Day 3 En Provence

Able to spend more time on mystery today. I even happened to cut enough strips to get to 230 4-patches. Even more for either backing or matching pillow cases. Tomorrow will work on those and some of the left over scraps from this clue’s cutting.

This mystery brings out the creative quilters. So many color variations and even new quilters to the mystery. So fun to look at everyone’s progress. So lucky to be part of this community.

To see many others work see link: LinkUp Party clue one

This week is filled with new physician visit for physical and new dentist for routine cleaning. As the Badgers are in the championship game this Saturday we are even entertaining attending the game. Maybe a rally bus to game and return. A little expensive, but would be fun. We will see if we go. Also noticed today I may have caught the cold virus circulating at Thnaksgiving. It has been several years since I had one. Little sore throat, slight runny nose and slight headache. So taking my vitamin c and added aireborn, hot tea and maybe some broth.

Clue one
Happy Quilting and a great week!


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