As the end of the year is approaching, time for all those health checkups. Yesterday was to a new provider to establish care, physical and med review. I do have a slight episode of tendinitis in my left forearm. Rest, excercises and ice should help. Will need to return for lab work later this week. Today was the dentist. I have never had so many X-rays! But she is very good. I have the dreaded 5 on some of my teeth and need further intervention of deep cleaning with antibiotics. Also one new cavity. So will get that work done in December. Return for routine cleaning this Thursday.  The all that stuff is done prior to leaving for Az. And yes I caught the dreaded virus on Thanksgiving. Sore throat, post-nasal cough and headache. It is the first cold I have had in years! 

Today finished up the below. It took some of the left over scraps from cutting my 4-patches and put them together. I plan on making two pillowcases, put a border around these and with this week’s clue will add those left over blocks or scraps. At least that is the plan.

Happy Quilting!


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