En Provence Clue 3 

I was not expecting to use purples this week, but pleasantly surprised. I purchased three different purples as I recently completed a purple quilt for daughter Hannah upon her graduation from college this past spring. Boy has time flown by! I also was looking forward to a more complicated block, but not quite yet. I guess a lot of mystery folks don’t have their special rulers from Bonnie. I probably will get one in future when all the hype dies down. I know I can use the easy angle and companion to do the quilt blocks coming. 

More practice with four patches. I really need to do another quilt with these. Maybe will use some of the sunflower quilter strips for charity. It took a little longer this weekend to complete. Finished early yesterday. I just cut strips and estimated how many blocks they would make. Again I really like the purple blocks. I have a few scraps from cutting that will go to my scrap pillowcases that will match the quilt. Did not play with these yet. Maybe today after my dental appointment.

We got our first big snow fall 6 plus inches. Condo association had us plowed out by noon. Nice not to have to get out in elements! Continue to nurse my cold, seems to hang on like others. Just a nuciance!

Here is the LinkUp to weekly Mystery quilt to see everyone’s progress and great color combinations.

LinkUp Clue 3
Happy Quilting


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