Tuesday tales…

As the end of the year is approaching, time for all those health checkups. Yesterday was to a new provider to establish care, physical and med review. I do have a slight episode of tendinitis in my left forearm. Rest, excercises and ice should help. Will need to return for lab work later this week. Today was the dentist. I have never had so many X-rays! But she is very good. I have the dreaded 5 on some of my teeth and need further intervention of deep cleaning with antibiotics. Also one new cavity. So will get that work done in December. Return for routine cleaning this Thursday.  The all that stuff is done prior to leaving for Az. And yes I caught the dreaded virus on Thanksgiving. Sore throat, post-nasal cough and headache. It is the first cold I have had in years! 

Today finished up the below. It took some of the left over scraps from cutting my 4-patches and put them together. I plan on making two pillowcases, put a border around these and with this week’s clue will add those left over blocks or scraps. At least that is the plan.

Happy Quilting!


Day 3 En Provence

Able to spend more time on mystery today. I even happened to cut enough strips to get to 230 4-patches. Even more for either backing or matching pillow cases. Tomorrow will work on those and some of the left over scraps from this clue’s cutting.

This mystery brings out the creative quilters. So many color variations and even new quilters to the mystery. So fun to look at everyone’s progress. So lucky to be part of this community.

To see many others work see link: LinkUp Party clue one

This week is filled with new physician visit for physical and new dentist for routine cleaning. As the Badgers are in the championship game this Saturday we are even entertaining attending the game. Maybe a rally bus to game and return. A little expensive, but would be fun. We will see if we go. Also noticed today I may have caught the cold virus circulating at Thnaksgiving. It has been several years since I had one. Little sore throat, slight runny nose and slight headache. So taking my vitamin c and added aireborn, hot tea and maybe some broth.

Clue one
Happy Quilting and a great week!

En Provence…clue #1

Wonderful day with family on Thanksgiving. It however is the first year we did not have our daughters present during the day. Good food and family talking/memories. Wonderful sermon on all we have and to give thanks. The best to come when we feast at the heavenly banquet.

We spent the night at a hotel near by the gathering and took advantage of being close to where we get the oil changed on the car. Some prep for our travel to Az in about 6 weeks. Was able to see the first clue at the hotel, but did not get to start until early afternoon. This year really going to concentrate on accurate cutting and piecing. I did revisit my stash and found a few more fabrics as we are doing four patches in neutrals. New machine this year, so really trying to find and remain on a consistent 1/4 inch seam. I have some neutrals from last year’s mystery. That quilt will go to my daughter, so nice to have some of that fabric in this quilt. I worked on it for about 3.5 hours. I have taken into sewing standing, but sometimes it does bother my back after awhile. I cut a bunch of strips,then spent time playing and matching fabrics. So far so good. I always like to make a few more blocks than called for. Some of the left over scraps from cutting I am using as a leader/ender blocks that probably will be used for backing or matching pillowcases/schams. 

Love all the excitement of the mystery and the variety of colors gals choose.

En Provence -clue #1
Happy Mystery quilting!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Cherith’s first turkey made by herself. She is working today at hospital 7-7 and will miss our family get together. She did very well! Was surprised at all the heart, gizzards and liver inside and yes did remove them before baking. Hannah the teacher is staying home with a bad virus that sent her to urgent care and has very swollen tonsils. Antibiotic and numbing rinse have helped. Abigail has chosen to be with boyfriend Marty’s family. We will be with my husbands side of family.

So thankful for my faith and most recently our Pastors that provide a great resource and guidance in some difficult times. God bless them in their work! Most thankful for Christian parents and a Christian spouse!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Quilting update

Christmas WreathFinished up my paper piecing project. I wanted to use some of my stash Christmas fabrics. This will be machine quilted but probably not in time for Christmas. Will pin it to current wall quilt. Want to add some fabrics tombacking to be reversible. 

Need to begin my Christmas gifts of microwave bowl cuzzies. Want to get them started before annual quilt mystery begins next week.

No kayaking this week. Cooler and spouse had cortisone injection in shoulder. I am still nursing what I think is tennis elbow on left arm, now a bit is showing up on my writing hand. I think I will rest and take a week off. Maybe doing some machine sewing/quilting along with just they daily small hand quilting blocks will help. 

Busy fun weekend upcoming. We are going to see the Doo-Wopdaddies in Neenah, WI. It is a dinner, show and overnight stay. Then we are going to the Fireside to watch the Christmas show with a pre-dinner. Then let’s hope the Packers turn it around and win a game. We went to the Badger Football game last weekend during their homecoming. We ate supper at a German restaurant that provides bus to game. Had my favorite sauerbraten.

Hope you all have a great weekend and Happy Quilting.

Fireside theatre

Fabulous fall…

Another great fall week in Wisconsin. We have only a few yellow leaves on our front tree. I’m sure they will be gone by end of week. So wonderful to soak in the fall sunshine outside. Hoping it lasts another week as we have tickets to Badger football game this coming Saturday. Late afternoon into evening. They sure are playing great.

This week we were able to kayak across the lake again,have a burger and a beer. Looks like this coming week we maybe able to do it again. All the piers are out and you can hear gun shots of duck hunting. The lake always has a calming effect on the soul especially with many things on the mind. Most our out of our control.

I have been able to continue keeping up with the 365 Challenge blocks. We now have less than 2 months. I think with this quilt I am going to hand quilt in larger pieces and then join. I have purchased my quilting thread and will need to purchase some wool batting for this one. I may not get to hand quilting it until we return from Arizona this spring.  

I have started my paper piecing Christmas Wreath. Not real crazy about paper piecing, but cute pattern and a great way to use up some Christmas fabric scraps. It will replace my fall leaves wall quilt when complete. I have done 4 of the large blocks and 5 small blocks with 11 more small blocks to complete. This one I plan on machine quilting.

My parents dog daisy is in need of a winter sweater, so I crocheted a larger one from last year. It is pretty bright and I think big enough. We will see her tomorrow for a fitting and a picture. Last time I was at my mom’s I grabbed some yarn. Every so often get the urge to crochet. So with some of the yarn working on some mittens. With the cooler weather I discovered that I cannot find my winter mittens from our move. Actually bought a pair. You know when you do that they then appear. So far no sightings. 

We saw 2 movies this past week. “I am not ashamed” and “Hacksaw Ridge”. Both very good. We especially like theaters with recliners. 

My big purchase of fabric arrived and it looks great. 3 of the fabrics are for Christmas gifts of soup bowl cadies. So cut my 10 inch squares of fabric and wrap n zap batting. I am thinking of making 8 for my sisters in laws, daughters, niece and mom. 

Then there is the Bonnie Hunter Quilt mystery. En Provence. So that material came as well. Like them all. Pulled some of my stash as well. I am thinking I may use only 2 dark purples and 2 light purples and use more for the neutrals, yellows and greens. I guess it may depend on the clues. I don’t know who will get this quilt, it might be mine. I took a few pictures and also black and whites to watch the color tones. I have one yellow that is a bit light so may have to be careful of that fabric. I so enjoy these mysteries and the many color schemes. This one I am going to work on clues during day and finish hand quilting last year’s mystery in evening. 

Some of my light purples looked dark. Also you can see my light yellow. Nice ways to look at fabric values, especially if they end up next to each other.

This seems better. I have even added a few neutrals and two golds from last year’s mystery. That is pretty cool as I liked these gold colors. Not sure my daughter will like them in her red and white quilt, but they are there.

Tomorrow going with my parents to an early turkey dinner at a local church. Will do a little raking of leaves prior to lunch. Hope to be back home to watch our Green Bay Packers. Love football season. Soon we will be doing a little more serious thinking about our drive to Arizonia. We have planned our hotels and made reservations and hope to leave first week in January weather permitting.

Happy Quilting!