(This is a real early picture, bushes are much bigger…as is the birch tree) We face north.

We traveled up to our condo for our walk thru prior to closing. They cleaned it up from all the construction stuff. So checked everything out. Ran the water, ran the dishwasher, tried out the washing machine and dryer. Dryer needs the connecting tube to the outdoors. I did notice that the garbage disposal is not attached to electric and does not work. While on the ground looking at it we also found a heating vent not covered in kitchen. Otherwise we should be good to go. They planted some beautiful scrubs in back with blue-black fruit and looks like they will redden in fall. We just need to keep them watered. Nice small view of lake and even went to the pool with its warm water. Clubhouse could also be used for quilting. Maybe I will start up a quilting quilt??? This afternoon went to pick up my prescription drugs and decided to get window coverings. I did the measurements today. Would like honeycomb cellular shades. Living room I want the ones that go up and down on top and bottom. I ordered some sample colors. Would like to mount inside, but we do have the crank Windows that might interfere, but  I do love the wood trim around the windows. Can wait with that decision. I got two panels of grommet drapes for the patio along with rod. Also picked up some gray, but seem to have a slight blue tint for our bedroom..darkening drapes. Also got some darkening temporary paper shades for the bedroom. So should be set for sleep those first few nights. So tomorrow will be a cleaning day along with final packing of things not needed. Buyers will do their walk thru around 5pm. We will go out to eat and church.  Such a beautiful day…to bad we have not moved already. But soon….

Thanks for dropping by…