Week checkin

  • Waterloo house
  • Dad’s surgery
  • Cold bug
  • Nephew’s wedding

The selling process of the home continues. As the roof condition as a major concern we had an independent contractor and roofer option. While the shingles show some advanced premature wear, they should be good for another 5-10 yrs. The window leak was not visible or a concern for the contractor. So we pushed ahead sending the buyers the update with an updated addendum from us. Awaiting their response. We had the septic and well inspected and tested. Awaiting the water results. Small part on well and changing the facet on the tank to prevent back flow will be done this week. We have ordered the pod to start moving thing into it. It will come Monday. So things seem to be moving ahead. Selling a lot of our extra stuff and that is going well,
My dad had a right carotid endarterectomy this past Wednesday. Spent the past few days there at their home. I was the designated driver and was a good thing because we got lost a few times basically due to construction. Everything went well, spend evening in ICU due to blood pressure monitoring. He had excellent care, and that is a complement from me as I know the things that need to be done. Today his only complaint is some pain behind left knee. It is probably from being in bed and maybe electrolytes are off. So using heat and rub to relax it. He has no surgical pain.

Daughter have caught a cold bug, so hopping we don’t get it.

This afternoon we are attending the wedding of our nephew Josh and Amanda. So a little family time on a beautiful summer day!

Not much quilting…did one 3 in block for the 365 challenge. Could not do much sewing as parents have a puppy that loves to play fetch..all the time. 

So next week the process of serious packing starts. Will miss this house but looking forward to our condo. It will be closer to my parents which is good.

Have a great day!