Weiners & Kraut

I first went to this event while dating my husband. Venders and area garage sales are great! The food even better. My husband is from Waterloo and we built a house and lived there for 10 years in our dream house, recently sold. Family always gathered at our house after searching out the best garage sale deals. 

This year we gathered at the town center. Hannah came from DePere a new grade school teacher has been missing event for 4 yrs while in college. Nephews and aunts and uncles present. We did do some sales hunting, but since we recently downsized not needing much. I did find a clock for our living room next to the TV and also two handmade kitchen towels for the oven. 

Hot dogs and wieners with sauerkraut were as good as ever. We brought our pail to but a few extras with kraut and buns so we can enjoy them today. This year a few morning showers, but cleared for the afternoon.

Next year will go a bit later and enjoy some of the afternoon, evening music entertainment. They are trying to make these activities a come back after many years. This year our travel home was a bit longer than usual. And yes in mid afternoon two does crossed the highway. Let’s see how soon we can hit yet another deer?

Green Bay Packers play today. Plan on working on my Allietarecherith hand quilting this afternoon.

Happy Quilting and football watching.