We have begun the real packing. My first thought…not all going to fit. I am right. While we are downsizing, we do have a two car garage with one car. We are also storing some things for two daughter. So it looks like a Uhal will be ordered. We do a little each day. It also is very warm and humid. Making great progress. House is getting more empty. About two weeks til closing. We will close here then travel about an hour north and close at 3pm about 30 minutes away from condo. Only problem is our cat whiskers. Not a traveling cat. Last time was 10 yrs ago when we moved here. 30 minute ride and he threw up. Will have to stop at condo, let him out outside for a bit and travel to our closing.

My dad also had a set back and went to ER two days ago and diagnosed with pulmonary embolism. He is doing well and was a clot in lower right lung. So learning about Warfarin and new experiences with RN’s. May go home tomorrow or the weekend. This was going to be the weekend we were all coming home for Mom’s 80th birthday. Good thing we cancelled that last week. I might go up next week sometime.

All caught up on my 365 blocks. Today as I got the basement cleaned up I laid out my daughters quilt Allietarecherith. Will begin to pin it in the next few days. Wanted to do this before our move as I have room. No basement in the condo. I just love this quilt. Next step will be the quilt design as I will be hand quilting it. I am going to use a verigated red work thread. Hope to start quilting in September. Goal to finishe for her graduation from nursing school in May. Backing is also cool with some flannel and scraps. I do plan on doing a scalloped border/binding. This is last years mystery from Bonnie Hunter.

Happy Quilting and watching the Olympics!