgers as a Treat following our hikes.

Sweetwater Preserve hike
In and Out burgers
We also returned to playing pickleball. Great people, a lot of fun and great exercise. We even went of their open house and met more people within our community. Dan won a hat and I a cozie.

Arizona church family
We also returned to our winter church family. Wonderful people, pastors and Christian messages of faith. We intend to go to bible studies on Tuesday evenings.

Dutch Treat blocks completed…

I was hoping to get to a chiropractor today. Had to wait to get an appointment until they opened today at 3pm. Found out the next new patient appointment would be in one week! Really???? So have found another one and hope to get in tomorrow or the following day at the latest. This back-leg thing is really bothersome. I look forward to the correction so I can return to more exercise and doing things, one of the reasons we come here during the winter. Would like to loose a few pounds as well.

Also our wonderful Packer won an outstanding game inlast few seconds beating the Cowboys and now off to the division champions. We actually went to a bar to join a packer party down here…it was dead as it was on national tv. We ended up coming home and watching it at home. Only liquor we had was bottle of old Morgan David wine that we drank as slots. New game will be difficult as we have a lot of injuries.

Next week…Go Pack GO

Dutch Treat-Lotus

Another nice day to do some quilting outdoors. Finished this block while working on another more intricate block.

Today we played pickleball with our sunflower community. Nice to got back playing with others. We had want s to play more up in WI. but selling the home and nearest court was 35 minutes away proved difficult. Anyway we both did not play too bad. We have a nice group that is great to play with. We could have easily wore capri’s and shirt sleeves. Played 1.5 hours and got a work out. Currently paying the price with left side/hip sciatica acting up. We are hoping to do a hike tomorrow if this improves. So currently icing it and medicating self.

Another beautiful sunset here in Mirana AZ,

Happy Quilting 

Dutch Treat blocks revisited

I decided that I wanted to make more progress on this quilt, I think this one is over 2 yrs in th making. I did put it on hold due to last year’s 365 day challenge block quilt.

On our drive down to AZ I was able to attach sashing to one sid of blocks completed. I am using a dark multi-colored batik fabric.

The day was spent unpacking my quilting stuff I brought down. Our quilters meet this Thursday and Friday, but I am going to take this week off and just settle in. I was able to complete one block this evening.

Even got in a little reading this afternoon and enjoyed the warm sunny weather. To turn a little cooler this weekend.

Happy Quilting 

Almost settled in our winter home..

We arrived Sunday early afternoon. We were able to unload the car, check to make sure Internet was up and finally tune in to our favorite team..PACKERS. What a game. Looking forward to next week playing the cowboys. We even joked, maybe we could drive to Dallas??? No I think we are happy to be here. As Dan had packed the car I was unsure of what he packed and we did leave several boxes behind. Turns out his sandals, coffee maker, air mister,gardening gloves and a few other things will have to wait til next year. 

Nice to be back to this home. We both really love it and it seems like we never left. We did have the chirping fire alarms and wouldn’t you know it it was the living room with it being located on the cathedral ceiling. Well we pushed a chair on the wall and set up the extension ladder. Able to remove it and another one was chirping. With that done we turned off the breaker to all of the alarms. Well 2:30am the bedroom alarm start d chirping. Dan went outside (where breakers are located) and turned it on and it stopped. We did order some lithium alarms that should arrive in a few days. They will last 10 years.

Today was spent cleaning and putting things in their place. The gas man came early to turn on the gas. No heat last night, but was in 70’s yesterday and had opened some of the windows. Temperature did not drop below 65. We also spent the day trimming our green bushes. They really have grown and person who watches house did not mention this and did not have them trimmed. We were very surprised that we were not cited for this issue. We had purchased a trimmer and it worked great. Except quite the mess to clean up. We noticed a company trimming neighbors bushes used tarp under the bushes. Why did we not see this last year. May need to invest in a tarp. Will probably do another trim close to April around inspection time. More work to be done, but for another day.

Next stop was grocery store for much needed food. $300.00 worth that will last quite awhile. There are some other supplies at Walmart that are needed, will do that tomorrow.

Looks like week’s weather will be in mid 60’s with clouds. Back home more snow. 

I was able to sew on sashing on about 150 blocks on my Dutch Treat quilt. Would like to finish these blocks here. Also worked on Challenge on the week. Will not finish by deadline, just have to sew down the binding. My quilting stuff is still packed in the empty dinning room. Not planning on attending Sunflowers quilter meetings this Thursday and Friday. Will start up the following week. Tomorrow my go to clubhouse and do some exercising. Able to walk one time on treadmill at hotel. Would like to get some weight off as had to rest my right leg and hence put on a few pounds. With all the activity here that should come off. We also tend to eat a bit more healthier.

I did order 2 yards of black material for Cherith’s quilt for the binding. I have about 1.5 rows to go and then I will do the scallops and bind the quilt. Will do the quilting in the final borders/scallops after that part is complete. I also need to work on En Provence,sew my blocks together and eventually sew the quilt together.

Happy Quilting!

On the road…day 2

Well we did get about 2 inches of snow in Bethany,MO. So on and off ramps were slick and Kansas City metro was reported as a mess. It was their first snow fall. We decided to leave around 9 am thinking we would get to city in about 1.5 hrs and things would improve. We took a county route to avoid the downtown proper. This road had snow, but not too bad. We did see a van the rolled over and was upside down. We also saw several accidents. Overall once getting on I-70 to 335 to 35 toll road it was not too bad as well. Right lane was clear and scattered ice spots on second lane. We did hit some snow showers around Wichita. We also took the John Kirkpatrick turnpike and found out this also was a toll, 1.15 times two to bypass Oklahoma City. This actually worked out and save time and was less congested. We still had 1.5 hrs to go prior to getting to our destination of Elk City OK. We heard that the snow was coming and was to begin by 6pm. Actually got there and was able to slip next door for supper…pizza and settle in room and 9 pm the snow began. Several reports imdicated that today would be difficult travel as we were heading west. They called it the I-40 snow storm as it traveled along this route. We decided that we would stay an additional day in Elk City and following day resume our travels this time heading to Los Lunas,NM. We easily got 3 inches and an additional 1-2 inches, far worse to the west. Oklahoma City actually got 3 inches a record with schools being closed. We are staying at a nice place so it was no problem. Several other guests also staying, but adventured out to check goings on in Elk City. No quilting yesterday or today. Doing more surfing on the internet, treadmill walking and hot tub. Might venture out to subway for supper. Always fun when traveling!

Happy Quilting to you!