Christmas and so much more….

It has been a few years since we attended a Christmas Eve church program where children share the wonderful news of Christmas and the birth of our Savior. Good news to all. Children have such a wonderful way of sharing the message. Hannah this year with her class 4-5 k children had an opportunity to teach these young souls. Truly special!  Sharing a wonderful message from our new church family….

Here is Hannah’s class caroling.

Yesterday we celebrated the day with two of our daughters and my parents. Good food and just spending time together. Our other daughter decided to spend time with her boyfriend and his young child. She is going thru some big young adult decisions, most of which we disagree with. However today we will meet this guy at our other side family get together. We and her sisters had quite the discussion on how to act and what to say or not say. Sometimes we need to let our children make decisions and reap the consequences. Some of the cousins will not be present due to working. It will be fun just getting together. 

Above is a Christmas tradition. Grandma made it every Christmas and still is a favorite schaum torte. While I have used various recipes “Mrs Schmidt’s ” usually wins with a lower sugar content. Raspberries is also a winner. Did not rise as much as usual, we blame it on the rain/snow and high humidity.


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