Inspection addendum to offer


Waited 3 days to finally get a 35 page inspection report. No real surprises. Buyers are requesting a roof specialist to determine the real condition of our 10 yr old shingles. Apparently some premature wearing. They also want specialist to inspected living room windows as they may have gas leaks from seals. So we have a few days to get these reports and decide if repairs are indicated. We have delayed the well and septic inspection should the buyers not accept whatever we decide. We have come down a great deal in price and are not willing to go lower to cover the cost of a re-shingling the roof. So we still are in limbo. Should know more by end of week.

We had a fairly successful moving sale. Several large pieces have been sold. So house is getting a little more sparce. Basement pretty much packed up except for a bit of quilting. Girls things out or packed. Garage stuff getting cleared out. So we will wait a bit before continued box packing.

My father is having carotid surgery this Wednesday so I will be headed up to be with my parents and be the driver. He is in good health so this should be a quick and easy surgery. We will of course say some prayers. Will be nice to spend some time with them. He decided to move up the surgery. 

Worked on a little hand quilting on my scrappy runner. 

Happy quilting.