Autumn Splender…

This is Devil’s Lake near Baraboo Wisconsin.  This was about a 3.5 mile hike up to the west bluffs and along west shore of lake. The colors were fabulous along with the warm weather. Nothing like the smells and sounds of crisp leaves when walking. We were not alone. A school of 6 yr olds about 30 of them just ran up and down the trail so fast! Oh to be young again. They were having a great time. We packed a salad lunch and had it on top of the bluff. 

We returned to Baraboo and stopped at out favorite winery.

We were hoping to taste some new fall wines. However we are about 2 weeks early. We tasted our two favorites and decided to buy “Naked Grape and Devil Red” to bring home. We also picked up additional oil seasonings for dipping bread. We met the second owner Parker. He told us a story. In June we had visited and found out that Von Klaus had died. This time we got more of the story from Parker. He said that they both were talking prior to his death ( vacation in Mexico…heart attack), about how they needed to develop a port wine and Parker was giving his ideas. Parker thought than Von was just taking notes. After his death he was in the winery and his wife came across the notebook the Von was writing in. It turns out that he was not taking notes but designing the label for Parker Port. So he will go ahead with the naming and label for this port. We were lucky to taste a sample of the port. He is waiting for federal approval prior to bottleing and sale. I have never tasted a port this good. Hopefully we can find some time to return in November to pick up a bottle along with some others.

In February we have decided to take a mini trip to Rocky Point Mexico. This is a popular destination for Arizonans and thought it would be fun. ( we winter in Tucson AZ)Both our passports are expired so we traveled to post office to get them. We are also contemplating traveling to Europe next year so we got the book. So many possibilities with where to go and what to see. 

I wrote this yesterday and today our weather turned much cooler. Soon the leaves will be gone and our cold weather will begin. Then we will start planning our return to AZ. This year it looks like it will be early January. 

Happy Quilting!