Today was unveiling of clue 2 for the En Provence mystery quilt. We are revisiting a block done from Celtic Solstice my first mystery quilt with Bonnie. At that time I viewed it as a race with lots of pieces and use of rulers. Going on my fourth mystery I guess I have grown as a quilted. I also now am retired with a bit more time, although currently nursing a head cold.

This mystery I have slowed down, taken more risks with fabric and enjoying the process. I also am paying attention to cutting more accurately, pressing and starching more this step. I am also checking my seam allowance with tests blocks. So far this entire mystery I have not had to trim all those blocks and have not used a pin to pin in place. I was even able to finish the clue in one day. I think the last time we made over 200 blocks. I remember them being not so perfect. Today’s blocks are much improved. I however will make an additional 20 blocks for reserve.

Today we used our focus fabric….magenta. I love this color and my fabric. It is bright and looks like Bonnie’s flowers on the picture. I actually purchased 2 yards of this fabric. I ran to my neutrals and found that 100 is actually a small number. I have 4-6 fabrics that I want to use and others are just stash. So I cut a few more, but will use them in my pillowscases. I may pair them with the light purple which I have a lot of for maybe something different. We will see.

Here are some pictures.

Link up clue 2

Above are pictures from Bonnie’s

Clue 2

Happy Quilting!


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