En Provence Clue 6

Bonnie has finally reached the greens in this quilt. Today a pretty combination of light purple, greens and neutrals. I decided to use the companion ruler for this clue. I did try the easy angle ruler, but preferred the results of the companion ruler. 64 blocks not too many, but I added another 15 spare blocks. My daughter Cherith finds the process quite boring, but when Internet went out for a bit she was ironing my strips and stacking them. That is about the extent of her help. 

So have have everything bagged up, but not sure if Bonnie will reveal on New Year’s. I would have a day or two to work on putting a few blocks together before we leave for AZ. So not quite yet packing up my sewing things. I will have to work at getting everything to fit in the car. This is our second year and now bringing some of the nice things this round of travel. Something’s we will leave behind. We called today to get our gas turned on on Monday after we arrive. We will go two nights without heat, but we are bringing a portable heater this year and sleeping….well plenty on quilts. We can go without hot water as we have a clubhouse to use for showering if needed. Looks like it has been raining and 50-60’s during day. It is the sun that always feels great and so much to do outdoors. We are leaving just in time as temperatures are predicted to drop down to zero. 

New Year’s Eve will be at our condo. We have my husband’s sister and spouse for dinner and games. The we will watch our Packers and Badgers in days to come hoping for great wins!

I will put together the last block of the 365 Challenge block quilt. Then it will be ready to assemble.

Happy Quilting!


Time in-between


I have been seeing a lot about the week between Christmas and the New Year. Excitement of Christmas is over and now waiting for the new year and what might come about. For us we have had one daughter with us. Sort of her downtime from college and entering her last semester of nursing school. We wait for the day we head down to our winter home in Marana AZ and meet up with friends down there. Of course we are watching weather closely as we drive down there over four days. This year our cat “whiskers” will be staying with this daughter in Milwaukee. He would never make the trip as he gets car sick. This year we will leave behind our condo and have less to worry about back here. Our plan is to stay a little longer but return in time for daughter’s graduation. So weather tells us travel is a go and just in time as a polar vortex is heading here. We have already had two significant snow falls. That is enough for us. I had a cold back around Thanksgiving and now spouse has a good head cold. Two of our other daughters already treated for step this year.

I have participated in the 356 day Challenge quilt and tomorrow is the last block. So I have tons of 3 inch dark blocks and the remaining 6 inch blocks to add. So may just take this with me in case I want to work on it. I have hand seven these blocks. This will be a quilt for our AZ master bed.

En Provence is the current Bonnie Hunter mystery and loving the colors. We have yellow and green to use in this quilt and clue 6 is coming tomorrow. It is possible the reveal will be on New Year’s Day, but one never knows. I hope to be able to do this clue before we leave for AZ. I do have some time as I have most things packed and ready to load into car. I am hoping all my sewing stuff will find a spot. This year taking my sewing machine.

Here are all the clues to the mystery so far.

It is fun looking at all the new 2017 quilting challenges and such. I do need to do some hand quilting but will do some smaller challenges. Our quilting group in AZ always has some great projects as well.

Thanks for stopping by….Happy Quilting!

Christmas and so much more….

It has been a few years since we attended a Christmas Eve church program where children share the wonderful news of Christmas and the birth of our Savior. Good news to all. Children have such a wonderful way of sharing the message. Hannah this year with her class 4-5 k children had an opportunity to teach these young souls. Truly special!  Sharing a wonderful message from our new church family….

Here is Hannah’s class caroling.

Yesterday we celebrated the day with two of our daughters and my parents. Good food and just spending time together. Our other daughter decided to spend time with her boyfriend and his young child. She is going thru some big young adult decisions, most of which we disagree with. However today we will meet this guy at our other side family get together. We and her sisters had quite the discussion on how to act and what to say or not say. Sometimes we need to let our children make decisions and reap the consequences. Some of the cousins will not be present due to working. It will be fun just getting together. 

Above is a Christmas tradition. Grandma made it every Christmas and still is a favorite schaum torte. While I have used various recipes “Mrs Schmidt’s ” usually wins with a lower sugar content. Raspberries is also a winner. Did not rise as much as usual, we blame it on the rain/snow and high humidity.

Clue 4 En Provence…week in review

En Provence mystery continues. Clue 4 returns back to a repeat but with different colors. The more I do this block the more I like it. Even found a post that uses it as Christmas trees. uhmmmm maybe a project for next year. While I am not necessarily a purple girl I do love heather or lavender. I am falling in love with purple but anxious to see how the greens and yellows will play in this quilt. This week I visited my stash and found a few dark purples not previously used so this was fun also. A few are from previous quilt blocks. Here are some pictures.

Today is the LinkUp where fellow En Provence post their blocks and progress. Enjoy! 

Clue 4 LinkUp

Above are my soup bowl cozies. Will stuff with great-grandma recipe and small stuffer. I love these!

This is Bethany who graduated with double major, psychology and human social studies. We got to attend the graduation. She is my God child.

She will do great things!

We got about 10 inches of snow this past weekend. Now bitterly cold. We leave for our winter home in Tucson Az in two weeks. It is a four day drive and we will be watching for storms but hope to be there end of first week in January. A change in our daily routine to return to more outdoor activities and meeting up with our Arizonia friends. Our Packers really played an awesome game winning in the finial seconds of the game. Maybe they will make the playoffs.

Daughter in nursing school her final year has completed a very difficult semester. She will be joining us in a few days for a break. She announced that her senior preceptorship will be postpartum unit a Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. She wanted to be close to her apartment and thinks she might consider going this route post graduation. She will complete over 100 hours in this preceptorship prior to graduation in May. We will return from Az to attend.

My iron died, so will need to purchase one. Only a few blocks left until end of 365 Challenge block quilt. I am thinking I will leave this behind and put remaining blocks together in the quilt when I return. I have another quilt “Dutch Treat” that I have not worked on for over a year. I have about 30-40 blocks to make. I am thinking that during our drive down I will sew the sashing strips on the tops of those completed. This quilt uses reverse appliqué. Very detailed, but beautiful. 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Quilting!

365 Challenge Blocks progress

It is the middle of December and approaching the last month of this challenge. It sure has been fun. So impressed with the blocks and different arrangements. Not sure I will ever do this again. It will be a challenge to get this one hand quilted. 

Now mind you this has been also a challenge to do this challenge and Bonnie Hunter’s annual mystery quilt. The clues so far have been somewhat easy up to this point. I have gotten a little behind in the 365 challenge, but almost caught up today. I am thinking after returning to Arizona in a few weeks I will begin putting the dark border and final border on. However first priority is to finish my daughters quilt. This one is coming along, but she will be visiting us for a few weeks so will have to pack it up and it will wait. That is ok as my tendonitis seems to be getting better.

Thought I would share a few of the recent 6 inch light blocks of 365 quilt as the end is in sight. Cut wait for clue 4 of mystery quilt.

Another quick project I am working on is transferring VHS tape to DVD a great series Winds of War. Just love this movie series back in 1983. I also taped the sequel War and Rememberance.

Happy Quilting

En Provence Clue 3 

I was not expecting to use purples this week, but pleasantly surprised. I purchased three different purples as I recently completed a purple quilt for daughter Hannah upon her graduation from college this past spring. Boy has time flown by! I also was looking forward to a more complicated block, but not quite yet. I guess a lot of mystery folks don’t have their special rulers from Bonnie. I probably will get one in future when all the hype dies down. I know I can use the easy angle and companion to do the quilt blocks coming. 

More practice with four patches. I really need to do another quilt with these. Maybe will use some of the sunflower quilter strips for charity. It took a little longer this weekend to complete. Finished early yesterday. I just cut strips and estimated how many blocks they would make. Again I really like the purple blocks. I have a few scraps from cutting that will go to my scrap pillowcases that will match the quilt. Did not play with these yet. Maybe today after my dental appointment.

We got our first big snow fall 6 plus inches. Condo association had us plowed out by noon. Nice not to have to get out in elements! Continue to nurse my cold, seems to hang on like others. Just a nuciance!

Here is the LinkUp to weekly Mystery quilt to see everyone’s progress and great color combinations.

LinkUp Clue 3
Happy Quilting

Celebration Wreath 

Finished up my Christmas project for myself this season. I loved this paper piecing project and used some of my Christmas stash fabrics. I decided to machine quilt it to improved these skills and due to time constraints. It will now be placed where my fall wall quilt is hanging.

It has a scrappy feel and is a keeper. 

Happy Quilting!

Clue 2 -En Provence….Tri Rex squares

Today was unveiling of clue 2 for the En Provence mystery quilt. We are revisiting a block done from Celtic Solstice my first mystery quilt with Bonnie. At that time I viewed it as a race with lots of pieces and use of rulers. Going on my fourth mystery I guess I have grown as a quilted. I also now am retired with a bit more time, although currently nursing a head cold.

This mystery I have slowed down, taken more risks with fabric and enjoying the process. I also am paying attention to cutting more accurately, pressing and starching more this step. I am also checking my seam allowance with tests blocks. So far this entire mystery I have not had to trim all those blocks and have not used a pin to pin in place. I was even able to finish the clue in one day. I think the last time we made over 200 blocks. I remember them being not so perfect. Today’s blocks are much improved. I however will make an additional 20 blocks for reserve.

Today we used our focus fabric….magenta. I love this color and my fabric. It is bright and looks like Bonnie’s flowers on the picture. I actually purchased 2 yards of this fabric. I ran to my neutrals and found that 100 is actually a small number. I have 4-6 fabrics that I want to use and others are just stash. So I cut a few more, but will use them in my pillowscases. I may pair them with the light purple which I have a lot of for maybe something different. We will see.

Here are some pictures.

Link up clue 2

Above are pictures from Bonnie’s

Clue 2

Happy Quilting!