Twilight, retro log cabin and autumn leaves

Continuing on the 365 block challenge, I really like this block and how easy it is to make while looking more detailed.

Bonnie Hunter always has a new leader and ender challenge. This year it is hourglass blocks. I decided I liked the retro log cabin block and this will be my leader and ender challenge. Today I was able to do a few blocks to get the hang of it. So here they are….

Retro Log Cabin blocks

I am also working on autumn leaves in the form of a mobile. Using some fall color fabrics, batting and shapes of real leaves I collected a few days ago. I did finish off the edges and tomorrow will sew the veins. I probably have a dozen leaves. So far so good. I will post a picture when finished.

I have 3 blocks to quilt on the Allietarecherith quilt and then will have completed 3 rows. Just need to keep at this. 

Happy Quilting!