Clue 4 En Provence…week in review

En Provence mystery continues. Clue 4 returns back to a repeat but with different colors. The more I do this block the more I like it. Even found a post that uses it as Christmas trees. uhmmmm maybe a project for next year. While I am not necessarily a purple girl I do love heather or lavender. I am falling in love with purple but anxious to see how the greens and yellows will play in this quilt. This week I visited my stash and found a few dark purples not previously used so this was fun also. A few are from previous quilt blocks. Here are some pictures.

Today is the LinkUp where fellow En Provence post their blocks and progress. Enjoy! 

Clue 4 LinkUp

Above are my soup bowl cozies. Will stuff with great-grandma recipe and small stuffer. I love these!

This is Bethany who graduated with double major, psychology and human social studies. We got to attend the graduation. She is my God child.

She will do great things!

We got about 10 inches of snow this past weekend. Now bitterly cold. We leave for our winter home in Tucson Az in two weeks. It is a four day drive and we will be watching for storms but hope to be there end of first week in January. A change in our daily routine to return to more outdoor activities and meeting up with our Arizonia friends. Our Packers really played an awesome game winning in the finial seconds of the game. Maybe they will make the playoffs.

Daughter in nursing school her final year has completed a very difficult semester. She will be joining us in a few days for a break. She announced that her senior preceptorship will be postpartum unit a Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. She wanted to be close to her apartment and thinks she might consider going this route post graduation. She will complete over 100 hours in this preceptorship prior to graduation in May. We will return from Az to attend.

My iron died, so will need to purchase one. Only a few blocks left until end of 365 Challenge block quilt. I am thinking I will leave this behind and put remaining blocks together in the quilt when I return. I have another quilt “Dutch Treat” that I have not worked on for over a year. I have about 30-40 blocks to make. I am thinking that during our drive down I will sew the sashing strips on the tops of those completed. This quilt uses reverse appliqué. Very detailed, but beautiful. 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Quilting!


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