It is the middle of December and approaching the last month of this challenge. It sure has been fun. So impressed with the blocks and different arrangements. Not sure I will ever do this again. It will be a challenge to get this one hand quilted. 

Now mind you this has been also a challenge to do this challenge and Bonnie Hunter’s annual mystery quilt. The clues so far have been somewhat easy up to this point. I have gotten a little behind in the 365 challenge, but almost caught up today. I am thinking after returning to Arizona in a few weeks I will begin putting the dark border and final border on. However first priority is to finish my daughters quilt. This one is coming along, but she will be visiting us for a few weeks so will have to pack it up and it will wait. That is ok as my tendonitis seems to be getting better.

Thought I would share a few of the recent 6 inch light blocks of 365 quilt as the end is in sight. Cut wait for clue 4 of mystery quilt.

Another quick project I am working on is transferring VHS tape to DVD a great series Winds of War. Just love this movie series back in 1983. I also taped the sequel War and Rememberance.

Happy Quilting


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