En Provence Mystery! The excitement begins

This will be my forth mystery. While each step usually takes about a week to complete, the final result is so amazing. So neat that blocks become larger blocks and such a neat design. I love how pictures from a recent trip are taken and color/blocks are designed around them. We are taking a special trip in February and I might try to do something like that as well. The colors used are also not always the colors I would choose together, but it all seems to work out.

En Provence
So I went thru my stash. I have a fair amount of greens, yellows and some light purples. Interestingly i just completed a purple quilt for one of my daughters. I don’t have a lot of deeper purples so I will purchase that color. I used to have a burgendy/magenta, but must have used it up as I could not locate any of it. So will purchase that color and use only that color as my constant. I have learned that when you buy fabric to always buy some neutral colors. I have some tone-on-tones, solids and some design neutrals, but found 4 additional favorites. While picking these out I added some fabric so I can make soup bowl cozies that will be Christmas gifts. So this will be my last big purchase of the year. Backing I will purchase down in AZ after final mystery is revealed.

I learned last year to really slow down and ENJOY the process, especially using fabrics and attempting to cut and sew accurately. I think the only part of quilting process that I do not enjoy is sewing the blocks together and sewing rows. Anything else I love to do. 

This quit mystery is based on a visit to France, wine country…I love wine, so will have to find some French music to sew by. Last year it was Italian music. I even wrote some of the titles of songs in the neutral fabrics. Maybe this year it will be names of French wines. It is all so fun!

I am still hand quilting the last mystery and hope to have all blocks quilted in  next 4-5 weeks. That will leave the final borders and scallop edge/binding to finish. I still have quit mystery 1 & 2 to quilt. All in good time. I think I have a little tennis elbow strain on my left arm, so was resting it a bit and started to use a special pressure brace to keep it from tensing up too much. It seems to work right now.

I started Celebration Wreath using my many Christmas scraps as I noticed that I need a Christmas wall quilt. I do not do much paper piecing but decided I like this pattern. 

Celebration Wreath
Finished putting batting on my Quilters Madder QAL. Will machine quilt this one.


This weekend we had my sister-in-laws over to see the condo and just visit. We are seeing our families getting bigger and more independent that now it is difficult to get extended families together. Many of our children are in college and working which is their priority at their time in life. Our youngest daughter stopped by but this visit brought us news that we were not real happy with. We always want what is best for our children, we bring them up with values and morales. The world is changing and younger folks don’t offen see things the way we do. I guess it comes with experiences in life. We can try to guide, inform and try to reason with them. Share our thoughts but in the end they are adults and have to make decisions and possibly learn from them. So from a parents perspecitive it has brought much reflection, searching for the right thing to say and do. And most importantly more fervent prayer. One hopes and prays that all will work out. I guess as our children get older we need to pray for them even more than when we had a bit more control of their lives. Especially difficult when you do not see them often as they have their life. Yes technology is wonderful with Facebook, messenger and texting. We can find out so much more than when we were their age.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Quilting!


This week has flown by…

This is my finish for this week. It is the Quilters Madder which I previously posted by Humble Quilts. I used my stash and was a little short on some blocks but I am pleased with outcome. I will probably machine quilt this one along with a few others next week. Currently hand quilting a large quilt, so will machine quilt this one.

This Sunday we plan on seeing our older daughter and bringing by parents to see her classroom and a visit before the winter sets in. Last time we saw her her classroom was overwhelming and she was trying to get organized. Now several weeks into teaching she has things under control. Will be a nice drive as colors are at peak.

Happy Quilting and have a great weekend!

Autumn Splender…

This is Devil’s Lake near Baraboo Wisconsin.  This was about a 3.5 mile hike up to the west bluffs and along west shore of lake. The colors were fabulous along with the warm weather. Nothing like the smells and sounds of crisp leaves when walking. We were not alone. A school of 6 yr olds about 30 of them just ran up and down the trail so fast! Oh to be young again. They were having a great time. We packed a salad lunch and had it on top of the bluff. 

We returned to Baraboo and stopped at out favorite winery.


We were hoping to taste some new fall wines. However we are about 2 weeks early. We tasted our two favorites and decided to buy “Naked Grape and Devil Red” to bring home. We also picked up additional oil seasonings for dipping bread. We met the second owner Parker. He told us a story. In June we had visited and found out that Von Klaus had died. This time we got more of the story from Parker. He said that they both were talking prior to his death ( vacation in Mexico…heart attack), about how they needed to develop a port wine and Parker was giving his ideas. Parker thought than Von was just taking notes. After his death he was in the winery and his wife came across the notebook the Von was writing in. It turns out that he was not taking notes but designing the label for Parker Port. So he will go ahead with the naming and label for this port. We were lucky to taste a sample of the port. He is waiting for federal approval prior to bottleing and sale. I have never tasted a port this good. Hopefully we can find some time to return in November to pick up a bottle along with some others.

In February we have decided to take a mini trip to Rocky Point Mexico. This is a popular destination for Arizonans and thought it would be fun. ( we winter in Tucson AZ)Both our passports are expired so we traveled to post office to get them. We are also contemplating traveling to Europe next year so we got the book. So many possibilities with where to go and what to see. 

I wrote this yesterday and today our weather turned much cooler. Soon the leaves will be gone and our cold weather will begin. Then we will start planning our return to AZ. This year it looks like it will be early January. 

Happy Quilting!

Fall kayaking

Mid 70’s in the middle of October prompted a kayak trip across the lake and enjoy the fall colors. It was overcast and not to windy on our section but when we got to the main lake the waves were getting into the kayak. Many have taken out their piers mainly due to high water levels. We made it to the Log Cabin resort again and had an Octoberfest beer and veggie pizza. Paddling back lake was calmer but had a little misty rain. It is so quiet on the lake and you can really enjoy all the outdoor sounds. 

View from our front window of the lake and leaves left on the trees.

Week in review 

Another beautiful fall week. The leaves are now turning colors. Rain is anticipated for tomorrow so we will do our Devils Lake hike on Tuesday.

It has been quite a bit since I have gotten a massage. My husband and I checked out a local massage therapist called Erin. He always likes his deep  and I am more open to just enjoying the luxury and experience. I very much enjoyed mine and would go back to her. Since we went separately I was able to do some grocery shopping and get some of the more staples that we cooks need. 

We have always enjoyed Octoberfest, the food, music and beer. We decided to check out the Heidel House in Green Lake and there Octoberfest. A beautiful afternoon, beautiful setting with leaves turning colors and such a nice setting. We had the sauerbraten sandwiches, German potato salad, Black Forest cupcake, German cheese soup and  apple strudel. All was very good. The entertainment was also very good and well attended, but not crowded. Even participated in tapping of the golden keg. I had the Pumpkin Octoberfest beer fron Lakefront Brewery. We even got to keep the glass. This is one event we will attend yearly.  We left early so we could get home to watch Badger football game which they did lose in overtime to Ohio State. Very competive game. We met a wonderful couple and they mentioned another event that we had to check out today.

This was a great event with something for everyone. Again a beautiful fall day. We did pick up a few things, local cheese, dippping seasonings and the below bread and butter dipping.

The above is a picture of the best bread and butter/cheese. The local bakery is at many farmers markets and our local grocery store. I have found some online recipients that I may try.

Packer Game is on and we are having kind of snacks of variety of finger foods.

  • I have been busy with my quilting. I have about two more blocks on the Allietarecherith quilt and it will be half way done quilting. 
  • I am doing the Humble quilts QAL this is always fun..
  • And of course the 365 Challenge Blocks. Today’s block was very challenging, but so cute!
  • And my fall project falling leaves. It is actually pretty cute when the window is open and the breeze moves the leaves around. Love the fall colors and they will be able to stay a bit longer.

Happy Quilting and a good week!

Scrappy Vortex/365 challenge block scraps

Last summer I participated in a neat quilt along call scrap Vortex. The concept is real simple. Take all those left over scraps, blocks and sew them in pairs. It can turn into a quilt, backing or in my case I am thinking will be pillow shams for my 365 challenge quilt. So for the past few months the scraps have been accumulating and today decided to pair them up. Great process as scraps are in more control, no waste and allow me to sew standing up. I even got to cut them apart, press and trim outdoors today. 

Here is the link: Scrap Vortex

Week 40 blocks

Happy Quilting

Twilight, retro log cabin and autumn leaves

Continuing on the 365 block challenge, I really like this block and how easy it is to make while looking more detailed. 


Bonnie Hunter always has a new leader and ender challenge. This year it is hourglass blocks. I decided I liked the retro log cabin block and this will be my leader and ender challenge. Today I was able to do a few blocks to get the hang of it. So here they are….

Retro Log Cabin blocks

I am also working on autumn leaves in the form of a mobile. Using some fall color fabrics, batting and shapes of real leaves I collected a few days ago. I did finish off the edges and tomorrow will sew the veins. I probably have a dozen leaves. So far so good. I will post a picture when finished.

I have 3 blocks to quilt on the Allietarecherith quilt and then will have completed 3 rows. Just need to keep at this. 

Happy Quilting!