Autumn weekend

Cool weekend here is Wisconsin. Plans are to later visit Green Lake’s Harvest festival. First have to catch the Badger football game. Two daughters were to come home this weekend, but work and distances is preventing them from stopping by.

Allietarecherith hand quilting progress is 2 completed rows of 9. Cherith will be coming home next weekend just to get away and to study. (Nursing) Quilt will have to go into hiding on Friday.

I was intrigued by a quilt that was posted here on word press so I tried it out yesterday. I am going to add a thin border and then a wider final border. Pretty neat to do and a different look. It is based on Ricky Tims and here is the link to the gal that inspired me. Thanks!!! I have named mine Autumn Convergence. I may share this with our Sunflower quilters as a project.

I also got a picture of my sewing area. I stand to do my sewing on machine. Balances the sitting from hand sewing and hand quilting. 

I do my ironing in my kitchen countertop as it is perfect height and use only a pressing mat. Can keep ironing board for larger projects.

Next week will concentrate on garage organization of my quilting stuff. Next week’s project will be oven gloves.

Happy Quilting and a great weekend!


Summer Solstice/365 challenge quilt blocks….what is next?

Moving and settling in condo has prevented me from posting my weekly accomplishments of these blocks. At one time I was over a week behind. So today shared my week’s progress. Mostly blue, but have used some browns and greens. I have several small bits of fabric and want to use these up. I am now thinking that what I might have leftover may be used for a pair of pillow shams. This would be a great project as we drive to AZ in January. 

I completed the main block for Summer Solstice. We made flying geese using a new method and I think they got to be a little bigger than other blocks. Had a bit of a problem getting them to fit and so some of the points got cut off. I actually have another color theme with four different colors in 4 blocks. I am going to put that aside for now, maybe take it to AZ to work on down there. I am thinking two borders, blue and flower fabric. In my mind thinking about using this as a central block for a medallion quilt with other borders/blocks and let it evolve. I really do not have any wall space for a wall hanging so will need to think about that thought.

Last evening I went thru the many saved future quilting projects….so many! I am thinking I would like to plan out and set up a project a month to focus on. With fall here I have a few projects in mind. One is a fall leaf garland for living room window and then at Christmas a tree garland to replace it. I also need some oven mits the long kind. For an appliqué project a cardinal wall hanging. 

I ran across a convergence quilt, with directions I guess initially done by Ricky Tims. I got some great material from my mom that is fall and log cabin. This evening I picked out 3 other fabrics and will try it out…say tuned.

I have gotten my sewing/ quilting area pretty much set up. Most of storage is in an area in garage, still need to reorganize that a bit better.

We have gotten a lot of rain past few days, so a little soggy. But sun was great today. We got all our cellular shades up. Spouse likes playing with the top down and bottom up shades. 🙂 

Happy Quilting all!

Row 1 of 9

Finished first row ( middle of quilt) today. Beginning second row with slightly different blocks but using same quilting motif just turned a bit. Very relaxing motif to quilt. Will try to get 2-3 blocks quilted per day. Recipient of the quilt is coming over this weekend so will need to put it away for a few days.

Whiskers likes it….

Today’s project was getting up living room up and down cellular blinds. They are a moss green that can be lowered a bit from the top and bottom. They fit perfectly! I also love the color with the wood in the condo. Tomorrow the second bedroom blinds are next. They are a light silver color. 

Homemade chicken soup for supper, even though it does not feel like fall yet. I guess that will come later in week.

Happy Quilting!

Quilting…Badger football game

365 quilt blocks continue. So far I continue to keep up daily or sometimes two a day. They are getting more challenging and very interesting. This week I tried out some soup bowl wrap cozies. I found an easy link and did four of them. I did the 10 inch squares. They turned out ok. I am thinking I may make more for Christmas gifts this year to nieces, nephews and sister-in-law and others. Will need to get more special batting. They were fun to do.

Today we attended a Badger football game. It is always fun! We take a bus from a local German restaurant to avoid the traffic and they drop us off right there. Seats were great near the student section and the band. It was warm with the sun on us most of the game even though temps were in the upper 70’s. A win is always good. On the way home we stopped for broasted chicken in Manchester. Is was so good. There entire menu looks great with reasonable prices. We will be back.

Earlier this week we did a wine tasting at King Fisher Winery in Mount Horeb. These are also fun to do as you try out different wines. However our favorite is VonKlaus winery in Baraboo Wi.
We continue to settle into our condo. Electrician stopped by and found a broken wire causing outlet problems. Now my sewing outlets are corrected and no more extension cord for sewing. Now I can finish up setting up my sewing area. Whirlpool tub apparently was not plugged in and our new microwave arrived today. So tomorrow will get that put in and work on the cellular shades I ordered and get them up. 

It seems we are busy doing something or going somewhere. Tuesday we will see our niece play soccer in Ripon. This is her final year in college and she is a captain. We also want to get the kayak out again this week. Last week we even got out the pickleball set, marked a court with chalk and played for a few hours. We need to get back into pickleball shape before returning to Sunflower. Ripon has a court on Saturday mornings, but we have had things going on so hope to check it out soon.

We went to a Montello church this past Wednesday evening. Not the normal pastor but liked his sermon. We did see three deer on way home. So worried about deer at night with this drive. 

Fall is defiantly in the air, but nice to have some warm days. Looking forward to the changing colors of the leaves.

Happy quilting to all!

Weiners & Kraut

I first went to this event while dating my husband. Venders and area garage sales are great! The food even better. My husband is from Waterloo and we built a house and lived there for 10 years in our dream house, recently sold. Family always gathered at our house after searching out the best garage sale deals. 

This year we gathered at the town center. Hannah came from DePere a new grade school teacher has been missing event for 4 yrs while in college. Nephews and aunts and uncles present. We did do some sales hunting, but since we recently downsized not needing much. I did find a clock for our living room next to the TV and also two handmade kitchen towels for the oven. 

Hot dogs and wieners with sauerkraut were as good as ever. We brought our pail to but a few extras with kraut and buns so we can enjoy them today. This year a few morning showers, but cleared for the afternoon.

Next year will go a bit later and enjoy some of the afternoon, evening music entertainment. They are trying to make these activities a come back after many years. This year our travel home was a bit longer than usual. And yes in mid afternoon two does crossed the highway. Let’s see how soon we can hit yet another deer?

Green Bay Packers play today. Plan on working on my Allietarecherith hand quilting this afternoon.

Happy Quilting and football watching.

Allietarecherith…hand quilting has begun

As I continue to get settled in our new condo the time has arrived to begin hand quilting. I came across some plastic quilting templates and have decided to use one of them for a guide. Able to lay the quilt out in living room and marked the first center row blocks. The next row are different blocks but will tilt the template. So I spent most of the afternoon and this evening quilting. So relaxing while watching/ listening to Brewer game. Soon the football games begin. I love the college games and our Packers. Traditionally I have always quilted while the games are on. One year I was in a college pick’em contest and won enough money for a sewing machine. That one has died however. Our weather in central Wisconsin has turned cooler and more like fall. My favorite time of year. Love the colors!
So I am using a verigated red thread called red work from connecting threads. I handles very well. Batting is wool and is so great to quilt with. It also is warm keeping me toasty despite wearing shorts. I really love the fabrics in this quilt and so enjoy viewing them again while quilting. Also remembering how these blocks were composed in this great mystery. In moving I also ran across my Celtic Solstice that is a king size. I starts quilting the first row then my daughter wanted one in a Packer theme. Would like to get back to quilting that one when this one is finished.

So many great quilting posts, but holding back on any new projects. Would like to finish some of my UFO’s. At least try.

Happy quilting and life to all!

Closing, the move and new digs.

                Pelicans in the distance

This is past dated as we are waiting for Internet service.

The last evening before closing our cat whiskers knew something was up. TV on floor and us sitting on card table chairs with an empty house. The last evening in our dream home we built 10 yrs ago which now is too big for just us two. 

Day of closing packed up the last few things in Uhal. Whiskers was taken to Uncle Jerry house and tied up outdoors. He quickly saw a gopher and was ready to pounce. We drove to closing, met Paula and tile person, sign the papers and waited for buyers to finish paperwork. We were in separate rooms as we really had no interest in the other realtor. When finished we ran into the buyers, a very young couple and wished them well. Headed back to Jerry’s for cat and Uhal and headed to Marquette.

Whiskers is not a traveling cat, but did pretty well for an hour drive. After getting to condo we put him on the leash and tied him to the front birch tree as he watched us do some unloading. We even had a neighbor come by and help us out a bit talking the whole time.(Larry) We ate a quick bite and we’re off to our closing in Green Lake. We followed our realtor Mary. This went very smoothly. They had water and cookies for a quick snack. Luckily our wired check arrive about 15 minutes before we got there. Mary took us the county route. We returned via some know highways we know. We were able to quickly unload the truck by 4pm. We then headed to Montello to drop it off. What should have been a quick return to the city turned out that we forgot a turn ( probably too tired/stressed) and found ourselves in Amish country. Soon we noticed we were going south instead of north. About 20 miles out of our way. Eventually we got to the place to drop off the truck and took in a fish fry at Rendezvous. It was good as we were hungry. We slept well that might.

Saturday we unloaded the pod and got that finished while I did some unpacking. We were going to microwave some things but found the microwave was not working. This was a new condo, new appliances never used, but just vacant for over 2 1/2 years. We also found several other things in next few days. Electric outlets in kitchen dining area do not work. Water softener does not work. Even one night before seller/owner of condo came by we tried the whirlpool, it also did not work. But the biggest thing in Saturday when I got up my husband said the door to garage did not shut tight that evening. We both were in the garage as he was showing me and soon we found ourselves locked out of the house. I was in my PJ’s no shoes and Dan in shirt and shoes. Well there is to be a key to the condo by someone in case of emergency, just did not know who? Owners were out of town. We were given one key, but we tried it the night before and could not get it to open the front door. So we proceeded to wake the neighbors but no luck. Luckily a locksmith from a nearby town agreed to come out to help us. Turns out he also had a time opening the door but did get it open. We decided to have him change the locks and now we keep a spar in the garage/furnace room hidden and duck tape the door to garage unlocked. It could only happen to us.

Sunday we continued our unpacking and decided to go grocery shopping, out for a German buffet and return home. Well about 3 miles from our condo we hit a small doe. Last fall we hit a deer and it caused over $8,000 damage to front of car. This time only minor damage which we will not fix. What else could happen???? Just wait…

Sunday after all the stress of the above sleeping soundly and at 4:30 we heard a blasting sound…carbon monoxide?? Or what. Ignored it and it occurre again. Earlier we had a concern about the furnace as the monitor just went black so no heat or air conditioning. This was probably on our mind. We smelled something funny in living room so went into our car parked outside and called 911. Soon the volunteer fire department was here checking out the house. Our car sure was excited because he was back in the car. Turns out that our smoke detectors one went off and they were all over 10 years old and needed to be replaced. So another expense. Thank goodness they did not have their sirens and red flashing lights to wake up the neighbors. We certainly would be the talk of the community.

We have met many of our neighbors, attended the condo association meeting ( nobody seemed to know about the fire department visit), and the seller/ builder came by to inspect the various issues. So lucky that they are going to replace the microwave and have the electrical issues addressed.

We have attend two local church’s, one is in the running to be  our new church. Our oldest daughter came by for one evening. We got Dish installed, had the TV mounted above on the fireplace, we have Internet and have most things in their new place. Garage went from totally packed, to 1/4 packed. I have even got back to quilting and have caught up on my 365 blocks. New up will be to start hand quilting Allietarecherith. Outlets for sewing machine not working.  

This past Tuesday we got the kayak out and did half the length of Packaway Lake. We also survived 4 inches of rain in one evening. Today was movie date, saw “The Light Between Oceans”, which was very good. 

So here is to moving, a new condo and now settling in before our wintering in AZ.

Thanks for reading/stopping by…..will post more quilting.