Octoberfest, daughters and quilting

This weekend was a bit cool and drizzly. Friday we made plans to visit LaCrosse and take in a German dinner if sauerbraten, spätzle, red cabbage, apple cake and an Octoberfest beer. Abigal our youngest transferred to La Crosse to continue her studies toward OT. It was a good excuse to pay her a visit and treat her to supper. We left Marquette in rain, but cleared up a bit when we got to La Crosse. Good to see her and talk with her. She recently spoke with her advisor and now is thinking about being an occupational therapy assistant as it is hard to get into grad school. Now thinking about moving to Madison and going to a tech school, but could not start until next fall. She does not have a job and has little if no money saved. This seems to be the option we presented to her about a year ago, but did not want to do it. I guess she had to hear it from someone else and learn. So not sure what her plans are for this winter. Who knows she might be moving back with us, but I know that would be her last option as our condo is really isolated. The saga continues for her.

 Cherith our other daughter has made it up here, really to study but also some home cooking/ family time. Nursing is quite stressful. But she is enjoying her OB rotation. She likes the condo. Nice weekend getaway for her. She will be working Thanksgiving and Christmas so will see her probably again during semester break.

Our plans had included to see other daughter tomorrow, but my parents came down with virus, so will have to reschedule that visit. She posted her chili that she made to her liking…HOT!

        Today’s block an easy one after yesterday’s larger block for one of the corners.

Here is the second corner of the 356 challenge quilt. We are getting to the end of this challenge. I need to finish up the light blocks that are 6 inches and attach them to the first part of quilt. We are currently working on 3 inch blocks for the final dark border. These will be a lot so thinking I might try to start putting them together.

We hope this next week to get the kayak out and try a Saturday pickleball group in Ripon. Weather is to be dry and warmer next week.

Happy Quilting!