Bonnie has finally reached the greens in this quilt. Today a pretty combination of light purple, greens and neutrals. I decided to use the companion ruler for this clue. I did try the easy angle ruler, but preferred the results of the companion ruler. 64 blocks not too many, but I added another 15 spare blocks. My daughter Cherith finds the process quite boring, but when Internet went out for a bit she was ironing my strips and stacking them. That is about the extent of her help. 

So have have everything bagged up, but not sure if Bonnie will reveal on New Year’s. I would have a day or two to work on putting a few blocks together before we leave for AZ. So not quite yet packing up my sewing things. I will have to work at getting everything to fit in the car. This is our second year and now bringing some of the nice things this round of travel. Something’s we will leave behind. We called today to get our gas turned on on Monday after we arrive. We will go two nights without heat, but we are bringing a portable heater this year and sleeping….well plenty on quilts. We can go without hot water as we have a clubhouse to use for showering if needed. Looks like it has been raining and 50-60’s during day. It is the sun that always feels great and so much to do outdoors. We are leaving just in time as temperatures are predicted to drop down to zero. 

New Year’s Eve will be at our condo. We have my husband’s sister and spouse for dinner and games. The we will watch our Packers and Badgers in days to come hoping for great wins!

I will put together the last block of the 365 Challenge block quilt. Then it will be ready to assemble.

Happy Quilting!


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